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  2. Good start! Keep it going boys!
  3. I caught that too! Thought I was crazy
  4. Was Steve a little ahead on that call or just my feed? Nice goal there.
  5. I didn't hear who they were just talking to and thought it was Patrik Elias. It was Zacha lol.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Congrats Jake! You deserve better than the Mets, but damn we’re lucky to have you!
  8. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

    I was on a Bulleit (bourbon, hate their rye) kick for a while. But someone gifted me a bottle of Baker’s and I’m obsessed with it.
  9. Which one? I’m always on the lockout for new Scotches, whiskeys, and bourbons. I’m a huge McCallan guy myself.
  10. sounds like half the sense line up is out with injuries, which only means one thing.. prepare to get smoked. Just kidding, need to keep collecting points if we want a chance to become relevant. LGD!
  11. MB3

    GDT: Sens @ Devils 7PM

    Weirdly really excited for tonight. Feeling good vibes. Planned my afternoon around watching the game with a few old fashioneds. Got a new bourbon I’m excited to crack open, heard great things about it.
  12. LGD's. Should I go to open mic tonight or just stay home?
  13. Yeah, him and Byram are gonna dominate.
  14. Yea but when you've prob net hundreds of millions in a career between NA and Russia I am sure 10m for a cup win wouldn't really require a lot of thought. This year and next alone that he is under contract he is supposed to make like 11 and change alone and he might not even play another game.
  15. He probably still cares, I am sure he'd rather have won a Cup than made an extra $10 million, but given that he didn't win a Cup, he'll take the money lol.
  16. No matter how much he'd have sucked as a Ranger he would still have scored against the Devils! Not sure about his cap. Can he retire again?
  17. He is over 35 or whatever so they can't buy him out or bury him in the minors for cap relief. The CBA is built so that teams can't sign those sh!t contracts with older guys then try to dump them without consequence when they get even older and stop producing(unless they go on LTIR, of course). He's laughing all the way to the bank anyway, so I am sure he doesn't care what anyone else thinks. If it wasn't for him then us fans never see the finals in 2012. He did the team a favor in the long run by leaving when Parise dipped(which hurt worse). The worst part about the whole incident was losing the draft pick and then getting it back just in time to draft Matteau.
  18. No, I thought I saw a couple of our reporters saying he's day-to-day, that's a little bit better (hopefully) than when they think someone has a concussion and don't want to give a timeline. Fingers crossed, Vatanen's been meeting the potential many saw in him from his days as a young Duck.
  19. My understanding is that if they release him, yes, they still have his cap hit. I'd like to be a bigger person and say that I wished him the best and I am not happy he failed, but I think we all know that ain't true.
  20. Depends on whether or not he puts his left skate on first or vis versa combined with new or skid-marked underwear. Too many variables to be able to answer your question.
  21. I'm sure Tri and some others would know...are the Kings stuck with his remaining cap hits? I believe that they are. I was following him more because I wanted to see how he would do after having been out of the NHL for so long (and likely being past his prime years), but man it would have been so much sweeter if he had sucked as a Ranger.
  22. Yeah, I would've liked to see him tonight
  23. You're asking the wrong guy, I've never once mentioned Expected Goals, heh heh. He'd have to find a DeLorean, plutonium and a flux capacitor and head back to the mid-80s if he ever expects to continue to shoot 20% over a full season though.
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