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  2. Well Matz made it through 6 (at 99 pitches so a dicey spot for the 7th) and they scratched out a few against Arrieta. The bullpen still has a say in this game unfortunately, though thankfully Harper got run. That helps
  3. Today
  4. I don’t understand. You should root for a baseball, football or basketball team based on what hockey team you like?? So what teams can a Devils fan like when no other teams are from New Jersey? And what about the two football teams that play in New Jersey, but call themselves New York? Not sure I buy into this “rival city” concept.
  5. That's nice, but I don't quite understand your point. Are you telling me you're an Isles fan? Every other team I root for is in Philly, I still think Devils fans should cheer against Philly teams as a general rule. It's a rival city. You wanna support New York on your time, that's fine, but it's a rival city.
  6. I’m still livid. I fvcking hate Carolina and wanted their sorry asses golfing tomorrow.
  7. They got hosed. And now it’s 4-2. I’m not a Caps fan but if I was I would be LIVID
  8. What a fvcking bullsh!t no goal call in Carolina.
  9. I would too but I think his tenure in Nashville has probably run its course
  10. For sure. I suspect he’ll end up on a two way deal.
  11. The difference in class between Devils fans and the slack-jawed horde of rats across the river is night and day.
  12. I mean, that's the identity of the team and fan base. The franchise represents the state and the people from here. No one's suggesting anyone can't be a fan of whoever they want, but the culture and narrative doesn't change because a few of you are from out of state. You choose to support a Jersey team, so you choose to be a part of this story. Collectively, "we" are indeed from Jersey.
  13. Every other team I root for is from NY or named NY. 2 of them also wear blue and orange.
  14. You may be right. But he can still work himself back from the AHL, if anyone would give him the chance.
  15. aclc79

    Hughes or Kakko

    It may be that our choice is now all too obvious....
  16. Good question. I’m not sure he gets an NHL contract next season.
  17. He should win the Masterton. May he continue to be strong.
  18. I wonder where he goes after this?
  19. Yesterday
  20. I agree, I dislike thousands of obnoxious Rangers fans I don’t know!
  21. You don’t need to know obnoxious Ranger fans in order to dislike them. They are our prime competitors in every dimension of the game and market. Having that understanding and dislike isn’t location dependent.
  22. Yes but it's more artificial than anything cause as long as you're not really "living" the rivalry in your personal life, you're really just a sheep doing what you're told to do lol Personally i know like... 3-4 Rangers fans? 0 Islanders fans... And they are not jerks at all lol i tried to rilled them up but they just don't bite. Habs fans on the other hand...... and Leafs fans are slowly becoming more and more annoying by the minute around here.
  23. I didn't even have time to crack the joke before you cracked it yourself, well done. So I will just post this flashback, referencing your former screen name:
  24. mfitz804

    Hughes or Kakko

    Extra primo good reference my man. You would have gotten extra points if you photoshopped Blake Coleman's head onto Coleman's body. You did just design a goal-scoring meme for me for next season, though, so I appreciate the help.
  25. I was wondering if he wore someone else's jersey just to sneak out there.
  26. Devs3cups

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes 1000000%
  27. She’s based out of the NY area and they’ve been serious for a few years. Can’t help but think that might be ever so slightly helpful in keeping Taylor rooted in NJ. And that girl may be a total smokeshow but Taylor if you’re reading this I can do things to you that she’ll never be able to if you sign here long term.
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