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  1. Whole New Fan Overseas!

    First of all I have to say thanks to the nice respond on this thread. Didn't expect that much interest! So I appreciate it! As time goes and more than I learn about this team, more active will I be on this board, so for a moment I just stick around and try to learn some different stuff about this team and history etc. Im a big sports fan and follow a lot of teams, so it should only be a question of time before i get in to it! If any one should come up with some things then they are more than welcome to write it here, so I can check bye now and then! Happy to be a part of the devils fan scare!....
  2. Whole New Fan Overseas!

    Al right I watch my first NHL match yesterday and felt in love with the Devils. I don't know anything about NHL, but this team just looked great when I saw it and I also enjoy the logo. Cheap way to become a fan, I know! I would like to hear some things from fans and not just go on google.com and search after "New Jersey Devils", I think it is much more funny to hear stuff from fans. So if any one would be interested in helping me a bit in this thread, then I would be very glad! I would like to hear about the league (a little bit) The last couple of years (Devils) Good players, Bad players! Draft etc. Please help me to know a little bit more about this team, because im absolutely sure that this team is my favorite! I can add that im danish and a very big fan of a danish team called "Nordsjaelland Cobras" but you guys do might not know it anyway:-)