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  2. On the subject of whether or not I'm missing sports a ton, the answer is both yes and no. I'd love for it to be back to normal, full fans in attendance, as I think we all would, and I'd also like it to be back even in part - half stadiums with the option to go (without mandatory vaccinations and sh!t like that), as well as simply watching on TV as we did over the summer, but I'm not desperate for it either, and I've learned to live without it. Lord knows I could stand to use this free time to do things like exercise, strengthen relationships with family and friends (or make new ones)
  3. Almost the exact same for me. I don't remember my exact age, but I was somewhere between 18-20, and my brother was about 14-16. It was tough, but I believe it was for the best, and I came out of it about as best as could be expected. Fortunately I was off and starting to do my own thing into adulthood, and my brother wasn't far off, so we weren't too traumatized and didn't miss out on a lot of "family" things from a cohesive two-parent household sort of perspective. On the other hand, I actually jumped into a relationship with my now ex who had three of her own when she divorced her childr
  4. Still have mixed feelings about it, so this doesn’t bother me. I think my desire for him to be playing is outweighed by my belief that NHL players are not “juniors”, regardless of age.
  5. Sounds like Jack is not going to the WJC.
  6. I don't know if that's accurate. I think if the league took the season off and started up fresh on-time next season- things would be fine. Not to mention it's an Olympic year. I had these same thoughts myself around like "do I even care at this point" - and I can't tell if it's because we are rebuilding and the expectations are low - so like whatever. In terms of teams losing the revenue, I mean - I bet there are teams who would lose more playing than not playing. We're probably one of them. A lot of this has to do with the tv deal. It's up after this season - so they need to burn i
  7. Yesterday
  8. Gotta love this one. Evander Kane, a member of the NHL’s Diversity Alliance gets dinged for making a sexist comment in calling Ryan Reaves and his brother “the Reaves sisters”. Proof positive that my man has no clue what “diversity” means. NY Post
  9. Forbes article is pretty fair imo. It's ugly, just like the rest of the real world. Touches on the numbers and the anticipated losses. In the end they don't think the ask is unfair. https://www.forbes.com/search/?q=nhl&sh=1b6b9c80279f
  10. Thats exactly what the issue is , all the escrow will go to the owners this year because revenues will be way down under the agreement level. so when they want more money held in escrow they are taking it straight out of the players pockets never to be repaid. But the owners are asking for 25% when only half the games will be played , a 50% work reduction. Sounds more than a fare offer from owners
  11. The issue is the league can't really afford to loose the momentum. Fans like you and I will be back, but those fringe fans will check out and be a lot harder to draw back in. That and the TV deal are really huge. They need to keep interest at a peak.
  12. Has anyone else just sort of ........checked out? I have almost got used to not watching hockey now. I will 100% be back when it starts again, but I am not sat here longing for it to be back. Especially in some of the formats that have been announced. Also sport without the fans in the stadium does lose some of its meaning. I have seen it with the Premier League, games just feel flat. I am at the point where I could quite happily wait till the season can be done properly.
  13. The whole thing's a mess. The owners had a crappy deal. The players are right to say "you signed it." But at the end of the day, I'm sure it'll edge to getting a 48 game season in. Public opinion doesn't matter too much, but people don't want to see bickering given the state of the world. With that said - I think owners have the public opinion here. No fans in the seats, what are the owners supposed to do? Take the hit? Could be a huge hit w/o gate revenue.
  14. I think the reduction in their pay comes from having to dish out more in escrow to make up for the owners lost pay at the gate.
  15. If they play less games, they should be paid proportionally for the games they play. There should be no other reduction of their pay.
  16. According to a forbes article, without fans in attendance the players are now earning 80% of the nhl revenue. Which puts many teams in the red,, but that also means the escrow deferred by players is as good as gone.. its a tough call on both sides.. the players are being asked to take a pay cut. Its not just deferral
  17. Not trying to make a "Case for Gase" in any way (it's impossible), but it's not like that list is full of prime talent that would've had insane success elsewhere: Matt Moore is your backup/sometime starter type for a reason. His numbers weren't really all that bad under Gase...he only made 8 appearances and 5 starts under Gase (team went 2-3 in those starts)...he wasn't bad in his three 2016 starts, but didn't fare nearly as well in his two 2017 starts. Hard to expect a whole lot out of Moore though. Jay Cutler's numbers weren't much worse as a Dolphin than they were anywhere els
  18. My alerts said this was a reply to me and now I’m pretty curious...
  19. Week 12: What's a week now? With Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday games... but here we are. Jarek went with the Browns who narrowly beat the Jaguars, 27-25 DD56 went with Dolphins over the Jets, who won handily 20-3 Onto Week 13!
  20. Gase is horrible obviously but by the same token even Miami Tannehill was never THIS bad. And Flacco hasn’t been awful, in fact it’s clear he’s miles better than Darnold. You can’t get ONE lousy TD with all your receivers in the lineup and the D getting turnovers? The excuses are over for Darnold.
  21. Thanks Beez. Not gonna lie, it’s been fun beating up on the Jets the last few years. I’m sure things will pick up once you draft Lawrence and get a new head coach though. It’s a good year to suck.
  22. Congrats to MadDog2020 and Daniel. The Dolphins have now beaten the Jets 8 of the last 10 times. Never.... EVER...... did I think I’d live to ever see it get this bad for the Jets, as it is this season.
  23. Think about this.. (Outside of Peyton Manning) Gase has had: Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, Jay Cutler, Sam Darnold & Joe Flacco..... and they’ve all been awful under him. You either believe they’re all terrible QB’s, or you believe in the common denominator.
  24. Question 2 was also in the first post Trades are permitted; but you can only trade this years draft picks and pick counts must be even.
  25. Last week
  26. 2 quick questions: 1. How does the 4th keeper work for teams that have no one eligible...? Will they have to draft that slot or will they get their pick of anyone remaining? Found the answer in the first post. 2. Can I only trade with or for this years draft picks? Or are futures in play too?
  27. Getting ridiculous at this point, but it’s very encouraging.
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