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  2. Gotta give credit where it’s due…I’ve blasted Lindor plenty when he’s been cold, but he is absolutely shredding right now. He has an 1.021 OPS over his last 26 GP (.350 BA) and has been held without a hit in just two of those games.
  3. But they play the same position, and a overall very similar style of game. With the instant success Quinn had in the NHL, there’s really no reason not to try and replicate the exact same trajectory for Luke. This. You don’t really see a player as talented as Luke in AHL much these days. At least not for any significant amount of time. Guys like Byram and Drysdale had a cup of coffee down there, but that’s about it. The US born players like the Hughes brothers and Jake Sanderson seem to be bypassing the AHL all together.
  4. luke probably isn’t the type of prospect who needs a whole season, if any time at all, in the AHL.
  5. I don’t know if I agree with the whole “that’s what Quinn did” as a reason for Luke to do it, they’re two different people and players, but I do feel like he needs more development. Are we expecting him to do one more year at Michigan and then straight to the NHL, or are we also throwing an AHL season in there before he joins the big team?
  6. Because it’s probably what’s best for his development? Quinn did 2 years there, and Luke probably isn’t ready for the NHL yet. He doesn’t even turn 19 until next month.
  7. Why would you want him to stay in Michigan?
  8. Yeah it really feels like whatever ghosts remained of the “Same Old Mets” era were fully vanquished tonight. The Braves have played absolute out-of-their-minds baseball over the past couple of months…and still find themselves 5.5 games out of first. The Mets are now one game worse than the Yankees…not that that matters, but that Yankees team was so far above and beyond for a while. Yeah they’ve been slumping, but suddenly for the Mets to be that close record-wise to them? Damn!
  9. Whoosh...won the series with two fairly convincing wins and deGrom tomorrow to hopefully put the hammer down. Max might actually be underpaid lol, and give Peterson credit in the first game too for getting to the middle innings spotless.
  10. wait no stop ahhhhhh too late he can’t hear me oh well
  11. Mad Max once again Mychael Givens is going to be a fvcking annoyance though...hopefully May can get the damn save assuming it's him in the ninth.
  12. According to Brooks, Rangers are looking to bring back Jimmy Vesey.
  13. Yesterday
  14. But what if Nemec is not on the team…he could very well be in Utica.
  15. Tatar I can live with. Johnsson is the one I want gone the most.
  16. they’re keeping tatar around whether or not you guys want. which sucks, but it is what it is. he’s apparently a big mentor to Nemec and they want him around for that reason. who was the big scrub they brought in to play with nico? micro mueller? and the same with Gazdic who was Hall’s best friend in edmonton.
  17. Yup. Easily replaces Tatar/Johnsson. RW w/ Boki and Haula would be an excellent 3rd line. He has progressed nicely in the last few years.
  18. Thank you Edwin. fvck you Lopez you absolute failure of a reliever.
  19. Well at least Diaz bailed out Lopez's sorry ass with only 6-7 pitches...up 2-1 now with the two aces coming up.
  20. Seriously fvck that guy…the only games that Lopez belongs in are games where the Mets are down by 6+ with 9 outs or less and have already pulled some starters. Don’t put him in any games where the Mets have a lead. He obviously can’t handle it.
  21. Jesus Christ could just ONE of these mop-up jerkoffs just do the damned job just once?! fvcking losers.
  22. BOOOOOO...Lopez is junk. Now they gotta get Diaz in
  23. At this point it would be surprising and disappointing if Zetterlund wasn’t with the big club this year. I think fans are going to fall in love with him.
  24. Come on Lopez...two more stinking outs, let's not let them make a run here Oh boy - two on. Still a five-run lead but at this rate it's gonna become a save situation soon.
  25. I don’t think that Nico with Palat and Holtz is a bad idea. Like it more than Hughes with Holtz. But I don’t see true driver in this trio. If they can play good positional game with puckmoving defensemen, that sounds ok, but Ruff’s game based on transition and rush. Anyway I believe we will see how it could work, or couldn’t.
  26. Congrats to him and thanks for all the shootout goals. He's living the life.
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