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  2. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    I mean first of all fvck those awards for the most part. When guys are winning the Norris for "best overall dman" without being used on the PK, used to protect leads late in the game or being sent out on defensive zone faceoffs. Eat my ass NHL. Since when is the norris for "best offensive dman"? Yeah common sense doesn't always apply, it's a popularity contest. I could very well see Kucherov winning it and people being... mmm... yeah he was good but his team would have been decent with Stamkos too... By definition of the Hart, Hall should 100% be nominated at the very least. And to be honest i can't think of a better story for the NHL. Former first overall pick who never saw NHL playoffs action ever, got traded from a sh!t team to another, had a down season, had big talk with his GM about his potential and then had the best season of his career and literally carried his team to the playoffs. There's literally no better stories out there for the Hart.
  3. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    That is definitely going to happen.
  4. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    Well in general when nobody plays devils advocate to look at all angles and challenge popular beliefs then you get a group feeding on confirmation bias that believes there's a conspiracy or wtv against their team for example. That's not healthy for anyone involved lol Now you can bet if he doesn't win the Hart. Whoever won could have a very very very solid case but a bunch of fans here wouldn't even want to hear it or try to understand. They'd just play the victim card "He didn't win cause he's a NJ Devils player". We all know that. That being said i mostly never agree with the awards winners cause it seems like common sense is never applied. And also i do agree that Hall is having an amazing season with much less help than previous guys. Bringing up other examples is not arguing against that fact, only putting it in perspective.
  5. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Oh -- by the way. Talked to John Hynes before the Devils/Bolts game. He was just hanging out in the stands and catching up with Devils fans... pretty great. I asked about MoJo; he said that the belief is he'll be back before the playoffs but they're being extra cautious with him as it's his second concussion of the year.
  6. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Please don’t let Kane go to the Pens or Karlsson to the Bolts. Those teams are already going to be hard enough to beat as it is in the playoffs. None of those proposed Devils trades are terribly exciting. I guess Ben Hutton for Mirco Mueller would be the most interesting. I honestly don’t know much about Hutton, but I’m not sure they should give up on Mueller so soon.
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  8. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Don't be surprised if Philly gets Mrazek with Neuvirth and Elliott injured
  9. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    2017 Seth Lugo: 19.5 K%, 5.7 BB%, 3.95 FIP, 4.18 xFIP 2017 Jason Vargas: 17.7 K%, 7.7 BB%, 4.67 FIP, 4.94 xFIP Vargas threw more innings and posted a better ERA, but the rate stats/underlying numbers show a strong case for Lugo over Vargas. The Mets DID need to add another starter for depth, I'll give them that, and Steamer projects Vargas for roughly 2 WAR if he can throw a full compliment of innings. I'm just disappointed they chose him when cheaper, superior alternatives were out there (Jaime Garcia) and the contract basically guarantee he's locked into the rotation for 2 years.
  10. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    New NJDevs drinking game: every time Sterio plays Devils Advocate for the 3rd time in the thread, everyone drinks. You cant compare Hall’s season to any of the best seasons by a Devil. He’s doing it with absolutely zero help. I wonder if there’s ever been a point disparity between #1 and #2 on a team that’s this significant in the modern NHL?
  11. Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    I'm not one who makes a big deal over the 'C' but it's clear this guy needs to be given it by the start of next season. Along with being by far the best player on the team, players are certainly feeding off his energy and passion.
  12. Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    Beyond his quotes to local reporters, I was informed, third hand admittedly, that even before the season started that he made it clear to management that he wanted to be here long term and that he wanted to be here when the team started turning things around.
  13. Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    His dad died, has had a couple of injuries, has like 6 points and his team has folded under immense expectations. Not good, I'd say
  14. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    https://thehockeywriters.com/nhl-trade-deadline-predictions/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    What a difference a week makes, eh? Four big wins against three good teams, with three being on the road. Gotta hand it to Lack and Kinkaid. We probably didn't deserve any points in either of these games based on how we played. I guess this team was owed a few godly goaltending performances based on the past month. Nice to see Nico and Zacha stepping up. I don't think Zacha is playing as well as he was a few games ago, but getting goals in consecutive games will certainly boost his confidence.
  16. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    I’m on vacation so I missed the game. I DVR’ed it, but realized I don’t have time to watch. So I read the game recap, and can I get a Hell Yeah for Taylor and Nico for keeping things rolling in the right direction.
  17. Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    What kind of season is Adam having?
  18. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    I thought the announced they were pulling the plug too early. Apparently, they knew what they were talking about.
  19. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    And the Jets have Connor Hellebuyck who is 31-8 and has a .923% If there’s a case for a player being more important to his team than Hall I’d like to hear it.
  20. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    Every time i look at the player stats on the NHL its so glaringly obvious that Hall is just getting it done mostly on his own. Every other team in a playoff spot has a scoring 1-2 ( or in a few teams cases 1-2-3) who are matching their production. The Devil's have a 20 point gap! The only other team with a similar gap is the Jets with Wheeler, but Laine isn't that far off.
  21. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    And again, he had more help. Elias had 78 points and Parise had 69.
  22. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    Well again to be fair Kovy's biggest year he was centered by Henrique in his rookie season for a good chunk I mean, they were ALL incredible really. It's not really a competition, we should just be happy that we got those guys scoring for us at some point
  23. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    Parise and Kovy both had a lot more help. Hall is doing this with a bunch of rookies and 2nd year players. And a without his starting goalie.
  24. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    Well i wouldnt say we've never had no one like him... he's on pace for 88pts which is obviously amazing. But Parise had a 94 and 82 pts season back to back. And Kovy had an 83 pts season. And we felt back then that they were truly carrying the team
  25. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    I feel like Kovy could take that role. I remember him taking over games and being a beats. But not at the level Hall is doing it. He's out of this world.
  26. GDT: Devils @ Carolina 5:00 PM

    He's been brutal.
  27. New York Mets 2017-18 offseason thread

    It's kind of sad really. I mean I have nothing against Tebow. Kind of indifferent towards him. But Sandy Alderson carnival barking Tebow as a potential major leaguer? He's cringing on the inside.
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