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    2019 Offseason Thread

    If you're not in the area too often for any significant amount of time, I'd say your best bet for some great food and drinks is in the Ironbound 5 minute walk away (yes, it's safe), somewhere like Iberia Peninsula, Fornos of Spain, or one of my favorites, Adega Grill (great bar room too) is where it's at. I also like Portucale for some great Portuguese food (shrimp in garlic sauce, grilled octopus, grilled meat, etc.) which also has a bar and should be open late too. A lot of options around, and in my opinion, really quality options; if you dig Brazilian or general Iberian food, there's really nothing in the Northeast, in my opinion, that beats this slice of Newark. And they all have bars of different sizes and shapes if you're just looking to just hop around and get drinks. Iberia Peninsula has fun little outdoor area if the weather's nice too. That's all in addition to the bars immediately around the arenas too, which should be buzzing after the home opener.
  3. Ya I stayed at Penn station hotel last Jan. and it was great. Super easy to walk to the Devils game.
  4. MB3

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I've never parked, but I've stayed there a few times. It's a fine hotel. There's an exit that's 'in' the big bridge that connects Newark Penn Station to the Prudential Center, so it's probably the single most convenient place to stay. There'll be plenty of bars walking distance from the Pru after the game is over.
  5. Yeah it’s like I said about Mickey...he’s no better as a manager as he was previously. Winning hasn’t changed a thing, as far as he goes. I still think he likely gets canned either after this year or early next season...and he only makes it into 2020 via an insane playoff run.
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  7. Also you need some help along the way if you stumble or even up. Seems like the Phillies and Nats have had some extended nice stretches which kept them ahead of us (or in the Phillies case tied at worst) The Nationals win over us last Sunday seemed to propel them unfortunately (5-1 since). Now Scherzer is on his way back. We're just surrounded by too many good teams that haven't been falling to the wayside The Mets are going to need some luck to get into that Wild Card playoff. Stroman has to pitch much better and give us length. The pen has to be better (that or the offense has to slug enough to make the game pen-proof) would help to get Nimmo/Lowrie back in the mix. But you can't have Wheeler meltdowns like you did yesterday because a good team would have won that game. Luckily we were playing the tattered Royals. You cannot have Callaway losing games on his own like with his Matz shenanigans (which I'm sure will recur sooner than later)
  8. Anybody ever stay at the Marriott next to Prudential? I live pretty far away ~1.5 hrs away, and am going to opening night. Typically i make the drive home but since it is a friday night I wanted to make a night of it with the wife. Maybe go to the bars after the game? It looks pretty nice and has good ratings, my other option would be to stay somewhere close to the wayne area and uber/lyft it to the hotel/wayne area bars after the game. I assume they have enough off street parking?
  9. This homestand could potentially break the Mets...to their credit, they did manage not to blow up against the Nats and Braves...sure, 3-3 was really the bare minimum of what they NEEDED, but at least they managed it. Kinda like winning two out of three against KC was also pretty much the bare minimum of what was required. The problem with "bare minimum" is that continuing that won't really get the Mets to where they're trying to go. Sure, we'll take 5-4, compared to something apocalyptic...but then suddenly, they're just 10-8 in their last 18...go 4-5, then they're 9-9...and like the 2017-18 Panthers learned, you can't really afford to level off or tread water in this position. This is really the problem...whatever we deem "acceptable" at the moment, the Mets really need to do one win better. They really needed 6-3 in their last nine (a sweep against the Royals would've gotten them there), and now they REALLY need 6-3 in their next nine. Another way to look at it...on 8/8, the Mets were 59-56 and about to embark on the nine-game stretch against the Nats, Braves, and Royals. They were a 1/2 game out of a WC berth (along with three other teams), and 2.5 games out of the top spot. They went 5-4 and are now 64-60. They're now 3.5 games out of the top spot and 2.0 games out of a WC berth (along with three other teams once again)...losing ground. Just goes to show how much you need to keep winning when you're late to the dance. Very rocky road ahead.
  10. HA it was my first thought that he is now going to bolt to Montreal.
  11. Good. Then we can both move on to being stressed about Taylor. Nobody is concerned about him partnering with a Montreal eyeglass manufacturer, when he loves Canada and they probably have the resources to take him on? Why is he setting up shop there when CLEARLY he could have a lucrative Taylor Ham/Pork Roll endorsement right here?!
  12. South East of France is the worst... And all good my friend!
  13. Nobody should be butthurt from my antics in the Survivor thread. I’m an idiot, I find stupid things funny, some others did too, some didn’t. It’s over with. I intended no real ill will toward moustic (just the manufactured “you spared Zacha” fake ill will) nor the country of France, which I have visited and it’s literally not the worst. That’s Detroit.
