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  2. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    The problem is that out of the Devils, Columbus and Florida, only one team doesn't control it's own destiny ... that's an issue right now as well.
  3. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    I mean it is but that doesn't mean it still isn't annoying to lose to teams that are getting pounded otherwise. In fairness Florida also lost to the Oilers and Sens last week at home. Plus the supertough games can be anything but like us at the Caps or the Panthers playing the Bruins twice in the final days cause they might be locked into seeding. Sometimes it's when you play teams more than who you play.
  4. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    Listened to an awesome spittin chiclets podcast where Whitney said that playing bad teams at the end of the year can sometimes be crazy difficult. Guys are playing fast and loose and playing for their jobs, being more risky than they normally would be, etc. thought that was an interesting perspective.
  5. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    I was pleasantly surprised with Mueller...I was like really, NOW you're gonna put him in against Tampa and on the right side to boot? Might as well give the dude a blindfold and a cigarette. But his game was actually two-way solid. You have to put him in again Tuesday, whether it's for Lovejoy, Moore or Severson I don't really care at this point. I've been a bit exacerbated with Zacha (who either doesn't play well, or plays well and doesn't produce) but I did feel this was one of his better games period. Vatanen has been unbelievable, but did I think start to tire a little bit in the third and made some questionable decisions - more than understandable on the back to back with his workload.
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  7. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    I made it to this game too. First one in a while, and a great one to be at. Some thoughts from seeing the guys live tonight: Nico is playing some of his best hockey lately. He's just great on the puck, and has been so effective in eluding D and protecting the puck while in the offensive zone. Positionally, he is excellent. He understands the game so well and seems to always be doing the right thing without having to think. Really blown away by his play tonight. His chemistry with Hall makes me feel so good about the future of this team. Mueller had some shaky moments, but that's to be expected after not playing for so long. I would like to see him back next game because he deserves an opportunity to develop his game. Zacha had a really good game tonight, I thought. He's got to finish on some of these chances, but his assist was a great play. Also, he's showing excellent vision and awareness. There were a couple of passes he made where he waited just long enough for the right play to develop. Zacha isn't known for high hockey IQ in the way that Hischier is, but the anticipation he showed in this game suggested that his hockey IQ is up there. He is able to draw players to him, which opens up opportunities elsewhere. He's starting to showcase his skills more and more lately, which may suggest that he indeed is a late bloomer. Vatanen has been one of my favorite players this year. The urgency he plays with every night is so nice to see. Another strong game from him, and one of the best players for the Devils tonight. I never realized how great he can be defensively when he was on the Ducks. Honestly, I've been disappointed with most of the D other than Vatanen and Butcher lately. I've been (probably irrationally) sick of Zajac for most of this year, but he really is so good defensively. When he isn't expected to be creating a ton of offense, he fits his role perfectly. I think with just a bit more talent on his line (once Wood comes back, lines will be mixed up again), it could be a scoring threat. But stopping and waiting for the other team's defense to get set every time he enters to O zone should really stop. Grabner had a couple of really nice plays, but otherwise didn't contribute too much. We definitely need more from him, but it's not time to worry about him yet. Not much more can be said about Hall and Palmieri that hasn't already been said. Tampa better watch out when we meet them in the first round
  8. You'll never win with Schneider

    Well Price has had one bad year, Cory two. Plus the Habs are rebuilding at this point anyway while we have to play more for win now. And if KK's ever going to be a long-term starter might as well find out next year while he's still cheap. Cory was good in a structured system where he doesn't have to move, the system he was traded to - and the one we ran the first year of the new regime cause we didn't have the horses to go up-tempo but he's just not been that good since we've gone with more of the fast, attacking, supportive plan.
  9. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    Yes you can, for the same reason that Pittsburgh and Tampa can go 0-6 against us, an average team, and still be top teams in the league. That's what you're not getting here - yeah, a lot of these teams out of the playoffs are tanking and they're not playing well, but there's a lot of guys on those teams fighting for jobs who are going to play hard, and any team can win in the NHL on any given night. Kinkaid might turn back into the .908ish guy we've known him as for the last 4 years. People could start to get hurt. And so on. The Devils are an average team who are playing hard and competing hard and that's the best I can ask of them - I can't demand that they beat teams like the Islanders and Hurricanes that they really aren't much better than.
  10. You'll never win with Schneider

