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  2. Not all roads does though... many roads lead to Jack's elite skating Many roads lead to almost. Many roads lead to lou. many roads use to lead to sexy ninjas many roads lead to you replying only "fair" in response to a post many roads lead to MB wishing cancer or career ending injuries on players many roads lead to rangers/NY hate one road lead me to joke that if i had a daughter i'd want her to blow Moose at that specific moment cause he played one hell of a game or something. I then discovered exactly who on this board had daughters lol other road
  3. i wish nothing more than if he feels the same way as you do. Plus he was all-in to go through the rebuild with them when he was asked about it and had the option to opt-out while he had time, he decided to stick with them and be loyal and then they threw him away. How can they KEEP doing this constantly with their players they throw all the money at but players keep going there? At the same time, we can at least appreciate that they didn't convince him to "retire". Then they would of regained that full 8.5m on the cap. And overall good for him. He's still going to get that money. Plu
  4. What a disgraceful franchise the Rags are. Queenie’s got one year left, 38 years old spent his entire career carrying your lame ass teams and you can’t let him finish the last year and go out with class?
  5. Honestly I love how all roads lead to PK lol.
  6. Yup. This concept that you can just elect to only pay for a late 20’s aged player for his good years and then have the contract be over by the time he sucks is a fallacy. You have to pay for both of you want those players.
  7. Let's be realistic. The only way to even get Pietrangelo to even consider an offer without hanging up laughing is if we offer 7years/top dollar. Money is literally the only reason he'd come here. If he's taking a shorter/cheaper deal, he'll go to a contender
  8. It's probably that cause it's not bothering me with Stamkos but when Subban did it with team Canada at the Olympics it annoyed me so bad hahaha But also remember seeing Subban making sure to follow Crosby around like a shadow and making sure to be right next to him for the big photo lol cause obviously he probably knew he'd be in the frame of all the important photos zooming on the golden boy lol
  9. Not really. It must have been soooooooooo fvcking hard and frustrating for him to be there, for 2 months, not able to play. Seeing his team accomplishing his dream and not being able to help. He still deserves it though so if wearing shoulder pads helped him there. You go tiger. Especially after being injured for the Olympics too
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  11. Give him Karlsson money for 4 or 5 years. 7 years to much but shorter deal would be worth it. he will help in defensive zone and make defensive work faster, he can drive the puck, he can make playmaking job. And leadership and mentor. For a guy like smith or Bahl. Would be awesome. We have enough cap room.
  12. Shattenkirk buyout $6.08 million Lundqvist buyout $5.5 million Girardi buyout $1.11 million Spooner buyout $300k And i hope Panarin is on that list sooner than later
  13. Yeah but YOU know that cause you live there. It's likely ignorant. But just like the Devils are still stuck with the whole trap reputation. NJ/Newark is still stuck with the "armpit of the USA" reputation. I'm going to specify it's not my opinion lol. I can already hear thecoffeecake's pulse rise. lol he's very very very very very very protective of his region.
  14. True- some places are still better than others though lol.
  15. Any place is a good place to raise kids when you’re rich lol.
  16. Pietrangelo has a family. He’s not some young single dude hitting the clubs and enjoying the nightlife after games. Sell him on how great a place NJ is to raise a family. Because it is. Especially if you’re rich.
  17. Yeah, I wouldn’t even think twice. Seeing as we all agree, that should make it a lock that he signs with the Rangers.
  18. We’d have to overpay, but I’d do it. Back up the Brinks truck. Ain’t my money lol.
  19. That one signing could help salvage this entire craptastic year.
  20. But to be clear if we do pick him, after my initial meltdown I’m going to quickly flip to bragging about how we have the best goalie prospect in the world.
  21. Three or four years, max money for all I care.
  22. King Nothing ends his reign in NY with zero cups.
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