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what's up everyone? well, as you can see i'm not exactly new to the site but i 've only posted a few times back when i first joined...but that was only because i've been posting at the other devils forum, http://www.devilsrule.com/ . Anyway, people piss me off on that forum and a lot of them don't even support the way the devils play the game...so i think i'm going to be posting here for a while just to see what it's like

something you should know about me....

Lou is a genius...not much of a businessman, but he is hockey smart...he knows not to go out there and buy out high priced players like jagr...his number one goal is team chemistry...i love that quote i saw from someone's sig as i was browsing through the site...

"There are no egos here. I'm proud of that. Nobody feels they are not part of it. Everybody here knows they are important." -Devils General Manager Lou Lamoriello

that's probably why he got rid of sykora and arnott...but anyway, lou is my idol..i am actually planning on majoring in sports management, but highly doubt I'll even become a GM with my lack of experience playing hockey

hope to get to know most of you pretty soon...that loss to the caps was pretty dissapointing...

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Welcome! I think you'll like it here. B)

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