  14. Frankly I'm not sure how enthused Belichick at 67 is about babysitting Josh Gordon through another season when he can win without him.
  15. Cleveland beat the Yankees twice and that is not an easy feat at all with the way NYY just pours on the runs at will. Cleveland is an absolute legitimate team to be reckoned with. I worry about our starters 2nd and 3rd time through the lineup as that's when those hitters will start doing serious damage. Rosario seems to have finally learned some plate discipline regarding those outside pitches he used to constantly chase early on in his career. He doesn't bite at those nearly as much anymore
  16. I don't think he walks, still think he signs here but I also disagree there's an artificial deadline within the next few months (end of training camp, end of October etc). The team is a helluva lot better with a healthy Hall so I think he still gets the benefit of some more time.
  17. Naah... You just have experienced first hand the Broken English Extravaganza
  18. Yeah, my bad man. I already edited my post. I clearly read the tone of your post wrong.
  19. what ? no... it was a joke about Taylor stressing us out ... That's all ! I'm clearly not someone that hold any grudge for more than 5mn... so nop i'm all fine about this story Coz i do stress out .... I was really confident that he will sign (i was sure even before Shero magic summer) ... And now, situation seems better to sign him and i'm way more stressed ! (hence the ulcer that is growing) (hashtag joke)
  20. There are some people who are speculating that the team could be waiting to see how Hall returns from the injury and most seem to be of the obviously unfounded belief that a deal doesn't happen this summer. But yeah, we are all speculating based on very limited information. As I can recall, the hints of info we have gotten since the season ended are as follows: 1. Hall made it clear he'd like to see more talent added to the roster - that seems to be a condition for him sticking around. 2. Shero stated at the end of the season that he was planning on sitting down with Hall later in the offseason to restate the team vision and see where he's at. We don't know if this ever happened yet. 2. After the PK Subban trade, Hall sent Ray a check mark by text. 3. Hall did a Canadian (I think Vancouver-based) radio-interview in late July in which he was pretty clear he hadn't made up his mind yet. He said something along the lines of, "I have to decide soon," in reference to re-signing with the Devils. That not only implies that he, as of that point (a week or so before Gusev trade), hadn't yet made up his mind but also that the ball is in his court. But that isn't totally implied by that. In that interview he also expressed support for Tavares making the decision to go UFA. 4. When Tom Fitzgerald was asked about how the Hall situation is progressing earlier this month, he stated, " "I know John Hynes flew up (Monday) and had a great meeting with Taylor in Toronto. So, yeah, things seem to be all well there." Obviously that doesn't tell us much. Other than that we are left in the dark, even moreso than the Isles were with Tavares. We don't even have a quote of Hall stating any specific desire to try to re-sign with the team and perhaps that is for the best. I imagine the longer we are left in the dark though, the more people are going to get irked about Hall, the more people are going to read deeply into every little thing he does and says.
  21. Yeah, the bolded pretty much sums it up for me. Perfect "augmented" design for a celebratory jersey.
  22. The problem I'm seeing more and more is that some Devils fans are almost acting as though there's a nice offer just rotting on the table that Taylor's hemming and hawing about signing...that somehow the lack of a new deal is all on him. But based on what little info is out there, it doesn't sound like numbers have been exchanged, or that all that much has really gone on, as far as real negotiations go...almost nothing from Taylor, his agent, or Shero. No mentions of posturing or impasses or getting close. The only real bits I've seen allude to neither side being in any major rush to get this done. Everything else I've seen just seems to be based on unfounded speculation. I still think this gets done in time, though obviously I can't guarantee it. It does kinda suck that he's coming off an injury, and has a history of injuries and missing games (though not as many as last year in previous seasons). Hard to know if that's factoring into Shero possibly taking a "wait and see" approach here. Like I mentioned, no one involved is really saying much of ANYTHING.
  23. Nico Hischier: 44 Jack Hughes: 29 Travis Zajac: 26 (+1) Blake Coleman: 20 Taylor Hall : 19 Mackenzie Blackwood : 20 P. K. Subban : 15 Jesper Bratt: 17 Kyle Palmieri : 14 Ty Smith : 14 Jesper Boqvist : 10 (-1) Nikita Gusev: 5 Damon Severson : 2 ELIMINATED: John Hayden  Mirco Mueller  Kevin Rooney  Miles Wood Connor Carrick Wayne Simmonds Andy Greene Sami Vatanen Cory Schneider Will Butcher Pavel Zacha
  24. Those are great glasses to read and sign a long term contract with.
  25. He didn't start BonLook. He's just the face of a new line of glasses for them.
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