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  3. 29th in shooting percentage ..27tg in goals. And defensive stats equally bad.
  4. First ever Pride Night warm-up jersey auction ended last night. Player Price Hischier, Nico $ 1,150.00 Blackwood, Mackenzie $ 1,050.00 Dell, Aaron $ 1,000.00 Wood, Miles $ 960.00 Hughes, Jack $ 950.00 McLeod, Michael $ 950.00 Bratt, Jesper $ 850.00 Subban, PK $ 850.00 Smith, Ty
  5. A decade of being bad is long. That's why I roll my eyes at those saying that this hasn't been all that long and blah blah blah. Maybe the official rebuild is "only" 6 years old, but a decade of being bad and squeaking into the playoffs once in those 10 seasons is pretty miserable.
  6. This. We’re at the point where none of our fans under the age of 18 were alive/old enough to know when we last won a Stanley Cup. That’s long enough. And to be honest, I still see 2012 as kind of a fluke that we even made it that far. I don’t really think back and say “this team was great in 2012”. That’s why that year was sandwiched by missing the playoffs twice, and getting bounced in the first round three years prior to that. Not that we wouldn’t settle for making the playoffs at all at this point.
  7. I'll have to look into it more but this season might go down as the worst home record in the team's history at 4-17-3, good lord. Also we can be officially eliminated from the playoffs tomorrow if Boston wins their game to make it 8 of the past 9 seasons with no playoffs. Also next season will be a full decade since their 2012 run and our last playoff series win. We can yap about being spoiled in the 90s and 00s and blah blah blah but a full decade is a very long time. The good old days are long in the past at this point. fvck is it depressing.
  8. Yeah, that's the most alarming thing to me - every game between all different teams around the league goals are scored because guys are out of position - it happens. Even some of the best players and defenders get lost or burned or what have you. But for us it's SOOOO frequent, and it's not just bad positioning, it's some of the worst I've ever seen.
  9. Bye bye second contract, don't look back kid, just run towards the door
  10. The guys are consistently out of position, particularly on defense, and it isn't even CLOSE. I've been saying this for a while now. Also nothing like having, five players collapsing down low in defensive zone Facing the goalie. Leaving the points uncovered. Horrible positioning.
  11. Maltsev has quite the release. That one shot that hit the crossbar early in the game was on and off his stick in an instant, and was a total rocket. That play that Foote made on Nico's goal was very impressive. It's his first NHL game, and he's got 4 Rangers closing in on him on the boards. Not only did he stay with it so that the Devils came out with the puck, he had the awareness to find the open man across the ice (Merkley), who also made a nice pass to finish off the play. Tough to have a strong game when you're thrown into this sort of situation, but I liked some things I saw from F
  12. Amazingly, we are 2 goals away from the worst goal differential in the league, and we have a game in hand. We may very well finish last in that category. That, is quite jarring. I know there are some things this season that make you want to chalk this up as an anomaly, but fact of the matter is, it's a 56-game season - that's not a small amount of games. This season may have been different, but as I've said before, it's been different for everyone, and the games are still being played just like they would under a "normal" 82-game season. Granted they're a little more clumped togethe
  13. Yesterday
  14. Yep both ownership groups walked away owing some STH their deposits back. Unthinkable imo.
  15. That's a lot of "ifs." There's still an opportunity for Maltsev to be a third or fourth line player here. I see a player with pretty good grinder potential. I like what I see so far. Maybe Foote could do that role better. We'll see. I wouldn't assume both Bratt and Zacha will be here next season -- if we're gonna "weaponize the cap" and trade for a top line winger, I could see one of them getting dealt.
  16. I saw nico scored so fuk right Re edit: Does anyone have vid of hughes' tantrum?
  17. $5,000 For The First 7 People to DM me “HELP”
  18. Maltsev is only in because Zacha is out. If Zacha was healthy the next game he is the guy who is the odd man out. For next season, if you consider Bratt and Zacha coming back, Foote and either one of Mercer or Holtz becoming regulars, and possibly some FA signings, then Maltsev is already playing on the second line in Binghamton Utica.
  19. Based on what I've seen, Maltsev is better than marginal. He's not top 6 but he can be an effective player. We don't have enough top-end talent, but we have a couple players that could fit in well here as role players/third and fourth liners. Regarding Severson, he's probably a third pair defenseman on a good team. He's kind of the poster boy for the lack of talent on the Devils the past 5 years. He's better than he was 2 years ago. If we wanted to trade him, there would be interest.
  20. I still hear stories about fans who had trouble getting refunds and I think some people to this day are owed refunds from either the Devils or the Titans 2.0 ownership group. Just a ton of broken promises (I distinctly remember the one where JVB guaranteed the fans at a random NJ Devils player would be down once a month to do autographs that never happened) and a really asinine approach to marketing and screwing over local vendors and fans doomed them.
  21. Sure was- signing a new 10 year lease with Mercer county and bailing immediately after that and burning so many local vendors, Dr's, players housing you name it with months and months of unpaid bills/invoices. They really dicked over anybody else from being successful there going forward. Even though another group did try they were smoked before they even got started. I mean ffs Lou even had guys come in in the middle of the night and take some gym equipment and 20 something inch tv's off the walls in the locker rooms that were there when the Devil came in. They took some old FLyers player
  22. I do, it’ll be something like “why the fvck are they back?”.
  23. I am very curious to see if those demands ever come out. That will be a huge factor as to which side is being the unreasonable one. I wonder if it had to with upgrading the arena as it is both old and on the smaller side even by AHL standards. However, the track record for the Devils and how their affiliates is possibly the worst in minor league hockey. Trenton, Lowell, Albany 2.0, now Binghamton. That's three, now possibly four, cities that they have left in a lurch and burn bridges. I am surprised anyone would take a chance on the Devils at this point (I guess Utica was desperate s
  24. All things considered, impossible not to be happy with 7-4 to start the season. Especially since the team is clearly not firing on all cylinders yet. Stroman not pitching like Stroman so far...not a guy known for limiting baserunners.
  25. The worst part is that I do think there is a greater chance than not they will be back next season. Management will likely see this season as either an aberration or a season of "growing pains" and pass that line off to the fans.
  26. A lot of those Euro teams are a lot smaller in terms of, well, everything. They have smaller TV deals, smaller arenas, smaller merchandise sales, etc. Selling advertisements on the ice and on the jerseys is for them to close the gap. Out of the four major league NA sports, hockey is always fourth in revenue by a decent margin every year. Their TV deals are definitely smaller than the other leagues, play less games than MLB, their stadiums/arenas have smaller capacities than the other leagues, and they are far more dependent on revenue coming from the gates than the other leagues. With
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