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2011 NCAA Hockey


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EAST- Bridgeport

1- Yale

4- Air Force

2- Union

3- Minnsota-Duluth

NORTHEAST- Manchester

1- Miami

4- New Hampshire

2- Merrimack

3- Notre Dame

WEST- St. Louis

1- Boston College

4- Colorado College

2- Michigan

3- Nebraska-Omaha

MIDWEST - Green Bay

1- North Dakota

4- RPI

2- Denver

3- Western Michigan

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First teams left out:

#16 Dartmouth

#17 Boston University

#18 Maine

#18 Minnesota

#20 Alaska-Anchorage

#21 St. Cloud State

#22 Alaska

#24 Wisconsin

#24 Ferris State

#26 Bemidji State

#27 Cornell

#28 Princeton

#29 RIT

#29 Quinnipiac

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Go Rutg....

Oh wait, Rutgers doesn't even have an ice hockey team as far as I know :saddevil:

They don't have an NCAA team, but they have a club team that plays in the ACHA. They finished ranked 15th in the nation this year and qualified for nationals for the second straight year.

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I don't follow college hockey as closely as I ought to, but I gotta root for the two local teams, RPI and Union. It's the first time they both made it to the tournament. (Then again, it's the first time for Union period.)

Also, Travis Zajac's brother Kelly is a junior center at Union and was their leading point scorer this season.

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Man what a crazy ending to that Michigan game! I think it was a goal, they keep showing the overhead angle which is unclear, but it seems to me when they show the far away angle from the other side of the rink you can actually tell the puck was over the line.

Also this one ESPNU guy must have gone to Nebraska-Omaha with the way he has been seemingly complaining about the call. How many times is he going to tell us that they weren't able to have the spot-shadow on the puck when they reviewed it at the arena?

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I've been to 3 Frozen Fours (Boston, Columbus, DC) and I'm heading to next year's in Tampa. Although the price is steep for tickets top level NCAA hockey is definately worth the price of admission.

UNH knocks off East #1 Miami. UMD-Yale Regional final on now from Bridgeport.

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