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  2. glenwo2

    2019 Offseason Thread

    You just want to hear both Cangy and Dano completely butcher(no pun intended) that name on the air.
  3. Ugh. I can just imagine it happening, too. We will have a bunch of "I told you so's" from various fans(mainly Finnish fans) on twitter or other boards(don't know about this board, though), and Rangers fans out there would be saying "Thanks for Kakko" to Devils fans. Bah.
  4. Devils01

    Hughes or Kakko

    fvck me ..... he`s amazing .... skates so well at high speed. hes only 18... this kid is going to be a super star
  5. at least there are a few FA forwards that we will have a shot at. unfortunately, not seeing a top pairing defenseman in FA. cant say I know much about tyler meyers game today.. has he grown into his body finally, does he have a defensive presence that we need? strahlman?? looks like green and butcher again getting too many minutes. even if the kid makes the club
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  7. SterioDesign

    Hughes or Kakko

    my god that kid is so damn good
  8. Watching Kakko against our current defence next season might prove a bit too painful to stop that argument from happening! I have no doubt there will be some fans that call for Sheros head (althought not on this forum) the first time Kakko scores against us.
  9. Yeah, whether Kaako is better or not, there’s no way anyone won’t be focused on what he’s doing.
  10. glenwo2

    Hughes or Kakko

    Jack Hughes HIGHLIGHTS from the IIHF Experience : Can't wait for Draft Night!!
  11. The only thing I want, SD, is that once the Devils select Hughes....that we focus on what Hughes is doing and not what Kakko is doing in NY. Of course, as you correctly pointed out, that's easier said then done as they will be debated for as long as they are in the NHL on Rival teams and Organizations.
  12. oh my man. This will literally never end. Unless one of those 2 players sh!t the bed it's going to be debated for decades. And everyone will be biased depending on who they decided to pick from the get go. Nobody will change their minds about it lol Whoever was team Crosby or team Ovechkin year and years ago are still having that debate to this day and nothing will change their mind lol
  13. Cespedes officially out for the season...I’m sure he’s really crushed by that. Just be honest and admit you don’t want to play Yoenis. Not saying your injury isn’t legit...but congrats, you conned a cheap organization into playing big money (for them) for a guy who put on a good act. Well done.
  14. Yeah I’m really sick of his act. Just fed up.
  15. Not so easy is it Brodie? Because you clearly thought it was.
  16. Also Gagnon is just not very good. Absolute back of the bullpen guy if he's even deserving of being in a MLB bullpen.
  17. Just a bizarre game. Aaron Altherr who just became a Met 10 minutes ago steps in and hits a home run. A battle of totally inept pitching. Both teams are just taking over the top home run cuts. We go ahead, Detroit comes back, we go ahead...Detroit comes back No answers from this pen. Tigers bring whatever trash they want to the plate and it's screaming line drive after line drive. .168, .210, .216, .170 hitters are looking like Rod Carew
  18. Scattered boos for Thor as he departs, the natives are getting restless. And he has like the second worst ERA of any qualified starter in the NL.
  19. And he gives it right back to Miguel Cabrera. Who looks like he needs an oxygen tank to lumber around the bases. Only his 2nd HR of the year
  20. And of course the complete turd on the mount can’t cough up the lead fast enough.
  21. Who died and turned the Mets into the Yankees?
  22. Damn...the misfit toys are finding a way.
  23. Well done Noah...a fvcking AL PITCHER is 2-for-2 against you tonight. Loser.
  24. Yesterday
  25. And so far this game is a blatant reminder about how hard it was to feel much excitement about sweeping the dead-in-the-water Nats. A blip. Nothing more.
  26. Noah is a fvcking joke. Absolutely 100% overrated and simply mediocre. A gutless tease.
  27. Giving up bombs to .170 hitters This is looking like a slaughter in the making
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