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  2. Roster Musings

    Look who's back at practice today: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Tom Kurvers come on downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn for #27
  4. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Lots of games in the Metro area. Good place to catch a lot of teams coming through.
  5. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Well yeah, this discussion hinged on Shero not doing enough to get him; I'm arguing that it wouldn't've been worth it to get him specifically and that there aren't a lot of options. So just change 'is' to 'would've been'.
  6. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Mrazek is not on the block anymore. Flyers picked him up.
  7. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

  8. Today
  9. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    How quickly can we pack Andrew's bags and get him over the Throgs Neck Bridge?
  10. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    Sounded like the Isles beat was easier for his family situation. He was fine I guess, but these days best reporters aren’t great for that much unless they can get some sort of info as to the team’s internal deliberations which for the most part Devils beat reporters don’t get.
  11. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    Don’t really care.
  12. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    The Devils, Buffalo, Ottawa, and Tampa have been scouting each other extensively. Pretty sure 25 scouts didn't just show up to watch Jack Johnson, although I'm sure that's part of it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    This team will have made real progress. They have 70 points now, they had 70 points all last season, and there's still 22 games left. They already lost their 3rd round pick trading for Vatanen, so now you're talking about doing something like trading a 2nd and getting a 4th back. There's no guarantees at all that Mrazek is better than Kinkaid or that he will be the difference, and again, Schneider is coming back soon if there are no setbacks.
  14. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I would assume the reason the scouts were at the game are for Johnson, since he's requested/demanded a trade.
  15. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    later dude
  16. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

  17. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Well unless they were looking at Nico or Hall i'm sure they didn't come back with a good report lol
  18. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    Kinda how I feel, but to be fair, a lot of the information that is posted here comes from people who are checking Twitter and/or these beat reporters. The info has to come from somewhere, and a guy like him was someone who got the information pretty quickly, and pretty reliably. Weird thing to me is that he just took the position like a year ago, didn't he? Feel like it wasn't long ago that we lost Tom Guilitti (sp?). Anyway, I hope they replace him with someone, mainly because it's always nice to see the team get more coverage, and I'll miss him if for nothing else than he had the same last name as me.
  19. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    Gross was fine, the newspaper business is gross, and the idea that I'm going to watch a fvcking video of a journalist talking instead of reading a piece he wrote is crazy. Whoever they hire will probably be worse.
  20. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    This guy was as vanilla in his analysis as they come. Oh well
  21. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    The older I get the less I care about these things, don't follow any of that stuff besides what is posted here and hf boards. No loss in my opinion.
  22. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    I don't blame him for wanting to move on to a new gig, for whatever reason on Twitter I saw him taking a lot of abuse from the cesspool section of our fanbase and it noticeably got under his skin a few times. I don't know if he caught more flak from the idiots in our fanbase for being a former Rangers reporter, but it sucks we're losing a good reporter.
  23. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Ha, they seem to be setting the market at their own overpayment for "upgrading" from Turris to Duchene. My guess is that Dorion holds out for a top end return and backs himself into a corner on time and eventually gets taken to the cleaners this summer or next season. Hopefully Shero can play this right. Edit: I just looked up Ryan's contract. That is horrible.
  24. Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    That's far and away my biggest issue with her. That and he occasional politics she throws in there. At least she is not nearly as bad as Jesse Spector in that regard.
  25. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    A lot of scouts at the game last night: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    I thought about this the other day, and Bratt really needs to be on the 3rd line. He's too young and too inexperienced to be logging the minutes he's getting right now. If Johannson was healthy and we had maybe one more player to slot on that line, I think we'd be OK. But with an injury and a lack of depth, he's forced to be asked to play above his head. I think if he wasn't logging as many minutes (therefore not as exhausted) as well as playing against lesser competition (the opponent's 3rd line rather than 2nd), he'd be more effective. He's similar to Hischier right now, in that he's young and raw, and also a very small guy so he gets pushed off the puck a lot, but also not as skilled as Hischier, which is why his struggles are more noticeable, since he's not showing up on the scoresheet. I'm really not seeing anything at all with Pietila. He just doesn't seem to have much of anything -- not that fast, no great shot, no great moves. Just seems like a pretty ineffective player, barely deserving of 4th line minutes. Yesterday may have been a rarity, but I actually thought Hayes had a decent game. He seemed to have some wheels out there and was pretty quick on the puck. Not saying I want him in there all the time, but if Gibbons were to come back and push some guys down the depth chart, I'd rather see Pietila back in the minors rather than Hayes. Boyle is another guy who's been MIA for a while now. The thing that is most frustrating and noticeable though is that he's not winning many faceoffs anymore. The only positive I saw out of him last night is that he was using his stick and long reach to disrupt the play a lot, which was good. Other than that, he hasn't contributed much of anything, and he hasn't been effective on the Powerplay like he was earlier in the year. I'd take him out and put Zajac in.
  27. GDT: Columbus @ Devils 7:00 PM

    BTW here was Nico's group with their giant cowbells
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