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Coaching 10 year olds playing deck hockey

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So, my son plays deck hockey in South Jersey, and I am going to sign up as an assistant coach for his next summer season team because they are always looking for dads to help.

Does anyone know any resources for coaching kids? IS there a "Coachind defense for Dummies" kind of thing around? :) Just basic strategy and drills I suppose, and I'll grow from that. I have been a hockey fan soince the 70's, so I know a bit already, but I have no coaching experience and want to add value besides being a babysitter-chaperone.

Again, this is deck hockey played in sneakers, no skates of any kind here.

Thanks in advance!

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Is it 5 on 5? If so I have found this video to be helpful in explaining defensive positioning to people. It's a men's rec league team and it's ice hockey but the concepts should still apply to dek hockey as long as it's 5 on 5.

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