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  2. I don’t know if Ruff has the power to make those decisions. The way Fitz talked about keeping Nas and hiring Recchi, it sounded like an organizational decision and not Ruff’s. Ruff may not be allowed to fire anyone
  3. I’m just relieved someone has a worse take on Jack than me. Suddenly “He had a bad rookie year, I hope he improves” ain’t so bad.
  4. Today
  5. We have shipped 18 goals in three games. The team still cannot put together a full 60 minutes. Something needs to change.
  6. A bad night for Michigan who lost 5-1 to Minnesota. Plus point for the Devil's was Ethan Edwards picked up a Primary assist on Michigan's lone goal.
  7. Being released mid season is not a good thing. Although he will now get to play with Jagr.
  8. Ruff could have made changes but he chose not to. I can see giving Recchi a chance after the Covid season, but Nass I don't get and Recchi is also wearing(worn) out his good faith. I'd say Ruff should do something, if not this year then the next, but at this rate he might not be around either.
  9. Nas is one thing but Recchi was an outside hire, Ruff has to own him unless we're just trying to 'guess' he got hired because of the Pittsburgh connection.
  10. Yeah I'm done with ALL the staff at this point including Lindy and I like the guy, but he's gotta get his ass out of 1985 and stop playing fourth-liners who add no offense just to win faceoffs (McLeod) or be subpar goons (Geertsen). Not to mention shifting all of our franchise centers over to wing just to get McLeod and Boqvist more icetime, which isn't exactly working for Hughes and Mercer either.
  11. I was gonna say Alec Baldwin, a mountain goat and @Colorado Rockies 1976. Guaranteed improvement.
  12. Looks like I picked a couple good games to miss.
  13. I’d even take a 40 minute one. Or coming out with some fire and not flat. And I don’t put it all on Ruff. He was handed Nas and Recchi and that’s gotta be hard. But he’s gotta figure out how to get this team ready to play
  14. It is nice to have a coach that says more than "tough building". I still don't think this is 100% on Ruff, though he is the coach so he shoulders most of it. They play out there for long stretches like they have no pride. It's just awful. This is the NHL, you take even a single shift off the chances are you are going to pay. Why is it so hard to get a 60 min effort out of this group?
  15. I get it, never meant to insinuate it was you. You're smarter than that Jag.
  16. Another year that by early December we know this ship is sinking and get to watch it take on more water until April when it finally goes under.
  17. Look on the bright side.....................................…...........................................................
  18. Night all, Have a great weekend ! 2 days to figure this sh!t show out........ lol
  19. Loyalty to nASS should have ended when he clearly lost the team and was removed from his position. You don’t get promoted then demoted then keep your job in the same organization. Everyone already knows you couldn’t hack it so why the hell should they care what you have to say. It’s running an organization (sports or not) 101. Regardless of the good he’s done thus far, this simple fact is proving Fitz is failing.
  20. Just saying if this the way the coaches are it drawing up game to game. Were in deep sh!t.
  21. the team is, once again, a flat out embarrassment. i feel shame wearing a devils hat lol. may as well be a detroit lions jersey.
  22. Look at the bright side…you get to see the Jersey jerseys!
  23. If they can’t beat the Sens at home I’ll be ready to stick a fork in the season.
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