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  2. Trouba better not try pulling any scum bag sh!t tonight
  3. Very nice puck movement and pressure so far. The team looks energized, and poised. Much like we did at the beginning of the season.
  4. Good start. Keep it up.
  5. Lets go boys lets go!!!
  6. They win, Scherzer still notches a win thanks to Nimmo, and Robertson gets the save. So far so good lol.
  7. I still hate them, lots of traffic outside the arena so gonna be a lot of late arrivals for everyone.
  8. I’m sure there is too much blue there tonight. This needs to not be a thing in the playoffs.
  9. I really hate these games, the older I get the less I enjoy them. Can't stand being around stupid idiots.
  10. Today
  11. The minute I left my house it was 3-0, fifteen minutes later and it’s 3-3…aye yai yai
  12. And honestly Blackwood could get another injury any moment. The reasons to send Schmid make sense but if VV gets hurt I think you just call up Schmid and leave Blackwood on the bench. He’s shown flashes but never consistently enough to be trusted now that there are options
  13. Well yeah of course if it’s bad luck and bad bounces then you just have to hope they don’t drop their heads.
  14. It's a big game.... Checks notes* PALAT TIME?!
  15. I don't want to see the Rags go past the Devils in the standings, as I don't want that putrid bag of fvck knuckles to get any kind of psychological advantage going into the play offs. So beat them. Beat them good. No d!cking around, make a statement. LGD!
  16. Yeah, feels like "just another season in Metland". The good news is you know Cohen will give Eppler the green light to find a replacement if that's what it takes. But would be nice to have guys from within fill voids as needed.
  17. Oh come on.......he would have been gobbled up in a second
  18. I hope Lindy has our boys ready because you know the Rags will be coming for the win and home ice advantage in the playoffs. Let’s go Devils! Tonight is pretty much a playoff preview
  20. Yeah allegedly Verlander himself said it's minor and a guy like him I'd tend to trust but I'd be lying if I said a 40-year old pitcher having an injury I've never heard of wasn't gonna make me nervous. Just seems like the vibes are all off now, between the Correa disaster over the winter, the Diaz injury fiasco, none of the kids getting a sniff of a legit chance to make the team and now this happening hours before Opening Day.
  21. You're assuming an early deficit would solely be the result of a sloppy start, and yeah, if that happens I won't be happy, and will also continue to make me wonder why the Devils' opponents damned near always seem to be better prepared early on than the Devils. If they play well and fall behind on a couple of bad bounces (that can absolutely happen in a hockey game), I'll be begging for them to shake those off and keep at it.
  22. Let’s off the faceoff brawl like 2012 and send a message to these pricks LETS fvckING GO DEVILS
  23. Not that I was against signing Verlander but this is how it can go with players pushing 40. Guess the Mets really did find a replacement for deGrom...right down to the health issues. Hopefully Verlander will be OK.
  24. There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for anything resembling a slow start tonight. This is a fvcking playoff game, and they better be treating it as one. They better come out with their damn hair on fire tonight.
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