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  2. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    We're already better than Edmonton though and the rebuild has been ''on'' for a much shorter time than in Edmonton. We're already a competitive team and I truly believe we make it next year if not this year. But we'll see. I'm fairly optimistic Hall will stay here long term with how things are going right now for the long term. But I see your point too.
  3. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    You could spin world peace into a negative thing.
  4. You'll never win with Schneider

    I just finished the game cause I was busy yesterday, I'm so frustrated. I don't give a fvck who is in net, we just need to fvcking making the playoffs. This sh!t is getting ridiculous. Cory is not this fvcking bad, 11 god damn fvcking games in a row. MAN THE fvck UP AND STEAL A GAME.
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  6. You'll never win with Schneider

    Keep seeing this 1B suggestion, who could that even be? And how does Shero make it happen?
  7. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    This is a pretty good guesstimate. Assuming the 96 is the lowest total, makes 97 the threshold for us. This means we need 15 pts in 9 games, i.e., have to go 7-1-1 or 6-0-3. Bruins have 5 key players injured and we need to go on a tear. Our weaknesses, most of our players lack experience playing this time of the year, Hynes included. Our goalie situation has the entire team in a conundrum.
  8. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    I'd slightly overpay because he's a big body and actually uses his damn size, unlike first-half Cinderella story that has returned to being invisible
  9. You'll never win with Schneider

    Cam was /is a top goalie who went off the rails a few years.. to some extent, luongo, Miller, and fluery went into slumps.. not making excuses, we need to fix this situation if cory is going to suck for an extended period.. I don't feel like waiting.. we need to get a 1b..
  10. You'll never win with Schneider

    And a Conn Smythe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. GDT: Devils @ Pitt - 23 Mar - 7p Eastern

    Maybe tomorrow I'll see the glass half full.
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  13. GDT: Devils @ Pitt - 23 Mar - 7p Eastern

    ^i have nothing to say other than holy crap you and I should never talk hockey together. Disagree with about 80% of that lol.
  14. You'll never win with Schneider

    At least Cam Ward won a Cup...
  15. You'll never win with Schneider

    do we have a cam ward situation, prolonged slump?? it happens
  16. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    I think Maroon goes back to Edmonton. I wouldn't offer an overpayment on him. Those things always seem to blow up in our face. If Maroon leaves I hope Henrique comes back.
  17. You'll never win with Schneider

    CS can't get it done. We have a problem on our hands.
  18. GDT: Devils @ Pitt - 23 Mar - 7p Eastern

    Gibbons - Zajac - Grabner Bratt - Coleman - Maroon Noesen - Boyle - Stafford There's maybe a below average third line in there and two fourth lines?. Certainly each brings something (I guess) but some of them have overachieved (early on) and haven't done much since, a couple have done nothing at all. Most are cheap so I guess that counts for something but I think you get what you pay for. Really concerned that Bratt will live up to a 6th rd pick that is marginal at best and a guy that doesn't even make the lineup every night - young kid who knows Grabner - really liked bringing him in but he's been a bust almost looks disinterested Maroon - like the size and grit but he clearly benefited by playing on a more talented line before coming here - he's cheap though Zajac - good guy in the room I'm sure but his contract compared to what he brings makes it hard to like the guy at this point for me. He's not horrible I guess that's worth something Gibbons without a doubt had a career start to the season at what 30 years old? Noesen/Coleman - play hard but probably 4th line guys if they both crack the lineup on a good team Stafford - hard pass - massive fail - cheap Boyle - love the story, serviceable but he'll always be a guy that plays like he's 8 inches smaller Zacha - JJ says hi Mojo - damaged goods, didn't do much of anything prior to the parade to the IR. For his sake I hope he heals concussion wise Goaltending - ouch. I have no faith that Cory becomes a top half of the field goalie again at any point. I can't help but think people were arguing he was a top 7 league wide earlier this season Defense - plenty of room to improve there too.
  19. GDT: Devils @ SJ 10:30 PM

    That is so true; KK has to play out. We have no choice. We have little margin for error.
  20. Devs on the radio

    I think its a real bummer that some games just aren't on regular radio.
  21. You'll never win with Schneider

    Where do we go from here?
  22. GDT: Devils @ Pitt - 23 Mar - 7p Eastern

    Every time I see Provorov play I want to punch David Conte in the stomach.
  23. You'll never win with Schneider

    Shero is in a real pickle. Stuck with a broken goalie with like $24 mil owed to him...
  24. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    There’s enough talent in the pipeline to keep moving up in the right direction, but league parity makes you wonder when the playoff appearance will come if it doesn’t come this year as almost every team in the Metro could continue to improve too
  25. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    I'd rather keep Maroon for a slight overpayment next season than rely on Quenneville to become an immediate staple next season
  26. GDT: Devils @ Pitt - 23 Mar - 7p Eastern

    I also hated watching Bratt finally start to create chances yesterday and be stuck feeding Boyle or Stafford last night for the limited amount I was able to watch.
  27. GDT: Devils @ Pitt - 23 Mar - 7p Eastern

    I'm sorry I feel like you're doing a severe disservice to Coleman by putting him in with Boyle and Stafford. IMO Coleman has been pretty solid these past few weeks and is at the very least a quality 4th liner- if such a thing exists lol. IMO there are times this season that he's looked better than Zacha ever has. I think it' unfair to lump him with Boyle and Stafford (who unfortunately are just flat out through)
  28. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    Well if we miss the playoffs next year in addition to this year that's a concern, after which Hall can officially re-sign (or turn down) an extension. But if they don't make it this year, I don't think Shero's going to be stupid enough to sit on his hands and just replace Moore with Mirco Mueller and Maroon/Grabner with Quenneville/McLeod. They should improve the team, of course how much they'll be able to improve it is debatable since they're suddenly kind of short on picks to trade and don't have a lot of spare prospects to deal off.
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