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  2. Devils should not worry about Holtz trajectory. His season for his age was great. Season before he had hot start and after covid he slamps, when he was invited in Binghamton, he was not looking AHL ready. Next year even with questionable centers Ike DeLeo, who should play on the wing, and Schnarr, who is not creative guy at all, Holtz produce pretty enough. He needs to work on his skating and physique, but it’s ok for a guy of his age. Sometimes they need more time. And a Guy like him should spend more time with better players, when he was called up. Fourth line? Zacha? He needs partners who will make a part of his dirty work, because Holtz is Holtz and he is young and unexpirienced. Anyway he has his own knocks. And I would not call him “untouchable”. Especially when we have Bratt and Mercer on the right side of top-6. I was a Quinn guy(Sanderson/Raymond guy, but universe knows everything and we did have no shot at them), and, like Holt, Quinn spent very good season and even better, but he wasn’t good in play off. It’s not the time to burn hair on our head.
  3. This isn’t a ground breaking hot take or anything but McDavid is absolutely amazing
  4. Man Edmonton really took control of this game.
  5. His skin doesn’t look real. It’s as smooth as McDavid’s skating lol.
  6. Very weird looking dude for sure.
  7. Not for nothing, Edmonton’s coach looks like an android.
  8. Wow Will McDavid get called for goalie interference?? I feel like that definitely was.
  9. Note to Fitz, if Mike Smith is made available, go fvck yourself.
  10. Oh sh!t I missed that non-goal live, they got fvcking robbed.
  11. The sound is way off, as said above. Worse than the MSG broadcast was all year.
  12. adore biz. wish he wasn’t too big-time for us to hire to replace dano.
  13. On the second goal, yes. ESPN has been pretty bad all playoffs though. TNT has been crushing them across the board, IMO Also, TNT doesn’t have Leah Hextall.
  14. are the ESPN commenters saying “score!” like 5 full seconds before the goals for anyone else? I heard “score!!!!” before the fvcking guy took the initial shot lol…
  15. Mike Smith is fvcking washed, yikes.
  16. i’ve watched all 9 rangers playoff games and the only forwards that have moved the needle for me are Zib and Laf. He seems like one of those guys who’s always around the puck, always in the mix, and he plays with a little bit of a nasty edge. points haven’t shown up yet but they will. this dude is going to be a beast.
  17. Holy sh!t, Smith… is there not a viable EBUG for Edmonton….?
  18. Sooooo Mike Smith is, at best, a good regular season goalie?
  19. quick switch of topics but let’s play a fun game. Edmonton is swept and McDavid wants out. The Oilers offer the Devils McDavid for both hughes brothers + 2OA. What do you say?
  20. think the rangers are curious why they weren’t just repeatedly given power plays until they scored, like the regular season? “wait a second this is bullsh!t”
  21. Rangers look absolutely as shocked as Ray Ferraro sounds: how can a team get gifted this much consistently, be losing 2-0
  22. lmao fvck you rangers. gotta say that was easily the most boring playoff game i’ve ever watched lol. and panarin is lucky he had that game winner in game 7, he’s been otherwise totally and completely invisible this playoffs. laf is gonna be a problem tho
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