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DM or RD.

Can we have a Standings thing like on other sites over here for the NHL, that is updated right after each game ends.

I kind of get annoyed going to ESPN and NHL.COM because their standings take a while to update.

Would that be possible?

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We used to have that I believe two seasons ago, services can be provided, but they cost a decent amount of money to run (from my understanding). Now, we could manually make a standings page or a little spot on the front page for standings, but that would take a lot of dedication from, most likely, either me or Hasan. And right now, I'm unable to do recaps so DM has actually been filling in for me, and I think that would just be too much for him to handle, especially with his job and already maintaining the site.

Things are going to get very crazy around here in the coming weeks, especially with the trade deadline coming up. The TDD is the busiest day of the year at NJDevs.com, and we have yet to figure out ways to stray away from server crashes because of such high volume. So yeah, we have our hands full right now.

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