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  1. Yesterday
  2. That's on the ice with his play. Always been very generous off of it.
  3. He only did it for attention! It's blood money!
  4. Nice statement and donation by PK:
  5. it's refreshing to hear that they are not putting pressure though. I got a call from a salesman from my internet provider last week trying to get me to upgrade my internet to a phone landline/digital tv/internet bundle... i had to go from being super friendly to eventually "sorry dude but exactly how many times i will have to tell you that i "absolutely do not need or want a landline and digital tv" before you get a clue and let go?" Like... I know they are desperate to make a sale but i said a million times that i do not need those services, even less if i have to pay more than what i'm paying already for something i don't want or need.
  6. Last week
  7. I read this the other day regarding Hoelscher. Sounds like his ceiling isn't something they're bothered about losing. https://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=105778&blogger_id=159
  8. Why they didnt sign mitchell hoelscher? I know that we have the first two centers, but this team still needs depth.
  9. Yeahhh isn't DeAngelo kinda known as a piece of sh!t throughout the league? I think I read somewhere that if he was a plug-level player he'd have washed out already. But since he's got some legit talent, he's kept around. You know, one of those deals.
  10. I'll say there's about a 75% chance the phrase "All Lives Matter" is spoken at some point.
  11. "political correctness" for people like them is not being able to say the n-word and having to press 1 for English.
  12. I would bet Fitz had much to do with the hire of Mark Denehey for Binghamton. Wonder if he's a consideration for head coach of big club? Maybe Sarge would move to be an asst. in Newark? (keep the band together) I hear the coach at Minn. Deluth has been courted by teams in the past, but he's very happy where he is. maybe Tony Granato? I wonder if Gallant really wants this gig? (working with so much youth) You know Laviolette would take it. As would John Stevens. And then, there's Nas.
  13. Yeah as much as we all loved him as a player, I don't think people realize what a piece of truly rotten sh!t Dykstra really is. And what's sad is that he's one of those guys who any chance he gets will tell you that it's everyone else who's wronged him, stolen from him, screwed him over, etc...it's been a pattern of behavior for years and years, with many examples of that to be found immortalized in print. He even started off his book kinda-sorta begrudgingly accepting some blame for who he is and what he's done, but by the end, once again it's about all the people who's supposedly fvcked him over, done him wrong blah blah blah...and of course, as is the case with lots o' white trash, all of the unbelievable things that happen to him are never really his fault (watch the movie "I, Tonya" for another example of this), and there's always these crazy stories about how these troubles just have this way of finding him...with HIM being the one who's actually the victim. Hopefully after this, perhaps for the very first time in his life, he finds a way to look in the mirror, HARD, and say to himself "I really am a friggin' LOUSY human being. Finally time to try to stop being that."
  14. Let's go Canucks! Is it because I want Parise/Suter to have more misery? (biological time clock a ticking) Nah, I really want that 1st round pick!
  15. yeah bottom of your shoes are the same in both cases unfortunately. Ugh.
  16. Exactly, he could play here and they wouldn’t have to worry.
  17. I'd rather they kept him than move him to a different team. Right now he is the only thing that makes BUF competitive and he'd infinitely more dangerous in a competent organization with talent around him(that won't be here). Plausible scenario is a Duchene type where he is vocally unhappy for 3 or 4 years and they eventually manage to move him with half his contract left.
  18. They probably wouldn’t trade him in the East either.
  19. I'd give up just about anyone to get Eichel on this team. Don't think Buffalo would ever trade him unless it gets way, way uglier.
  20. imo you cannot afford to waste another year of Nico and Jack's development under a sh!t-tier coach. The team might still suck, but you've gotta get a guy in here that can teach these kids how to be professionals.
  21. Detroit and NJ are awfully similar. Both teams paid the price after a long run of being from above average to excellent for a long period of time without looking out for the future. They made good picks and got lucky with the draft (especially with datsyuk and Zetterberg) were able to get a VERY solid core where they could only patch work around that core and stay relevant...they rode that wave for as long as possible without looking at the long-term, unwilling to take a little step back to potentially setup the future and they ran their rosters and prospect pool to the ground. Many teams around the league should take notes, Chicago for example is already paying the price and should trade one of their top guys for future consideration while they have value before they have terrible prospects and underperforming 35+ kane and toews taking up so much of the cap that they either couldnt trade or wouldnt get any good value from. Same thing with Pittsburgh and many other teams
  22. Still feels like two millionaires with two much time on their hands trying to reach for the stars. I really wish they’d just go away.
  23. And here comes the big tease, part deux https://nypost.com/2020/05/29/alex-rodriguez-jennifer-lopez-taking-second-shot-at-buying-mets/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Whether A-Rod gets to be a frontman for an investment group or not I hope this part is true at least (it seems being the operative words till further notice):
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