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  2. I'd hoped Shero would go for Grabner as I think he'll be a really good fit for the way the team plays but never thought it'd happen. Pleased with this as it should give the team a boost and definitely an extra scoring option.
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  4. I can't make my mind up about this trade. I'm wary about his empty net goals. They obviously count and maybe he can help NJ close out games, but the situation is dependent on other things happening beforehand. He has 39 non-EN ES goals past two seasons, so he can bury the puck, but 2nd + Rykov seems steep for a guy with 20% empty netters. I've always liked Rykov and his game, felt he could be a middle pairing player in the NHL, but I guess we'll have to trust Fitzgerald on this. Sznajder posted the transition stats, and I think Grabner might do better in NJ who are, well, not terrible like the Rangers are this year. He's not really a driver but seems more like a guy who goes as the team goes in that regard.
  5. Grabner to Devils - confirmed, for 2nd round pick and D Igor Rykov

    I like it. Seems like Rykov will never set foot on the continent and we have had plenty of draft picks lately. Things overall have went well this year, I like where the team is headed but you never know year to year so it is good to give the boys a boost while they are in it. Grabner obviously seems to like the area so you have to think we have a decent shot at resigning him to.
  6. I like it, especially if it makes Hall happy. A happy Hall is good for all!
  7. Bring him on. Calling a natural hat trick against the pretenders from Brooklyn.
  8. Grabner to Devils - confirmed, for 2nd round pick and D Igor Rykov

    Please dear God I hope this happens. If MartysTheBest gets his ACL wish so be it
  9. Good hope they get Kovy. They're next star goalie is the backup on the same team. McKenzie just posted this, since Austin Matthew's came into the league he has 58 even strength goals, during that same time Grabs has 50 even strength goals along with Terasanko and Kucherov (sp) . I don't think he's a one trick pony by any means. The guy is jacked too so not the least bit worried about him breaking down any time soon.
  10. Grabner to Devils - confirmed, for 2nd round pick and D Igor Rykov

    I ain't even mad
  11. lol Kovy, is going to be 35, been playing in Khl, The Rags can have em, He'll probably quit on them anyway. lol
  12. Bratt-Zacha-Grabner? Am I looney?
  13. Rags fans think this is going to help them land Kovy...
  14. Thought something weird was going on when my brother (Rangers fan) texted me "whose rykov?". Feels weird seeing a Devils - Rangers trade. I'll give Shero credit, Grabner addresses a need and should be a good fit for this team. Hopefully he can get the job done. I wouldn't be surprised if Shero has another move up his sleeve before the deadline. Initially I was a bit taken aback when I saw Rykov going the other way as he's been one of my favorite prospects. I've been able to see a few SKA games a year for the past couple of years and really liked his game, even in the reduced role he played for them. I really think he has what it takes to be a solid two-way, top 4 guy at the NHL level. I believe his contract with SKA is until 4/30/19 so there was still going to be a bit of a waiting period for him. Have to think that Butcher proving himself at the NHL level and the emergence of Davies for Northeastern made Rykov easier to give up. Plus, they still have the other Yegor (Zaitsev) as another LD prospect, though I'm not as high on him as I am on Rykov. Also, I could be wrong but I think after this trade the Devils have no 2nd or 3rd round picks in the 2018 draft. I'll have to double check when I'm not half asleep.
  15. https://www.tsn.ca/grabner-can-be-a-valuable-deadline-addition-1.1007758
  16. Good thing about Grabner, he can play both wing positions
  17. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    I don't think the shot missed by that much. I more blame Palms( I think it was Palms there) for not being able to hold the puck. The only guys really showing up are Nico and Hall. Everyone else looks completely anemic. Shero needs to give Hall the big bucks. He deserves it. Hall has been the only reason this team has had any chance to win since almost December.
  18. I would be Moore than fine if he gets launched outta here. Didn't like him as a ranger and don't like him here. As for Grabs I think he's better than most of the forwards on the roster. And like someone else already said the Rangers never used him on the pp until the last week or so. The guy imo isn't a one trick pony, he also brings some additional size that we could use. He's not easily knocked off the puck and has a solid track record. I love this move.
  19. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    elias to hynes ..."no flow"... zacha says hi
  20. Not sure bout that, he's got 25 goals, so far this year., With the Rags he played almost 15 mins per game.
  21. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    The better team lost 2 in a row, but moral victories don't add points. "Simply couldn't finish" is a long term issue. We are better this year, but still not good enough. Thank god we have Taylor Hall.
  22. Does anyone know where this guy fits into our lines?
  23. Even though this is a young team and the time to win may not be now, I still like the message of this trade to the players: We really want to make the playoffs, and this can help us get there. Excellent!
  24. Moore at 17 pts this year, most likely going pass his whooping 22 pt season.
  25. I Like the deal. We definitely needed a winger who could fit in with our style and show some finish. We can't wait for gibbons and Bratt is slowing down.
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