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So who are you rooting for in the playoffs?


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This, but wanna see LA advance.....their fans could use a break.

Not many LA fans would return the favor to our fanbase, so I say fvck em. :lol:

The few I've seriously spoken to seem to still have their feelings hurt from the kovy endeavor. Or just be anti-devil.

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My only problem with pulling for the Yotes is Buttman then gets the last sh*t eating grin and gets to say he was right all along about Phoenix. You have to figure if they win the cup, then they are staying in Glendale. If that doesn't put butts in seats, then nothing will.

There is a side of me that wants Vancouver vs Montreal in the finals, so no matter what Bettman has to award the cup in front of a Canadian crowd. Even though such a series would be a disaster for TV ratings in the US.

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Vancouver,,,,,and when they chok..Detroit..

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