    Again, there’s no doubt in my mind Cory can bounce back next year, and if he does he will be the starter. KK is good right now, so keep on playing him, but in the long run, I’m less confident. We’ll see next year, honestly I’m not thinking about mext year at all right now lol. I think a similar situation would be Price in MTL, he’s having an ATROCIOUS year. But I have no doubt he’ll bounce back to top form next year, cause he’s a top goalie. I don’t think a bad year or stretch changes that, and I feel the same with Cory, he can bounce back. We’ll see.
  11. You'll never win with Schneider

    If he's still here it could be a circus next year, the way it was Cory's first year here with him and Marty. It's hard to put a guy with Cory's contract on the bench but if they make the playoffs on KK's back he'll have earned the chance to go into next season as the starter.
  12. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    Wrong...it's the reality of the schedule now and just getting through this gauntlet at 5-2. There's no game left they can't win now that they've gotten through this stretch, not that they will win them all but if they don't win at least five or maybe 4-2-1 that'll be a dissapointment to be honest. That's what I mean by it being on them. Tuesday - Carolina, Thursday - Pittsburgh, Saturday - Isles, Sunday - at Montreal, 4/3 - NYR, 4/5 Toronto (probably will be locked into seeding and resting guys), 4/7 at Washington (see Toronto). 4-2-1 has to be the absolute worst you get out of that stretch. Any worse and they're pretty much out anyway. Now if they go 5-2 and Florida goes 9-0 well fine vaya con dios, they deserve it but I don't see that happening. If Florida goes even 6-3 all the Devils need is 5-2 to seal it. 6-2-1 or above and it gets dicey but hey if they can keep winning we better do so. You can't go 6-0 against the Penguins and Lightning then start losing to the Canes, Isles, Habs, etc down the stretch. Especially with the majority at home. All season long except for that one stretch in December they've been more reliable on the road than at home - now they need to win some more home games.
  13. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    Oh RIP us. That is what we get for hanging out so long at Edison Ale House.
  14. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    First 9k....i think they should give them to everyone but it is what it is.
  15. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    Ended up at the game tonight. Did not get a bobblehead. Were they sold or giveaways? I saw some people with as many as 5 so I assume the former. Was a fun game to be at and I'm glad I went.
  16. You'll never win with Schneider

    I remember when people said a goalie named Martin Brodeur couldn't win the job over starter Chris Terreri. KK has to be feeling confident with every passing game .
  17. You'll never win with Schneider

    You guys really think Schneider isn't the starter next year? The chance that Schneider isn't starting for us next year is very slim in my opinion, and I don't doubt at all that he'll bounce back.
  18. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    Also I actually opened one of my bobbleheads to find a gold Mojo one so I got to meet him after the game. I've never been big on meeting people but figured why the hell not since I actually won something. I got it signed by him and took a picture. I wished him good health and told him I hoped to see him for the playoffs. He was very nice and the Devils ran it very well. Kudos to them. The game itself was another heart attack but it was fun and a great crowd, looked very close to a full sell out too. Keith is ridiculous right now, I don't know what he did to get into this groove but he's our starter now until he falls off completely.
  19. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    Summary of this post for anyone who wants it - "The Devils have kept pace with the Flyers and Panthers despite these teams going on hot streaks over the last 7 games, so if the Devils don't make it, it will be their fault". Makes a ton of sense. Some of you want to call your team to be chokers, I swear.
  20. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    That's too bad....
  21. You'll never win with Schneider

    I have always felt that since I first saw him in AHL.
  22. You'll never win with Schneider

    Well yeah they won't resign Tavares by the draft (or lose him) so unless he's definitively told them he's not coming back and/or they trade his rights they'll operate as if they're still going to resign him. For his own sake Cory needs to go to a structured team though. He's more a fit if you can lock things down and prevent chaos around the net, KK's more a fit for the fast, attacking and supportive style with fire drills all over the place.
  23. You'll never win with Schneider

    I think we can depend on Snow to do just that, slam dunk!
  24. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    Absolutely can not relate.
  25. You'll never win with Schneider

    In most situations it doesn’t make sense, but here, the Isles will probably have two top ten picks, one of them might be top three. You think our goaltending has been shaky, theirs has been putrid. Then you add in the fact that Garth Snow is the other GM, who will do bizarre things. Much of what you can do with the Isles though depends on whether they re-sign Tavares.
  26. GDT: Devils vs Lightning - 24 March @ 7p Eastern

    I try to be nice to people.
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