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  2. You pay the last year, he is here ! They just mention that he is still under contract so he is not free. In europe we don't have draft compensation or stuff like this ... but you can pay with real money ! One can say that why pay for this when you can have other coach for free... But maybe their salary will be higher than the one for Rikard. and and and... that's really important... I will be really sad if it's not Rikard. That's really important in the grand scheme right ?
  3. I don't understand. New Jersey already talked to him and ZSC Lions said they wouldn't release him from his contract. He is under contract for another full year with them so I don't see how the timelines sync up unless something changes with his current contract. Am I missing something about how the Swiss National League season runs?
  4. Rikard Grönborg or die! \m/
  5. The impression I get is that Nas is being included in the conversation out of respect. I would be really surprised if he is being seriously considered as a candidate with the competition he is up against.
  6. I'd be surprised. Once they start interviewing other candidates it is unlikely they are sticking with the interim, they just say the interim is a candidate but if they were really sold on him as head coach they would name him. I don't want him either. It's a decent group of candidates, out of that group I am hoping for Laviolette, really proven coach that I think would a fit for the roster style wise.
  7. 10. As for the coaching search, word is the Devils are eyeing at least four candidates. I believe that includes incumbent Alain Nasreddine, along with Gerard Gallant, Peter Laviolette and John Stevens. There may be one more. The wrinkle here is that Fitzgerald did the initial interviews, and will any of them want him as their boss should they be choice? It’s also possible ownership will want a conversation before any decision is made. It’s a unique time to try and hire someone. From 31 Thoughts, https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-fun-week-high-hurdles-remain-nhl-resumption/ I swear to god if this team retains Hynes 2.0, I’m going to be extremely upset, to say the least.
  8. It took longer than I would've thought for security to get down there at my game...I wanna say it was a good 20-30 seconds that they were grappling/throwing punches before they were pulled away from each other. I just remembered that as the Penguin fan was getting taken away, some other Devils fan with one of those intoxicated voices that has a way of making everything he says sound that much funnier kept saying "Yeeeeeeah! How does THAT feel? How does that FEEL?! YEAAAAAAH DEVILS!" Penguin fan heard a lot as he was being dragged out.
  9. Just received a survey from the NHL... "We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. As we seek to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, on behalf of the New Jersey Devils, we invite you to share your thoughts via a short survey below. Your feedback is very important and will help us to enhance fan experiences with the New Jersey Devils and the National Hockey League. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. If you respond to this survey, the New Jersey Devils, the National Hockey League and our third-party research partner, J.D. Power, will have access to your survey responses." It was asking questions about the covid situation, if it was affected anyway by it, health or financially, how I feel about the current situation and asking about what is important to me when things opened up. Some of the options were contactless payment, all staff wearing masks, all fans wearing masks, more cleaning of the arena, cutting capacity to make social distancing possible, temperature checks, hand sanitizing stations. It also had a few spots where I could put my own opinion in and I said numerous times that I will not be attending games if I have to wear a mask and have my temperature taken. I have no issues with wearing a mask to go purchase essential goods at the supermarket but I am not paying thousands of dollars to go to the Prudential Center to have my temperature checked and wear a mask for 3-4 hours. I'm sure I'm gonna have a fun fight with the front office about this but I'll be perfectly fine with them just holding on to my money for the 20-21 season and I'll be back for the 21-22 season. It's not like the Devils have a waiting list for season tickets and after this mess they will probably need every season ticket holder they can get and that's not even keeping in mind that the team has absolutely sucked the past two seasons and a lot of people didn't renew on that alone let alone this covid mess. They are going to have to work with season ticket holders when it comes to this situation. Especially because there are quite a few people who are older or a higher risk that have season tickets. I know a few that just sit near my seats.
