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GDT: Devils @ Rangers

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There's alot of if's. Then again, that's every team.

The Devils didn't miss the Playoffs this year mainly due to the loss of Parise. They were the worst team in the league with him (he was playing injured though) and even if he counts for 5 extra wins, they still don't make it this year.

No team is injury free and the Devils have been extremely unlucky in recent years.

To count on those kids developing and not regressing in a full season and avoiding a sophmore jinx is always risky with any young players who aren't God-gifted superstar/can't miss talents. Tedenby concerns me more due to his size, not skill. Josefson is a smart player, a quick learner, i think he'll be ok, but i think he's another season after next from making an impact.

I don't think that's really a lot of if's. The biggest one is health which, as you mentioned, is unpredictable and something all teams face. We have been unlucky recently, perhaps next year our luck will change.

Either way, we are not relying so heavily on Tedenby or Palmieri that we would be very hurt if they struggle. Depending on how the lines shake out, they should be playing mostly 2nd/3rd line minutes and maybe some PP time. They are secondary scoring guys. We don't need to bank on them having marked improvement, but I think with more consistent ice time and a full season, Tedenby can easily score 20 next year.

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Exactly. Couldn't have put it any better. Some people are still living ten years ago and you cannot do that. Every year 2003 gets further away and the fact is Marty is not going to play like he did years ago. He is plain old and slow and should retire. I appreciate what he did in the part but if you live in the past, then you are just like those ranger fans who always bring up 94.

I have said more than once before that Marty should retire. He hasn't won a meaningful game in years.

I'm sorry, but it's quotes like the one in bold that make you come off as an unappreciative, "What have you done for me lately?", fair-weather clown.

I've already posted the numbers that show conclusively that Marty's play had not dropped off one bit in the seasons before this one (yet you post like they don't exist). This season is a different story...yes, he played better in the second half, but his overall season save% is .903. Unlike his recent regular seasons, this one is below his career save% (.913), and by a lot at that. I can understand why Lou & Co went into past seasons thinking Marty could handle his usual workload, but his overall play this season wasn't what it once was, and he's had injuries in two of the past three years. I don't have a problem with him coming back, as long as everyone, including Marty, expects a lighter workload of 50-55 games (maybe 60 if he plays lights-out), assuming health (not easy to do with a 40-year-old).

Define a "meaningful game". We can all debate the meaning of regular season games, but are you going to tell me that, with the solid-to-very good regular season records the Devils have been piling up before this year, that not ONE of those wins where Marty played came in a "meaningful game"?

Though I never thought the Devils were really in contention to make the playoffs this year, they did manage to close to within six points of the 8th seed at one point. And though this 10-game stretch I'm about to bring up was interrupted by injury, the Devils had a 9-1 record from 2/1 to 3/12 in Marty's starts where 8 of the 9 victories came by one goal...3 of those came in OT, and a 4th came in a shootout. Excluding the phantom SO goal, the Devils averaged a whopping 2.3 GPG on offense, and not once during that stretch did Marty give up more than two goals (the lone loss was a 2-1 defeat by Ottawa). So for the Devils to even have the longshot that they did, Marty had to play damn near perfect every night in this stretch. The Devils were clearly treating these games as "big games", so I think it's safe to say Marty has won some big games here and there, even in this mess of a season.

As for playoff games...let's face it, teams in general have not had a hard time making the Devils look three steps slower in recent playoff years, so I think there's blame to go around on that count. If you want to put Game 7 against Carolina on Marty, fine, but then you have to give him credit for Game 5 in that series as well.

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I neglected to mention Rolston as seeming to play well enough to be noticeable. He hustled to make a play more than once, skating fast enough I had no idea it was him till I payed attention to the number on his jersey and thought "That can not be Rolston, he can not skate that fast"... I just hope he keeps up with his currently level of play through out next season, as it would make that cap hit not so bad.

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That's the problem. It relies on the forwards which is why this team has the scoring problems it does and why they can not be rated as a top D corps. They are not well rounded enough to be one. Zajac might have been damn well a 3rd defenseman on the ice. Same with Elias. It's one thing to have forwards being defensively repsonsible, but it's another to see #19 and #26 in better position to defend and make plays then the actual defensemen.

I don't think this has very much to do with New Jersey's 'scoring problems'. Are other teams really playing their centers high in the zone? It is true that New Jersey does not take many chances offensively, but good defense is a hallmark of great teams.

Don't be fooled by statistics all the time. While stats can be influenced by smoke and mirror play such as with this corps, this is not a top seed/Stanley Cup contending group.

It absolutely is, and again, the statistics I look at are largely to get around the notion of smoke and mirrors.

This team with the offensive players it has, needs the defense to support them. The game moves forward, not backwards and when your forwards are starting from their own zone all the time it's a disadvantage. If this continues next season as was this season, they'll have the same scoring problems and they'll be playing alot of 2-1 games which has been brought up as a concern about fatigue and burnout over a course of a full season.

The Devils will have scoring problems because they don't draw enough power plays, but that's the only reason. I do not understand this obsession with 2-1 games and burnout and fatigue. Look at how many one-goal games all the Cup winners have played in the last few years, then get back to me.

While i do not argue Parise's value to the team in terms of skill and what impact he has, he'd be even better if he had help from a D corps that can move the puck. So would Kovalchuk and any skilled forwards who can get a lead into the zone and support from the point. Even if Parise is worth 5 wins, they still miss this year. I'm not convinced this is going to be a team that undergoes a reversal of goal scoring problems until they fix some other issues which include passing, crashing the net and getting help from the D. Playing 3 periods often helps too.

Meh. They still miss this year because the Devils got a performance that's never been seen in NHL history. We've seen Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington and Chicago go through extended lulls the past two seasons - these are the best teams in the league. With a league that has teams this close in talent, some bad bounces and a few bad games can lead to extended mediocrity even among great teams. The Devils will still struggle to score, but again, that's because they won't draw many penalties. They should have enough goal scoring to get by.

They are somewhere between the two Devils teams that showed up this season. Which one is open to debate.

No, they are much, much closer to the good team than the bad one.

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