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  2. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    I just watched the replay on the condensed game and it looks like the shot missed by a good 2-3 feet with no on in the area to even deflect it. I guess it depends on how you define "missed by a mile". The pass handcuffed him and he had a Wild player coming up on him fast so split decision he sends it towards the net/into the corner. Like I said, the pass handcuffed him so it wasn't hard and Palms was standing in perfect position to get it off the boards and he just flat missed it. Palms get's 90% of the error there because when Dmen don't have a lane to the net the rule is to throw it into the corner anyway, and I'd much rather a take a chance throwing it down low than turning it over on the blue line. Palms missed a puck off the boards you're supposed to handle 99 time out of 100. I'm not arguing with you on the second point. Anyone who thinks NJ has been the better team is watching the game with rose colored glasses.
  3. A year's supply of Vlassic Pickles was the price [no, not really]
  4. Like the trade a lot, Grabner is just what this team needs right now, we have no idea if Rykov was ever coming over. I just hope Shero can sign him to a 2 or 3 year deal.
  5. I have no idea about this commercial either. This mornign when I saw the trade I was confused on who Grabner was. I was trying to think of players on Buffalo since there was talk of Devils scouts at their games and not even thinking about the Rangers since that never happened before. I like the trade excited to see what he can add to our offence.
  6. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    I'm calling my shot now. Florida will be in the playoffs this year.
  7. February 24th Elias night

    Once Clowe's contract is over and off the cap can we also replace him with Patty behind the bench ? Nothing against Clowe and players don't always make great coaches but Patty's hockey IQ would be a great asset.
  8. Wtf am I gonna do with my 3 Coleman jerseys now? ridiculous.
  9. Anyone think Shero is already working on an extension or will he wait to see how he fits in? I think just by trading with the Rags and giving up a second tells me he really was targeting him.
  10. This is a good trade and a necessary one. Rykov has shown some positive development but there still is no guarantee he becomes an NHL regular. I think he's definitely coming to North America but it may not be soon. A second round pick has value but rarely is it immediate. Middle second rounders bust all the time. Grabner is quick, he scores goals, he kills penalties. He is an immediate upgrade and worth it even if he ends up being little else than a rental. The Devils right now are just starting to open up that window of contention. In the process we're going to have to make some additions without making immediate talent subtractions. Trading some picks is part of it.
  11. Olympic Hockey

    Germany beats Canada and goes to the Final! Greatest moment in German Hockey
  12. Olympic Hockey

    There are probably a lot of upset Canadians right now with that loss to Germany. Hopefully the NHL and the Olympics find a compromise. Maybe move hockey to the summer Olympics?
  13. At least Bon Jovi will go away, just like those horrendous Trevor Noah commercials
  14. Grabner to Devils - confirmed, for 2nd round pick and D Igor Rykov

    I am actually more tired of the damn Bon Jovi commercials.
  15. Apparently Grabner is taking #40 while Coleman is switching to #20
  16. i feel blessed for being clueless about that commercial is. I have no idea what it is
  17. February 24th Elias night

    If he put up similar numbers he would've felt the heat, true. But that was also a Rangers team on the rise with a great goalie so I can't see Elias being scapegoated. They would've been in the playoffs and that's where Elias always raised his game. Guess we'll never know what kind of chemistry he would've developed over there with their core...but I can't see him failing and being banished like Redden or having a forgettable Holik like tenure
  18. I hope you both pour spoiled milk in your cereal or coffee today and don't realize it until it is too late... On a related note though... I thought this commercail aired too often during Devils games, but I never realized how much worse you guys have it out here as its on other channels too, like NBC watching the Olympics. I at least get it only during the games when I'm back out west, man its brutal out here...
  19. I am curious what the healthy lineup will be Hall-Hischier-Palmieri Johansson-Zacha-Grabner Wood-Zajac-Noesen Coleman-Boyle-Gibbons/Bratt Hayes, Stafford?
  20. Grabner is actually good defensively so in order to score empty net goals you have to put yourself in a situation to do so. We're clearly struggling at that
  21. Bad comparison. Clarkson scored more than 20 ONCE. Grabner has done it 4 times already. And the empty net goals really don’t concern me. That he’s scoring that many means he can be trusted defensively late in games to protect leads.
  22. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    I hate to say it, because I like Vatanen, but it missed by a country mile, and directly led to the puck going out of the zone and thereby down the rink and into our net. Disagree with others saying that the better team lost the last two games. We weren't better. The games were even and tightly played, but they were better, and that's why we lost. Sure we played good games with not many turnovers, penalties, and looked like we had some energy in both, but in games like that when it's close you're always going to want to look at the team you're a fan of and say they were better - it's just natural optimism. But the truth is, we weren't. And it's not just in one particular area.
  23. Leaving the Rangers organization like
  24. Today
  25. And I'll also say that as long as Grabner plays well and fits in like we hope, I want him resigned. He's the type of player that is perfect for the way we play, and I'm not about giving up a 2 and a decent prospect like Rykov to them for 20 games and a round or two of playoff games. I want him as part of the solution going forward. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. February 24th Elias night

    Also fair to point out that Elias would've been crucified across the river if he had turned in similar numbers in his first two seasons there...as many remember, the first two seasons of his seven-year deal were far from his best. The guy suffered through a four-goals-in-42-games drought. He got off much lighter here than he ever would have there.
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