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Congrats to Boston, 2011 Stanley cup winners

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Wow, inexcusable goal by Vancouver....that seals it. Damnit. fvck you Luongo.

That was just horrid. That should have never happened...not at this point in the season/playoffs/series.

Will there be a goaltender change for Vancouver to start the third?

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Eddie seemed to be fishing for a no-goal due to a punching motion. I don't think the replays showed it conclusively. Although part of me hopes the Canucks come back to make this game close, I'm glad the goal stood.

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Luongo froze for no reason and then tried to get back only to put it into his own net.

I feel like this is the perfect example of how Marty would have played in the playoffs.....

Luongo's still a Brodeur wannabe, that's the best part about these finals. Those smug Canuck fans who were celebrating up 2-0 as if they won the series and put Bobby Lou on Brodeur's level have to eat a ****load of crow if Boston just doesn't screw the pooch in the third.

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Lame game 7. Really indifferent towards the Bruins. Sucks to see a dolt like Claude Julien win the cup

Nice to see Bettman getting drowned out by the fans.

Well, to be fair we beat the Ducks 3-0 in our game 7. We had that game from the start and I'm pretty sure only us Devils fans found it to be exciting.

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Well I for one was disappointed. This just wasn't an entertaining game imo

Same as the rest of the series, but oh well. Good for the Bruins

But anyway, onto the draft!

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