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  2. So, am I allowed to root for a baseball team? Or football or basketball? Or are you the only one who’s allowed to root for a “rival city”?
  3. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I don't know where you're going to find a perennial 25-30 goal scorer for $4.65m/year to "just replace" Palmieri. Building a winning roster is ALL about holding onto those thrifty signings that score you goals the way Palms does, while not breaking the bank so you can fill out the team around him. I mean, sure, you can find those 25-30 goals elsewhere, sign a high end UFA winger, but it'll cost $8-9m/year, and what will that money take away from in the long game of putting the right roster together? That's a $4-5m you can't throw toward Hall or Hischier in a few years, or whoever it is we're trying to retain once we're closer to the cap, or even other UFAs. That's a whole other player right there.
  5. I have mixed feelings about the Islanders and their fans. On one hand I sort of see them as hockey brethren in that they play in the shadow of a much bigger rival who has been around longer, has entire TV stations devoted to kissing their asses 24/7 and play in an arena that sits on top of one of the busiest transportation hubs in the US in possibly the most densely populated slice of land in the country. On the other hand, once their team gets good, their fans start to become insufferable. They become the literal People of Walmart who sit at home all day, with one hand down their pants and the other either smoking a blunt or interacting on social media crying about everything while watching a mix of Maury Povich and professional wrestling on TV.
  6. You mean giving Madden more ice time than Parise in game 7 was a bad decision? And yeah that was not goaltender interference in game 6. If that play happened the opposite way you all wouldn't have a problem with it.
  7. Today
  8. That was possibly the most emotional I ever saw Marty get
  9. I'm definitely more mad at the Devils. But I can't help but hate Carolina because of it. Their bullsh!t game 6 win with the obvious goaltender interference call.
  10. 2009 sucked. I was there for all the home games and that game 7 was brutal. But I'm still more mad at the Devils than Carolina. So many terrible plays and decisions in that final period
  11. I'm not sure we'll ever agree on anything. 2006 didn't bother me that much. I was too young in 2002. 2009 will haunt me until the day I die.
  12. I really don't get the Carolina hate. I'm not mad because the Devils decided not to show up in 02 or 06 and choke in 09. I've never had a problem with their fans or players. What I'm really excited for is Canada on the brink of elimination.
  13. You'd think being in Jersey, he'd find himself a nice brunette Italian or Latina girl with some meat on her bones who could cook him some Sunday pranzo or rice and beans, but I guess those good ol' Canadian boys have a certain type!
  14. You're asking the million dollar questions here. I think the final answer is four teams with Jersey written on the shirts.
  15. I just want Boston eliminated. Scummy team and I want our 2nd rounder (for MoJo) to be as high as possible. ETA, speaking of second round picks, Ryan tweeted this earlier: Long story short, the Preds' second-round pick (owned by the Devils) should be 56 or 55. If the Capitals were to make the conference finals, the Preds' pick would be 56. If the Caps got knocked out this round or the second round, Nashville's pick would be 55.
  16. I'm curious why a number of you want to see the Isles embarrass the Leafs/Tavares, either by going further or in a head-to-head series? Sure, the offseason and general coverage of the Leafs this season was annoying, but not more annoying than the last few years of dirtbag Long Island fans suddenly popping up out of the woodwork and doing their best Rags fan impression by making the trip and being absolutely obnoxious in our building. I'd much rather avoid their heads blowing up more than they already have, rather than the Leafs', but I guess that's just me?
  17. Blackwood for Canada. Boqvist is trying out for Sweden too (I don't think the roster is finalized yet). And yes, as mentioned, Bratter will likely be on team Sweden. And Nico for Switzerland.
  18. MadDog2020

    Hughes or Kakko

    Speaking of the Worlds, Hynes will be on the Team USA coaching staff: https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/worlds-hynes-looking-for-growth-experience-at-2019-worlds/c-306972342
  19. Well, first of all fvck Carolina and everything associated with their team. So write that down. Second of all; I hate Boston Sports almost as much as I hate Philadelphia sports, and watching Tavares drag his monster noodle over the Islanders faces would be enough schadenfreude to last me until next season. So I'm praying for a Tranna win tonight. Third of all; I couldn't possibly give less of a sh!t who wins the west. If the Sharks lose in the first round, it's more likely that EK decides to take his talents elsewhere next season. Plus, I like Vegas and I dislike Deboer. So maybe go Knights. Finally; I think if Columbus makes it to the Cup we might might might see Breadman staying put. And that would be ideal for me, because with the Rangers building Little Moscow I have the biggest fear in the world that Panarin signs there for cheap-ish and accelerates their rebuild 3 years.
  20. I have never wished harder for a maintenance or a weather cancel as hard as I am for my flight tonight.... Send thoughts and prayers it happens....haha
  21. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    Bratt did confirm it to Amanda last week Hughes only 2 points and no goals yet? Bust
  22. DevsMan84

    Hughes or Kakko

    I believe Hischier for Switzerland was announced yesterday. I also think Bratt was also announced for Sweden.
  23. Nicomo

    Hughes or Kakko

    Speaking of the Worlds, are any Devils other than Schneider playing? I’d assume Hischier for Switzerland.
  24. Daniel

    Hughes or Kakko

    Everyone assumes he will, but he hasn't been named yet.
  25. Nicomo

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes one assist so far against LAT. Caufield broke Phil Kessel’s record for most goals by a US player. He’s honestly got to be thinking about taking down Ovi’s record of 14 for the tournament.
  26. I think WSH and BOS close their series out - but I'd sure love a NYI-TOR series. Would be delicious if JT lights em up.. or gets completely shut down for that matter.
  27. All I could think about watching that goal waved off was Game 3 in LA in the 2012 SCF when Marty had the puck under his pad for a couple of seconds and the King pushed him in the net and they counted the goal.
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