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  2. Good thing about Grabner, he can play both wing positions
  3. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    I don't think the shot missed by that much. I more blame Palms( I think it was Palms there) for not being able to hold the puck. The only guys really showing up are Nico and Hall. Everyone else looks completely anemic. Shero needs to give Hall the big bucks. He deserves it. Hall has been the only reason this team has had any chance to win since almost December.
  4. I would be Moore than fine if he gets launched outta here. Didn't like him as a ranger and don't like him here. As for Grabs I think he's better than most of the forwards on the roster. And like someone else already said the Rangers never used him on the pp until the last week or so. The guy imo isn't a one trick pony, he also brings some additional size that we could use. He's not easily knocked off the puck and has a solid track record. I love this move.
  5. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    elias to hynes ..."no flow"... zacha says hi
  6. Not sure bout that, he's got 25 goals, so far this year., With the Rags he played almost 15 mins per game.
  7. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    The better team lost 2 in a row, but moral victories don't add points. "Simply couldn't finish" is a long term issue. We are better this year, but still not good enough. Thank god we have Taylor Hall.
  8. Does anyone know where this guy fits into our lines?
  9. Even though this is a young team and the time to win may not be now, I still like the message of this trade to the players: We really want to make the playoffs, and this can help us get there. Excellent!
  10. Moore at 17 pts this year, most likely going pass his whooping 22 pt season.
  11. I Like the deal. We definitely needed a winger who could fit in with our style and show some finish. We can't wait for gibbons and Bratt is slowing down.
  12. Eh, he has his moments. Especially in OT.
  13. Olympic Hockey

    The damage is done. Going 8 years in between appearances means you lose a lot. A lot of guys who would've made their last meaningful senior competition, guys who went through their entire prime without being able to compete. It's so much more than the logistics the NHL tricked everyone into thinking were legitimate reasons to keep the players out. It's all about controlling the revenue and monopolizing the sport. I'd like to see the World Championships move to July and become biennial.
  14. GDT - Devils vs Wild 2/22/18

    Last two games we simply couldn't finish. Plain and simple. Vatanen's shot with the goalie pulled missed by thirty feet. It seemed like so many shots hit boards.
  15. fvcking scary fast lol...............
  16. I agree with this so much. love the guy. Love the story. Love everything about his return. HATE his play lately. Reminds me of Rob Niedermayer when he was on the team. Yeah but Moore’s pretty damn awful.
  17. Moore’s pretty damn fast, too.
  18. We’ve gotta be one of the fastest teams in the NHL now. Hall, Nico, Wood and Grabner all have ELITE speed. Apparently he speaks German. So does Nico. They can be best friends and he can stay for a while pls.
  19. Boyle has been HORRIBLE. I am all for the story, I have very close family members with cancer and who have passed from cancer...HARD STOP. But this guy has been TERRIBLE lately.
  20. How about stay in the area but sign with the up-and-coming team that’s not completely tearing things down...
  21. Grabners speed is scary good.................
  22. good get...how old is he now?
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