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  2. Pekka is back to being the Pekka we all know: absolutely abysmal in net in the post season Preds down 4-2 to Dallas, late in the 2nd
  3. ha. Even worse I'd say. In the 60 some innings he's pitched as a Met he is among the worst starters we've ever thrown out there. And the rest of the team knows this. They were dejected and defeated before this game ever started.
  4. Agree, enough with Oswalt and/or Flexen. They’re the Mets equivalent of John Quenneville.
  5. Today
  6. Flexen is not a major league pitcher. Doesn't belong in this game or any game. Ever. This is a forfeit almost
  7. There is only one team I will always and under any circumstances root against. You all know who I am talking about Once they are eliminated, which is usually rather early, I can follow the rest of the games pretty relaxed. As for the Islanders, I don't really like them, but since they got two german players on their roster, I hope these guys do well. Just like I hope Grubauer and Draisaitl do well. For example, it would be really great to see Grubauer backstop Colorado to a Stanley Cup. Wouldn't mind that at all. If the Islanders win, I would have no problem with that either. That does not mean that I will ever root for a Devil opponent.
  8. For once apparently the Mets dodge a bullet. But with this being the Mets you can't really trust the 'OMG now he's healthy pinky swear' stuff until he actually gets out and pitches well at least. And not for nothing but just the way the last 24 hours have been handled are so Mets
  9. I'd be down for it
  10. Well they say he is feeling significantly better but I don't know what to make of it. Doesn't mean there isn't a tear in there. Or something that will shelve him for a month or too. Just avoid the knife PLEASE avoid the knife. He's 30...any surgery on his pitching arm now may mean he's never the same again
  11. First time since the expansion in 67-68 actually. https://www.nhl.com/news/top-two-nhl-teams-out-in-first-round-of-playoffs-for-first-time/c-306908188
  12. This will be the first time since the NHL switched to the East-West format in 1994 that both top seeds are eliminated in the first round.
  13. Now JG has a goal waved off for goalie interference. Man...
  14. Johnny Hockey can’t buy a goal. 0-3 on breakaways. Avs are going to take this. So glad they didn’t get Hughes or Kakko. They’re going to be really good for the foreseeable future.
  15. I wouldn't mind seeing the Islanders win. Once the Devils are eliminated I'll pick someone to root for or I can't watch. I've been watching a lot of the Western Conference playoffs and pick a team for each series.
  16. What a terrible fvcking call that was.
  17. Well that’s what I get for listening to announcers.... sorry guys! also, should be no goal in Boston... EDIT: I’m wrong, again.
  18. MadDog2020

    Hughes or Kakko

    Still grateful for that video- it netted us our best player lol!
  19. MB3

    Hughes or Kakko

    You got a Leremy Tunsil-style video you’re gonna drop on draft day? Otherwise we’re seein this boy gone in the top-15; he’ll probably sneak up to top-10 at this point.
  20. Yesterday
  21. fvck off baseball gods. That’s all I got.
  22. Mets being the Mets, disaster's never far away...sigh.
  23. I hate them for their stupid post-win celebrations and trying to own that they’re a bunch of jerks. Fck them and their Tarzan noise arena.
  24. fvck Carolina, their fans are horrendous too. I was down there in 06 when they eliminated us. fvcking hope Washington beats them still.
  25. Neb00rs

    Hughes or Kakko

    This was the truth for way too long. But I think that DeBrincat is the straw that broke the camel's back.
  26. Brooks definitely doesn’t hesitate to shred that team (which also caters to the NY fan, as they’ll do the same, often too much). Brooks usually harps on ice time for certain players as his main sticking point. I wish Valiquette could give up 10 goals every game. Someone really needs to remind him that his Ranger career amounted to 39 GP, 27 starts, and 14 wins. Dude, you were barely a footnote in Blowshirt history...stop carrying yourself like your jersey number is overdue for a rafter hanging. fvcking douchenozzle.
  27. Only problem with that is from what I’ve read, he’s not a guy who will help right away. Bratt has at least shown nice flashes of being a good player in the present (just has to stay healthy and find consistency). But I get it, gotta give the team holding the lock holding the team something. Yeah, if Caufield’s projected to be a Top 15 pick, then maybe the price to land him would be too prohibitive...I was hoping his size might scare teams off just enough, but it was crazy to think he had any chance to fall into the second round. I only mentioned two seconds as a starting point, really...sure, you’d have to give the team willing to trade the pick at least one more asset, possible two more.
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