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  2. It isn’t possible to say it enough.
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  4. I said obvious not overused.
  5. This feels like the most obvious thing ever posted on the forum lol.
  6. Well no sh!t. Still a bad look.
  7. Not a single soul in the hockey world care and would still grab him if they could lol
  8. @MadDog2020 you definitely drew this right? LOL
  9. Scott Stevens says “ No. No Pepperkorn, no one thinks that”
  10. So no one thinks Brodeur and the owners were hangin out drinking and Marty began to hold forth about Shero sucking and more drinks were downed and pretty soon Marty was sounding like a genius and soon the phrase “crazy... so crazy it just might work” got bandied about and - well - the rest is history .
  11. I really wish you said Jack instead because “Jack off the PP”.
  12. Maybe it’s time to take Zajac off the PP...
  13. Yesterday
  14. https://movieweb.com/mighty-ducks-tv-show-emilio-estevez-disney-plus/ Well even with all the coaches available now Gordon Bombay still got the job
  15. Maybe he dove into the wrong cough syrup again.
  16. More than when we blew huge leads to lose in the third or OT by giving up 5 unanswered? Not to me.
  17. Agreed. I think we're all hoping, and maybe assuming, that Smith should be ready, given that he was projected to possibly be ready at the start of this current season. If Vatanen gets traded then you're right, we're in trouble. If he stays, then a top 4 of Vatanen-Subban-Severson-Smith isn't really that bad - you keep Butcher and either Mueller or Carrick on the bottom pairing. What would really round that out is if we could trade for a shutdown d-man who would have an immediate impact. You could argue, pretty easily, that we did or intended to do that very thing by acquiring Subban, but I think we got him more for his offensive upside (which so far hasn't really panned out too well), but I don't know if it's reasonable to expect them to try to go out and get another top-end d-man after we did that just last summer. I suppose so. Maybe it just looked like more than usual.
  18. That's the kind of shot that paints this kind of picture: "Uhhh, Eddie...hey Eddie, wake up man, cmon...there ya go..." "Damn, my head, what the hell...where the fvck am I?! Is this a fvcking PRISON?!" "Um, Ed, how much of last night do you remember exactly?" "Well, I, yeah...oh noooo…" And I'm really dating myself here (photo below is from the Incredible Hulk TV show, from the late 70s-early 80s...I actually remember this episode), but that photo kind leads me to believe he was one more Jagr shot from a full "Hulk Out":
  19. Butcher had been a disappointment all season. He just seems to have regressed since his first season. The thing that worries me most about the defense is if Vatanen gets traded, Greene is out of contract, the rest are meh and there's no prospects ready to come up next season then who the hell are they going to bring in? Watching another season of Carrick & Mueller is not a thrilling prospect.
  20. Matt Barzal, who is keeper eligible, is available for a high draft pick. im in purgatory not knowing whether I’m a seller yet or not...
  21. They sh!t the bed on that SH shift, but otherwise dominated the game and assaulted the goalie with shots. The other stuff you mentioned is true, but they've basically been doing that all season, its not a function of rust.
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