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  2. really surprised by the game today. I kept telling myself that Boston were not playing great. They lost Chara, Krug and Pastrnak to be fair. But we're also without Hischier, Bratt and Vats so its pretty fair
  3. After such a long period of no hockey being able to once again see how quick this game can be is just amazing. Blackwood made the save on Grzelcyk with 10 seconds left in the OT and somehow the Devils have enough time to gather the puck, move it up ice, set up Sharangovich and score. That's insanity. I really missed hockey y'all.
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  5. 4th round in 2018 i believe edit: 5th round actually
  6. I feel really dumb and out of it. When and where exactly did we pick up this kid Sharongivich? Late round pick?
  7. Absolutely lol. I tend to stay away from RDS or TVA Sports, can't stand them tbh. Sportsnet/CBC/TSN, even though they're canadian broadcasts, are WAY more objective in the way they call the games.
  8. I know you're from Quebec so you know more than anyone else here what it does to fans who strictly listen to their own team's broadcast lol
  9. 100%. I tend to do the same with the canadian teams sometimes and good crews like Detroit. But I have real hard time watching the Bruins and Pens broadcasts lol.
  10. Fun game lots of great things happening so far from the kids. Not so much from the older guys but as this team grows they'll fall by the wayside anyway. I usually watch the away feeds as my affection for Dano hasn't grown over the years. But no way I could put up with Edwards for more than 1.5 seconds even at gun point. Onward. LGD.
  11. why we are all russian when things goes about hacking, crime and voiting influence, when something good happens, everyone remembers the differences) Thats true. He is belarussian, and Belarussian hockey deserve highlight player. It will be very sad if the World Championship is taken away from Belarus.
  12. I do like to listen to the other teams feed from time to time even if some are annoying. You learn a lot more about other teams / players that way.
  13. Hughes also finally has some linemates he can count on and seems to have some chemistry with them.
  14. Did you watch the whole game on Bruins feed? You're a warrior man.
  15. It’s insane to think that’s 4-5 seasons away.
  16. IMG_4657.MOV i swore so hard at PK on this play. If your team is in the offensive zone. Don't send a lob pass against the board towards the blue line, where the last man back will have to rush to the puck and settle a bouncing puck from the boards right around the blue line. For the love of god that's incredibly basic and one of the best recipe to set up a turnover. Especially in fvcking OT. I can give a pass for forgetting there's a Bruins player coming out of the penalty box creating an odd man rush. But for the love of god he can't keep making dumb decisions like this
  17. To be clear though, I have no problem with the Rangers suck part. My issue is with the Flyers swallow part.
  18. There should absolutely be pumped in audio rangers suck chants for the 4 home games, for realism
  19. Wooooooo what an ending Belarus in the housel
  20. If seattle draft was tomorrow, we would send Johnsson, not Wood
  21. Hey look at the standings! Right now at 4:00 PM on 1/16/21 Devils are in the top 4 of the East! Enjoy it while you can.
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