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Handling duplicate threads

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This originally came up in the Sub Forums thread in Hell, but I thought it would be more appropriate if I posted it here.

There just have been an unbelievable amount of duplicate or very similar threads, it gets to be overwhelming after a while.

I don't know how you guys handle it now, but perhaps you could be stricter about deleting/locking/merging duplicates? And maybe you could keep a permanent announcement in Hell containing some of the forum rules that aren't so apparent, such as looking before you post, the proper way to post a newspaper article, etc.

And about getting lost trying to read all the new topics: I just use the "View New Posts" link at the top of every page. It's a lot easier than trying to navigate through however many boards we have now.

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It's a tough situation because sometimes we actual get complaints for how strict we already are, so who knows what might happen if we enforced certain things even more.

The thing is that normally we don't have to deal with a ton of duplicates, they just seem to pop up at certain times (ie, Gomez sucks, a certain defenseman playing crappy, a certain player who should be traded, a player that should be traded here). So yeah, that chalks up to it mostly revolving around trade talk, which I think the Trades subforum helps soften the blow (for now).

We have merged a lot of threads lately, (I think it's Has' favorite feature! :D ), so we'll probably continue to do that, but I dunno if we'll flat out delete them or lock them...it's up to the other admins though.

I do like the idea though of making a permanent sticky about permanent threads.

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