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  2. ok so seriously what are the odds the team gets sold and there's a total flushing of the entire front office from the owner on down? Anybody have an educated guess? Seems like the ultimate tease that's been dangling out there for a few years now with no realistic chance of it happening in the next couple of/few years.
  3. Those guys skating was never anywhere near as good as Jack’s. His edge work is as good as it gets. The list of players who are better skaters that are not named Connor McDavid is pretty short. As to your second point? Why do you feel the need to sh!t on the kid so badly? He has one area of his game that’s already elite, and that’s literally the only reason I mentioned him when talking about another player’s skating. And in runs mfitz with “ExPeCTeD GoALs!!!” and “LeD To NoTHinG!!!”
  4. I think people used to say that about Jacob Josefson and Matthias Tedenby all the time. Its not snarky, all of his elite skating led to almost nothing. I’m hoping one day it won’t. That was my point.
  5. in other news, just to point out a stat that I just saw televised, this is kovys first playoff game since 2012..almost like he never left the devils all along.
  6. Didn’t know he was with her. Lucky bastard. I’ve liked her since It Follows.
  7. Because Simmonds was a 6 x 20+ goal scorer who was only 30 years old, and we gave him a “prove it” type deal. Zajac will be a 36 year old (hopefully 4C). I also didn’t say he should take a 4 mil dollar pay cut. He currently makes 5.75 and I said offer him around half that.
  8. So apparently Goose won’t have to be protected either way so we’re free to re-sign him whenever without worrying about it. We can also sign someone like Dadonov or Hoffman this off-season and we’ll be able to protect them. But if we sign a defenseman as a free agent then the decision gets a little trickier. Then we have to decide between Butcher, Severson, or Subban to expose. We could always go the other route and protect 8 skaters (defenseman or forwards) and a goalie. That is if we sign a defender and want to protect 4 of them for whatever reason.
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  10. Can you picture me with his real life girlfriend too please? Maika Monroe
  11. of course, I'm sure he's not going to be a Kane. those don't exactly grow on trees. but it would be awesome if he did end up developing into that.
  12. Jack Hughes is an elite skater. Snarky replies and pointing to lack of finish does not change that.
  13. The Kane comparisons were probably always a bit unfair. Jack could become a great player for us, and still not be 1st ballot HoF caliber like Kane. Improvement for sure, but I’m not expecting a superstar in his age 19 season either. I’d like to see him get at least 40-50 points. Doubling his point production in one year would be a pretty good step.
  14. Yeah that led to a ton of expected goals for us. He also got constantly knocked off the puck like he’s made of feathers.
  15. Travis is one year removed from having the best non-Parise season of his career, I’m not as convinced as you are that he’s finished. But using your own argument about precedent, how do you make the argument to Travis that he should take a $4m pay cut when you just paid a guy $5m to completely sh!t the bed? Especially when you have more than enough room under the cap?
  16. time will tell, I'm hoping he ends up being a Patrick Kane. this season should show an improvement if not ill be concerned.
  17. Lack of points is one thing, but his skating was on full display all season. He had a bunch of zone entries not a single other player on the team could have made.
  18. Simmonds definitely shouldn’t have gotten that much, but they were gambling on him returning to form (even in a down year he still scored 17 goals the previous season), but we obviously lost on that one. Zajac pretty much is what he is at this point though. I’d say offer him something closer to what Zacha just got. Maybe 2.5 x 2? He’s going to be 36 years old when his current contract is up. And I don’t think they should overpay out of shear loyalty.
  19. I'm still hoping Jack Hughes is a Jack Hughes.
  20. Given that there isn't an aspect of the game that we don't need help with, I would agree with this. Yeah, probably. It would be pretty awesome if they lose and then they don't though.
  21. I think "bit" is a subjective term and your bit and my bit are different sizes. The number that popped in my head is $4.25 - $4.5 x 2. But if you are talking precedent, we just paid the corpse of Wayne Simmonds (ok, a younger corpse, but still a corpse) $5m for one season. You don't give a guy who was your top center (by default, but still) and played on your team for a million years $5m x 2? What does that say about your loyalty when you just gave that much to a guy who had never done anything for you, did nothing for you, and will never do anything for you? THAT is a bad precedent. Cutting your most veteran guy by $1.5m a year when you clearly have the money to spend is not.
  22. Well if they lose there will still be a 7 out of 8 chance they don't get it. Will just have to hang onto that. But pitts definitely has (have) to come back. I do not want a 1 in 4 chance either pitts/nyr get it... Also funny seeing Cory on nbcsn. And new Marty commercial.
  23. Yet again...1...2...3....ONLY THE METS Nimmo is also repped by CAA, like Yoenis for what it's worth. I'm no Yo fan at this point (I agree with the thanks for 2015-16 and nothing else sentiment) but if this whole 'he skipped out on the team without telling anyone' was indeed just a Jeff-led smear campaign then that just makes him look loathsome - again. What else is new?
  24. I think perfetti will be great player. Especcialy if he will play with Eichel. But i was watching a lot of his viedo and couple of games on Hlinka cup. Competent big def or winger will deal with perfetti and we have no material or perspective prospects who can compensate it. If Shero picked Kakko(i was and still am in Hughes camp) I would have sung a different song. For me Perfetti pick is too risky for us too not because i think Perfetti willn`t be effective in njd. Anyway it`s a discussion for another topic.
  25. The knock on his skating is overblown, imo. He’s no Jack Hughes, but I don’t think it’s going to hold him back in the NHL either. And yeah, no way you take Lapierre at 7. Way too risky.
  26. Biggest problem of perfetti is his skating in pair his size. Lapierre will be best available player but i think his injury history is a problem for you. Period? Is it a sign that we can continue to discuss after a week?
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