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Stevens On The Trap

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Q. On the subject of slowing the game down, one criticism that's made frequently, which used to be made of the Devils, was the trap and that the trap slows the game down. And you even had people arguing that the trap should be outlawed the way the zone defense is in basketball. Do you think that's overstated? Do you think the trap has been the great nightmare that -

STEVENS. Well first of all, we never started it. We keep getting crap [all laughing]. I think that started in Montreal and stuff and there's other teams that are doing it much more than we are but, whatever. I don't think you can start - it's going to be hard to distinguish what a team is doing and saying, and what you can't do and what you can do.

I think with the new rules and the obstruction that's going to really, that's going to make it different in the neutral zone. Because usually those guys are stationary in there and whatnot, and there's way to beat that. And I don't think that's going to be a problem with the new rules and the obstruction.

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