  10. Upon closer inspection...though I don't agree with the deal for Samuel in the slightest, for the reasons previously described (his bat really wasn't good, and he wasn't a true CF), I could see why the Mets had had enough of Dykstra. He actually was getting a lot of playing time just before the deal, and wasn't doing much with it...he was slashing .218/.314/.333 in 33 GP (24 starts) before being traded (he had started that season on fire). Davey was definitely getting tired of his act...I suspect some teammates were too (I've brought this up before, but both his own book and one written by a former employee show him to be a complete sociopath...right down to the trait that sociopaths can actually be quite charming if there's something that they want out of you). What was interesting is that he started off absolutely shredding it for the Phillies...a .307/.378/.447 slash in his first 27 games (all starts) with his new team. But then he admitted in his book that it turned out Davey might be right...that his body wasn't up to playing every day after all. He batted just .179 in his remaining 60 games (55 starts), and was so lethargic that he started popping greenies like crazy to try to compensate...which basically made him lose a ton of weight that he couldn't afford to lose and sapped of him what little power he had. Supposedly that's why he turned to steroids the following season.
  11. I had a female Flyers fan dump an entire beer on my little brothers BRAND NEW Parise jersey after a shellacking back in the day. Never seen a woman tackled by security so fast. Her dumbass boyfriend just stood there with this look on his face like "fvckin becky cut the sh!t"
  12. no - they are not and the NHL specifically said so. The play in rounds for teams 9-24 are NOT playoffs and do not count as such. They are an extension of the regular season for record keeping sake of individual stats (but not team wins for the season). and they are not considered playoffs. Corey Masisak detailed this pretty well on the Athletic. relevant quoted below:
  13. Love it. I couldn't make this game, but I went to Game 3, a couple of days before (a 5-1 Devils win). I've told this one before, but what made this game memorable (aside from the awesome result) was this drunken and pissed off Penguins fan in the row right behind me. Devils led 3-1 heading into the third, and as the clock was becoming more and more of an issue for the Penguins, this guy started chirping relentlessly about how the Devils were this no-talent bunch of clutchers and grabbers...once Claude Lemieux scored to make 4-1 late in the third to put the game away, that guy took the bitchery up a few more notches. Some Devils fan within arm's reach of the Penguin whiner then started asking "Huh? What was that?" Drunken Pens fan keeps up the yapping. Devils fan kept the exchange going (with the Pens fan leaning in closer and closer to the Devils fan), and just before the Devils scored again to make it 5-1, the Devils fan popped the Penguin guy right in the face, and then they went at it (until security broke them up). Devils fan definitely got the better of that one, though it helps when you land a sucker punch. I can't say it necessarily should've come to that, but at the time I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of funny...the whole proceeding had this very slapstick kind of feel to it.
  14. Am I missing something? This is not regular season, but playoffs! Play on words? Play in? Yotes & Nucks ARE in the playoffs.
  15. Gonna cost more to go to a game now if you have to take the turnpike or parkway, what a joke... https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/05/new-toll-hike-24b-construction-plan-approved-by-turnpike-board-despite-calls-to-delay.html
  16. Twenty-five years ago today, Neal Broten scored this OT goal against Pittsburgh to put the Devils up 3 games to 1 in the second round, another great moment in a magical run. Nice setup by John MacLean. I can't find this goal on the web anywhere but here. Starts at 6:25 of the video.
  17. We only get Vancouver’s pick this year if they make the playoffs, so that can’t be an accurate simulation, as much as I’d like it to be lol.
  18. Yeah he’s one of those AAAA guys. Good enough to play hockey for a living, not good enough to do it consistently in the best league in the world.
  19. Return this... it means Vancouver didnt make the playoffs (the losers of the play-ins arent the plahy-offs)... so we dont get that pick.
  20. He’s always put up numbers in the AHL. Kinda where it ends for him though.
  21. I saw Rossi’s coach in Ottawa compared him to a mixture of Nico and St. Louis. I would love to get this kid. Might be the player I want the 2nd most after AL.
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