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  2. Or they were just wrong.
  3. So I just saw that you can’t speak with the media if you’re not vaccinated without a mask. The only people from our regulars from last season I didn’t see speak with the media today are Seigenthaler, Kuokkonen, and Johnsson. Otherwise it’s likely a PTO guy.
  4. My attempt: "Here in Russia a lot of people tend to be pro-Trump but we also take the vaccine seriously. My assumption would be Bernier, but only because Crawford walking away last year left a bad taste in my mouth and I fear something similar happening."
  5. It was reported a few days ago that the “entire devils active roster” is vaccinated, so if that stands true it’s either a rookie who’s not likely to make the team, or it’s a PTO guy. Maybe Vesey?
  6. I literally have no idea what this means.
  7. We are pro trumpers - full country(obvious reasons), but there are much more pro vax people. You, guys, making wrong decisions time after time. I will try to make assumption - Bernier. Only because we have to get into Crawford 2.0 story.
  8. Give him a shot of covid and tell him to report in 3-4 weeks
  9. I don`t know) I was a big fan of Mercer from day one. But I don`t know is he ready to jump right into the NHL game? I was never a fan of rushing players. I was not a fan Zacha didn`t spend full AHL season, same with Boqvist. But if he is NHL ready? Can he learn on the fly? Top 10 u24 players last year Mcdavid - high end talent Marner - didn’t play I’m AHL. Very talented Auston - high end talent. Play a year in a pro league Aho - year in liiga Debrinkat - didn’t play in pro leagues Kaprisov - years in KHL - better than AHL Boeser- didn’t play in pro, two years of ncaa Fox - three years of ncaa, didn’t play pro Robertson - 1 season in ahl Barzal- two y in WHL, no pro exp 4 players with some pro exp. BUT! Next ten u24 top scorers - only one player with pro exp. next - four players. Nine players in top 30 u24 players. I still think devils should give a time in AHL for Mercer, but if he is ready - he is ready. I think Holtz needs in AHL experience more than him. I dont like idea to use him as 3rd\4th line center, but I think he can be good enough to play on the third line with Mcleod and Woond on the right wing. He will must make all cleaning work. But it`s only my "theory". I don`t will it works or not. If he will play first line minutes in AHL, PP and PK, I think it would be better for his development. But, again, if he is ready - go and use him. He is very talented smart guy with beautiful hands. I think everybody think he will be great defensive center, I dont think so, he is not as fast for that and he didn`t control enough gaps, he is not physical enough. But I think he is very talented two way guy with awesome take away skills. And he is pretty good offensive player. ____________ Studenic was lookin solid candidate for 4th RW spot. I think they will give Zetterlund a cuople of games. Okhotiuk? Defensemen are the long project. I would give him one more full AHL season minimum. I like him very much. Mercer is my number 1 guy and Okhotiuk is my number 3 guy. But there is a big competition for the place and he isn`t an obvious candidate because of offensive upside and... trend. But I think he has potential to be best PK minutes eater, last minute protector and the guy, every opponents will watch him and think about him. I think Zacha\Kukka, Boqvist, Johnsson, Jankowski, Wood, Mcleod and Studenic are our bottom six guys. And Mercer will be our "lets give him some games" option. And Siegenthaler as 3rd LHD. Who will be the first callup... I still think it will be Bahl. I like Okhotiuk skating and game more, but Bahl is big, has offensive upside and... he play more safety. I think it is matter.
  10. I'm also curious. How do you know? Yeah for the record I was just making a guess, which is probably at the very least reckless and I take it back.
  11. Today
  12. https://deadspin.com/roberto-luongo-still-hangs-over-the-canucks-1847726231?utm_campaign=Deadspin&utm_content=1632346208&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR1gL8bEzmj1CoprzqDFMrNuV-0UoiiB3UjIhDIV5YtfftPMgB8xd5z_xHw
  13. Well we all knew Miles Wood wasn’t that bright, but this confirms it.
  14. Get him vaccinated or get him out of there. I don’t care who it is.
  15. I would rather not say publicly, but I messaged you.
  16. Pin him down and inject him. Unless it is Miles Wood, then just strap it to the opposing goalie for when he inevitably makes contact.
  17. The skeptic in me says that it's Miles Wood. He's been a pretty strong pro-trump supporter on instagram, and I'm not saying 100% of trump supporters are anti-vaxxers, but I only know 3 people who are unvaccinated / held off and they're all very, very outspoken trump supporters.
  18. He had to retire due to a degenerative hip condition, more than a real decline. He was in the middle of a 5-year deal when he called it quits. He did put up some sick numbers, but from all accounts he was SUCH a d!ck...just a horrible guy, and not just to members of the media. Still is to this day (he still gets into trouble). I think writers loved the fact that he didn't play long enough to reach 500 HR or some other milestone numbers, and never won a World Series, even though there's a case to be made for him getting in due to relatively short-term dominance. His overall numbers (great considering the amount of games he played in...he averaged 40 HR and 130 RBI per 162 GP, not to mention put up a .933 career OPS) at quick-glance come up just short enough for voters to have the excuse they needed not to vote for him...oh, he didn't even hit 400 HR? Or manage 1300 RBI? He's an interesting case...can you be a total puke of a human being, but be really fvcking good at your sport, and as result the latter should trump the former? If he was a different kind of guy or one who had worked extremely hard to become a better person, maybe the vet committee would put him in. But doesn't seem like he has that in him.
  19. Yea...Belle is a jerk to end all jerks. Maybe one of the most insufferable pro athletes that I have EVER read about. He really must've had some sort of personality disorder Still looking at his numbers, he is unquestionably...no debate...a Hall of Famer. He also retired at the age of 34, in a bit of a decline but still a feared hitter and RBI man. His last season he hit .280, .342obp 23 home runs 103 rbi's in 141 games. His run between 1991 and 1999 was unreal. 7 seasons of not just 100 rbis, but 110+ rbi's. With astronomical totals mixed in. 152, 148, 129 etc
  20. trying to help him through this? WTF is that?
  21. I'm used to see Holtz on the left side but he's listed as a RW for NJ, interesting. Well our right side is pretty weak so if we can balance that its a good thing
  22. Or…while wearing your new New Jersey jersey…
  23. New Jersey jersey, brought to you by the New Jersey Lottery. Remember, anything can happen in Jersey while wearing your New Jersey jersey.
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