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DevsCast Race To The Cup Contest


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While we are all saddened at our Devils falling short of the playoffs, we at DevsCast have come up with a fun contest to help make the upcoming tournament a little more bearable. We’re calling this the first annual “DevsCast Race To The Cup Contest”! Why should you play? Well, the winner will receive an autographed 8x10 photo of ex Devil Jason Arnott, that’s why! Here’s how the game works:

1) Each participant should pick four (4) players to track throughout the playoffs. Any player from any playoff bound team is acceptable.

2) During the playoffs, for every point this player receives, you will get one point added to your score.

a. For example, if you have Ovechkin and he has a three point night in the first round, you get three points added to your score.

3) Also, for every round your players advance, the point totals increase by one.

a. In the second round, each game point is worth two contest points, third round, they’re worth three, etc.

4) Here’s the Devils twist: If you pick a former Devil, all of your point values double!!

a. The player can either be an actual ex-player, played in our minor league system or even a draft pick.

b. So, for example, if you pick Paul Martin and he has a two point night in the first round, you get four points instead of the usual two!

c. This counts in late rounds as well, so if Martin has a three point night in the Stanley Cup Finals, you get 3 (for the game) x 4 (because it’s the fourth round) x 2 (ex-Devils bonus) giving you 24 points!

5) As said before, the participant with the most points at the end of the playoffs will receive a signed 8 x 10 photo of Jason Arnott!

6) Minor Details

a. Entries close the minute the playoffs start

b. Picking will work on a fantasy draft basis, so once a player is picked, that’s it.

c. Former Devils can be picked by a maximum of four people, since there are only handful of them left in the postseason.

d. If you pick duplicates, we will let you know via e-mail whose been picked so can re-pick.

Want to enter?? Check out Episode 7 of DevsCast to get all the info on how to enter the contest and be sure to check out future shows to hear the status of the game: winners, losers, etc. Also, if you dig the show, check out www.devscast.com to subscribe via iTunes and link to us socially.

Episode 7 of DevsCast

Good Luck!!

PS: Thanks to msweet for allowing me to post these shameless plugs on our fine message board. Enjoy the game!

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