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  2. Skinner has been decent for the Oilers, better then Otten has been for Dallas. But ultimately McDavid and Co. Will have to carry them if they face FL or NY
  3. MadDog2020

    It’s Keefe

  4. Waddell was always good at making things work for the Canes. I could have seen him doing a good job if he had stayed there, like getting someone to take Burns so he could keep Pesce etc. Who knows what will happen there now.
  5. I’m pretty sure they can’t keep Guentzel because they don’t have cap room. I could be wrong though. Word is he’s one and done.
  6. Ullmark to the Canes and a good FA forward, re-up Guentzel and all their RFAs. They'll be loaded up again.
  7. https://newjerseyhockeynow.com/2024/05/30/cost-acquisition-for-new-jersey-devils-trade-target-goaltender-linus-ullmark-is-high-jacob-markstrom/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR3sokvNeRYs4eM7dOmwS4lMB3xziDcljv7Fpk3sHVx78Y2XvHO2V5T0D6c_aem_AY-F0COjsh_kGwixGIUQRNhUw0P9fOZ5U8hHLryl-cn81gj4zz4LbVoCE4RNki-Z6o0uzpJdL-lqMgq4Jv705nfq
  8. Seriously, most of his career he’s been pretty lousy. fvck right off.
  9. No idea, but it would seem to be necessary for umpires to understand the rule they’re supposed to enforce. How is interference even applicable in the context of an infield fly, where the batter has already been called out? What exactly is being interfered with if the ball doesn’t need to be caught?
  10. Is there some edict from baseball to crack down on fielder interference this year? That isn't even nearly as bad as the Orioles-White Sox one from about a week ago, as the contact was incidental, didn't prevent the fielder from catching the ball in that instance and took place way before the ball came down.
  11. Way to step it up Dallas...Up by 2 early then give up 4 unanswered goals.....unreal
  12. What are the stars even doing? It doesn't look like they're even trying to enter the zone on this power play Jamie Benn also having an awful game. Bad turnovers by the captain and low effort
  13. Announcers are overblowing the loss of Tanev. He's not even in their top 4 defenseman if you ask me. Heiskanen, Lindell, Harley, Suter.
  14. Angel Hernandez is gone, but his incompetence lives on. The umpires for tonight’s Yankees-Angels game screwed this up in the following ways: 1. There was no interference, as Soto was clearly trying avoid a collision. 2. An infield fly had been called, so Stanton was already out. The pop-up didn’t need to be caught.
  15. Dallas...14 shots in almost 40 min... Shesterkin and Bobrovsky are loving it. West is not winning the cup this year.
  16. Dallas played that two on one terribly. Harley looked like our D men, didn't take the shooter or passer. DeBoer doesn't think now would be a perfect time to use his time out when his team is imploding in front of his eyes?
  17. I was just reading about this. What is the matter with him?
  18. This team is one embarrassment after another
  19. Oettinger’s stick with the save.
  20. Wow, that's funny, and I didn't realize the Game Misconduct.
  21. Dallas' young guys are the real deal.
  22. Nurse is terrible. Skinner is terrible. Wyatt Johnston most certainly is not.
  23. He didn’t even get it into the crowd.
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