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  2. moustic

    Hughes or Kakko

    I have no idea who are we gonna pick (ok we are gonna pick Hugues) but i've learn from my previous mistake with Shero : I will not doubt his choice (I was on team Patrick... How silly i feel now ! ) IF he thinks Kakko is the real deal for our team even if i'm seriously doubt it right now, I will trust him
  3. it`s beautiful and most deserved win for Finland. How awesome was looked on theirs plays and tactics desicions. btw i hope we draft Jack. please, shero, don`t sit on gold medal hype train. this medals exclusively for rangers superstars.
  4. i just realized that the Defenseman of the year award is across all the junior leagues. Not only in the WHL. Well that's cool
  5. That's it. This proves 200% that Shero will draft Kakko and wants to bring his friend along.
  6. Did someone mention Goldberg?
  7. glenwo2

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Very interesting.
  8. I believe there's a Meme for that :
  9. So this is basically what Zacha will look like in 20 years then...
  10. Kakko didn’t have a point in his last 7 games. Yes I know points aren’t everything but his fanboys were certainly getting down on Hughes when he wasn’t getting them. But whatever let them enjoy their players winning medals on the international stage. Hank won gold but still has zero Cups. I love my country and root them on in these tournaments but Cups are what matters most. Shero can help us get a lot closer to another one by solidifying a one-two punch down the middle when he takes Hughes.
  11. Simple answer, nobody should ever listen to Rangers fans, ever.
  12. That’s what happens when you can only put 1 out of 5 on net.
  13. I feel bad for Severson and Blackwood. Yeah they got Silver at least but would rather they got Gold instead. Now we're going to have to deal with both Rags and Finnish fans (maybe not here but in other boards and on Social Media) bragging to Devils fans about their "GOLD MEDALIST SUPERSTAR" Kaapo Kakko. Why couldn't Canada come out on Top to spare us this crap? Bah. Whatever.
  14. I still can’t over the fact that Fulton grew up to be the nerdy Foggy Nelson in the Netflix Daredevil series. When I was a kid I thought he was about as cool as someone could be and well...
  15. I also forgot how this movie was made in a time where you could call a white center with two black wingers “The Oreo Line”. If they did that today, the movie wouldn’t get released and the writer, director, and Emilio Estevez would never work again.
  16. Sort of. The main difference between Cory and Goldberg is that Goldberg has championships.
  17. Does that make Mac Julie the Cat?
  18. I was just watching The Mighty Ducks, and I noticed: every goal Goldberg gives up is absolute sh!t, even when the team scores 3, he manages to embarrass himself on two. This is basically what “bad Cory Schneider” does, but on the NHL level.
  19. Tigers were a heck of a lot more pesky than I thought they would be. Watching Jacoby Jones who came into this series at .170 shred us was annoying as hell. Mets had to respond and battle back a lot. That Tiger team however bad they are have a ton of spark and energy. Granted we're not good ourselves but things are starting to turn...nice to see Conforto back Things are about to go from 0 to 100 real quick as we trudge out west for our yearly shellacking.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Nicomo

    Hughes or Kakko

    As far as the World Championship goes Kakko really cooled off after that hot start. Finished the tournament with 7PTS in 10GP. Hughes finished with 3PTS in 7GP. And had his strongest game in the knockout round against a good Russian team. Absolutely NO WAY Kakko did enough to unseat Hughes as #1OA, imo. Hughes is the pick.
  22. Congrats to the Finns! This is pretty neat - congrats to Kaapo too (ETA: anyone's welcome to add some snark about this being the end of winning): @JokkeNevalainen Unconfirmed but I believe Kaapo Kakko is the first person in the history of hockey to win U18 World Championship, U20 World Championship and men's World Championship before being eligible for the NHL Draft. And now he gets to party: @JulieRobenhymer Kaapo Kakko was scheduled to leave tomorrow for the NHL Scouting Combine in Buffalo, but...he’s got a party to go to in Helsinki after Finland won #IIHFWorlds gold. He will head over later in the week.
  23. jagknife

    Hughes or Kakko

    But if we do, how will we have Peter “DeBoer loved me for some stupid reason” Harrold retirement night???? If he does take it though, he joins the likes of Denis Pederson, Tverdovsky, Rasmussen and psycho Rod Pelley
  24. Finns win gold. At least Kakko was held pointless.
  25. Jimmy Leeds

    Hughes or Kakko

    I say Hughes wears #10
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