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    2019 Offseason Thread

    Being based in the DC area, I’m not happy that the Devils’ two road games against the Capitals are five days apart (Saturday 1/11 and Thursday 1/16), with one of them falling on the Saturday of the NFL divisional playoffs to boot. I typically attend four Devils games per season - the two in DC, one at the Rock, and one other road game. Assuming I make both of those DC games (Sat 1/11 is a toss-up due to the NFL playoffs conflict, Thu 1/16 I’ll probably attend barring something unexpected), I need to figure out which other two games I’ll attend. I’d prefer to have one game before and one game after the two January games in DC. With the road games, I think the Friday 11/22 game in Pittsburgh and the Saturday 3/7 game at MSG against the Rags are the favorites, with the latter probably the leading candidate. Based on my personal schedule, there are probably about a half-dozen home game candidates right now, though the schedule doesn’t lend itself to many Friday night and/or early season options. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This X 1000000 What's funny is this lack of "stay in your lane" respect for various jobs within the Mets organization extends onto the field...guys just playing out of position all over the place...now there's talk of Rosario in CF?! The late 80s-early 90s Mets tried this crap to get bats into the lineup...it usually has disastrous results. To me, at this point, it's really gotta start with Brodie losing the GM job...he talks a great game like all salesmen do, but he's just that...a salesman. He is not qualified to be a GM, and it's truly plain for all to see now. It is not going to get magically better...I just don't see how a guy who is not a GM can accidently put together a solid roster...especially for a franchise that will take an all-time colossal blunder like Cano and use it as an excuse not to spend much more for a while.
  4. The best place to send Devils jerseys is in Illinois, and the place that does them currently is on Philadelphia. But yeah, it’s a bit of work and expense you don’t need unless you care about it.
  5. If that's the case, or if I'd have to order the jersey and have to send it to Canada or something to get everything sewn on properly, I am probably better off just enjoying the cost benefit of being short and accept it as being what it is.
  6. Damnit, we only come to Tampa once this year I see the mandatory week off is still a thing, in late January.
  7. You allude to an excellent point...you have Jeff the owner who also fancies himself a GM, Brodie the agent who fancies himself a GM that fancies himself a manager, and Mickey the manager who just wants to be one of the guys like another player. We’d be better off just having people who will stay in their lane so to speak.
  8. njbuff

    2019 Offseason Thread

    No team in their right minds are waiting 3 YEARS to make a Cup run. Even today's version of the Edmonton Oilers don't want to wait that long. If that is the case with NJ, then why the hell did they go get Subban.
  9. glenwo2

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Philly and Boston on the Road to begin with (2nd week)? If I were Hynes, I'd be tempted to keep Hughes out the lineup those days 'cause Philly is a dirty team and Marchand is a slimy little dirty piece of sh-t in Boston. Don't want Hughes to get hurt early in his career by these fk'ers..... You know both teams will try to take runs at him.
  11. Unless you have the arms of a spider monkey the Adidas are definitely not for you. As far as I know, none of the current youth jerseys have a sewn on crest. The name and numbers you could always get done. I suppose you could buy a crest on eBay and have that sewn on too, but the size could be an issue. The short answer is, since the Adidas takeover, the only way to get a quality jersey is getting a game issued or game worn jersey, which is much more expensive. That said, the Adidas retail jerseys are probably fine for 99% or people. But the quality drop-off from the game jerseys to the retail jerseys is amazing.
  12. Actually scratch what I previously said about not having a ton of back to backs. If I counted correctly we have 16 back to back games. 17 is the highest with Pittsburgh and Philly both having that many.
  13. Where do you find decent jerseys? I've heard the fanatics ones are bad like you said. I definitely wanted to pick up a Subban and/or Hughes
  14. I'm approx 5'2". I got a Nico Adidas and it is what you'd expect. When I was a kid, the neighbor boys always got the jerseys with the numbers and crest actually stitched on and everything. Still a kids size, but real stitching. I was wondering how I would get something like that.
  15. And definitely not ones of that poor quality. Do not like. In contrast, I overspent on two more jerseys from MeiGray to strip and make into Hughes and Subban, so what do I know.
  16. Come on, even if you don't go at it full force, you'd have to do it, no??
  17. Except long sleeve t-shirts don’t cost almost $100.
  18. Actually scratch what I previously said about not having a ton of back to backs. If I counted correctly we have 16 back to back games. 17 is the highest with Pittsburgh and Philly both having that many.
  19. We have one spot open currently if Hasan doesn’t return. We will take a headcount sometime in late August / early September as we start the 2019-20 season.
  20. They are the consistency of pajamas. Its basically a long sleeve t-shirt.
  21. I’m sure their mother would love that lmfao.
  22. If it were me, that would be my first 5 minute fighting penalty, how can you not toss 'em with your own brother on NHL ice???
  23. Today
  24. They are not very good quality. Of course, neither are the Adidas retail authentic jerseys. But between the two, I would go Adidas if I were you. Not sure how small you are, but my 12 year old daughter wears a size 42, which is long on her, especially in the arms. EDIT: My 12 year old is tall: 5' 5 1/4"
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