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  2. I'll be rooting hard for a Vancouver win tonight to lock in that 4th slot for the lottery odds, even an overtime loss will do but the further they can finish outside of the Luke Hughes zone the better. My only real wish is still that we can get one of the big three defensemen in Power, Hughes, or Clarke, and if we stay in the Top 4 I like our odds at that. There are a handful of wild cards - Edvinsson, Beniers, Guenther - that can push one or two of those guys down, so I really hope we can pounce on one of them regardless of where we're picking. If we can get Luke, that's obviously my pre
  3. I can understand not parting with Hughes for Eichel as his upside is higher. But Nico? In theory, that I would have to do. You would be taking a chance that Nico might turn into what you already know Eichel is. BUT Is it worth it to give up Nico for 4 years of Eichel? You have to assume he isn’t going to re-sign because 1) most don’t, and 2) we may not be his best chance to win 4 years from now.
  4. They're listed ahead of us because they currently have a higher point percentage. It goes: 1. Points / Point Percentage 2. Regulation Wins 3. Regulation + OT Wins 4. Overall Wins 5. Head-to-head 6. Goal differential 7. Total goals scored
  5. Well said, if one of Bratt, Zacha, Kuokkanen needs to be served up to get a difference maker, go for it. I agree the '21 UFA market looks weak, not drooling over anyone kept for guys we discussed. And Hamilton/ Larsson are not coming imo. I think we have enough to land Eichel, (1st rounder, roster player, good prospect, and later round pick) but that's still not enough probably. Don't want to part with Hughes/Nico. that will be what it takes.
  6. Another huge hole where we have no prospect to heal it. Only Mercer could... or could not. He wasn’t penciled as potential top-6 nhl center. I did watch some of his game this year, I really like his two way game and position game, but I can’t say he is impressive in organization of line’s game. Holtz and Mercer has top-6 potential to play on the right wing, where we have Bratt and Kuokkanen now. I have my own questions and worries about their play, but at least they have some good and bright side. Plus we have Clarke and Thompson as insurance. We have nothing in center with top-6 potenti
  7. NHL.com and TSN both already have them ahead of us in the standings. Maybe it’s a mistake but I thought ROW was the tiebreaker they use after points and wins.
  8. Trading Nico just creates another huge hole. Unless you’re penciling Mercer in as a 2C. Zacha needs to stay at LW.
  9. Trading Hughes for Laine would be stupid. Chiarelli level. Even trading Hischier for Laine is bad move.
  10. Before we didn’t sign any high level vet for him, I think 0,7-0,85 is more realistic mark for Jack for next season, if he will play with Yegor and Janne/other devils young player.
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  12. If it is for someone like an Eichel or a Laine, it's either Jack or Hischier likely going the other way as I could imagine Buffalo and Columbus are looking for a roster player rather than high first rounder (probably both). Hughes has a higher ceiling than Hischier so Hischier would be the less of two evils.
  13. They had a brutal bout with COVID, worse than we did and an absolutely absurd schedule as a result; basically every other day for 4 weeks.
  14. We have more ROW than they do. They need to finish a point ahead of us.
  15. Anyone else notice his name fits perfectly into “Ride of the Valkyries”? You will now.
  16. we have more ROW i think so technically theyd need another point to for the tie breaker
  17. I honestly didn't think we would have been battling it out with Vancouver this year for third worst team. I thiugh they would be in playoff contention, but they have regressed massively (No Peterson hasn't helped). Will be interesting to see how it shakes out between whoever they draft this year and Mukhamadullin.
  18. I think only our team might have accomplished that.
  19. That’s a bold prediction. I’d bet on it but I don’t want to wind up with a Hughes jersey AND a Zacha jersey.
  20. He’s not at that ‘elite’ tier quite yet but you can see him racing to that status real soon. He’s definitely improved this year over last. His defensive game really improved this season. That to me is extremely encouraging that he seems to have figured out that side of the game so soon. I’d say, as you mentioned, his areas for improvement continue to be 1) bulking up, 2) finishing, 3) limit the turnovers. Those things I’m confident come with time, and hopefully that time is next season, where he will be a ppg player (especially with the roster developing and looking better under Ruff). Wh
  21. So we'll know for sure tonight that we're a lock where we are if vancouver win. I mean.... its highly unlikely that they dont get at least one point in their next 5-6 games but still
  22. Even those of you who thought Hughes had a great rookie season admit that he was markedly improved this year. My entire position on him was I hadn’t seen enough from him to say that he was going to be elite and I wanted to see more. He still isn’t elite. There were big chunks of the season where he produced barely any points at all. But, he looked better than he did last year, where he was constantly pushed off the puck. He showed better ability along the boards and a better ability to maintain control. He still have the puck away a lot. He showed me more. Ultimately, the flashy sk
  23. Now imagine someone saying, ‘Hughes had a sh!tty season because he only posted 31 points, and we have no reason to think he’ll be elite one day based on the season’. Agree with your comments though.
  24. No point in doing that, I agree. I would rather those minutes go to any one of the prospects we have, or to a more capable, younger veteran that we manage to acquire.
  25. Speaking for myself I'm not talking about bringing back the corpses of Palmieri and Zajac.
  26. I don't believe anyone advocates spending it just to spend it. You spend it because you need to fill needs. Unfortunately, we have need at virtually every position.
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