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The Devils next head coach will be...


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With Lemaire retiring the Devils are once again without a head coach...who do you think will take the reigns for 2011

Deboer might be an early favorite...though the way they sagged at the end of the season might discourage Lou.

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Ok, let's end this now: if you think Lou is going to hire another first year NHL head coach, there's a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you for $5. Its not happening.

$5 you say?

But seriously, I agree with you, it'll be a cold day in hell before Lou hires a head coach with no NHL experience.

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I wanted Tippett 2 years ago. Too bad he's probably not going anywhere, though maybe the chaos about the team's future somehow affects his future there as well.

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I'd be alright with Deboer and Maurice (assuming he becomes available)

The coach I would like to see here is Bob Hartley. He has plenty of experience dealing with Allstar talent and getting the most out of it from his days in Colorado and he managed to take an AWFUL Atlanta team to its only playoff berth in franchise history. He also has experience with Kovalchuk and all that is involved with getting everything out of his massive tanks of talent.

So my vote goes 100% for Hartley this year unless someone else shows up late to the race.

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