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  2. Nicomo

    Fire Hynes

    Yep. Subban looks like last season was just what he is now, and not just a down year. Same with Simmonds. Gusev is showing why he couldn’t crack Vegas’s lineup. We also all had Hughes penciled in as 2C, and Smith unquestionably making the team...
  3. Starts to make one wonder if maybe the camp was too rigorous.. players look gassed already which makes no sense.
  4. Is the only point that people are allowed to make on the board right now that, "Hynes should be fired?" Because I didn't see anyone state, "Gosh, if only the D were paired in accordance with their handedness everything would be fine." I've mentioned before, there's a "Fire Hynes" thread - you started it, this is the GDT, it's where people analyze what went wrong and right in the game. The point here is that the team is less bad when the D are paired correctly - well not just according to handedness - Carrick and Tennyson should both probably sit but until that can happen, at the very least, lefty Mueller, who yes, is also sh!tty, should play.
  5. I was in attendance, he did it for me. #YearOfThePavel
  6. I was easy to find, me and my daughter were wearing purple HFC jerseys in section 120. Tickets were too cheap on StubHub and I couldn’t resist. So the first game I attend in the Year of the Pavel, he scores 3 points. Coincidence? Of course, you get 3 points from Zacha and still lose the game? That’s crap.
  7. The only positive about today’s game is I’m positive we suck a bag of d!cks.
  8. Boys this is the look of a coach who knows he's a dead man walking. Just went through this with RU. When a coach looks this discouraged/miserable in a presser.. it's all but over.
  9. Still my favorite Devils coach ever. It was nice to see his widow at Patty’s jersey retirement.
  10. Scoring literally no powerplay goals, having a PK below 50% and repeatedly blowing leads is not an issue of having R-R defensive pairs. It's the coaches, and if the analytics people have trouble figuring that out, they should go back to getting wedgies at gym class.
  11. Could be Hynes just does better when he has absolutely little to no expectations and/or pressure. That's why he is Coach Loser to me.
  12. I'm not sure how viable he'd be as a choice anyway after the whole Brent debacle. Right now the only realistic non-hateable options are Guy Boucher and Shero going behind the bench himself. Promoting from within would be laughable. Having a Stevens or Elias coach, while it would be initially popular would be cringeworthy in the sense that you can't really fire either guy if things go sideways or if you do it'll be a mess not worth getting into.
  13. The 1:02 mark Also, how dare you insult the lovely and talented Lorraine Bracco!
  14. Didn’t watch it, what did he say that made him sound mad? Never heard him sound mad which pisses me off, he’s too much of a professional, I’d be fired within the first 2 mins of being an announcer.
  15. He said he doesn't want to coach anymore, fwiwi.
  16. Real hard ass, from what I've heard on Spittin Chiclets. Might be just what the doctor ordered for these soft weaklings on the current roster.
  17. Devilsfan118

    Fire Hynes

    If it's not announced by Thursday I'll start to question Shero. Crazy how quickly the warm-and-fuzzies from the offseason have worn off.
  18. Problem is every time Palms dares to slump or not play well, right away with you he’s a complacent check-casher who doesn’t give a fvck. That being said, he’s playing badly enough that if he ever got healthy-scratched for a game soon, I could understand why.
  19. I know, that’s why I said don’t attack me but I’m just sick of this sh!t Burns was a great coach and trust me I’m not making light of him. Hynes is an f’ing joke. I was told in every game the opposing team has scored within 30 seconds of the end of the 2nd, makes for all the momentum in the third. Or maybe in every comeback game.
  20. So much anger. Time for Hynes and his permanent dumb-yet-angry-but-befuddled expression to go. Maybe it’s simply a case of a guy who got so used to losing (and was never really taken to task for it, due to various circumstances) that he doesn’t really know how to stop, no matter the amount of talent he has to work with. Who knows? I’m just done with status quo.
  21. Daniel

    Fire Hynes

    The difference with MacLean was that he was a new coach, so you had to give him at least 20 games. Hynes has a track record of four years that shows that the only way for his teams to not lose a lot is to get an MVP performance from one of the players.
  22. Edit: Removing the joke gif, I shouldn't make light of this. Just FYI - Pat passed away a few years ago. (Double edit: 2010, Jesus time flies).
  23. Chimaira_Devil_#9

    Fire Hynes

    I was sure it was 10. But if it's 20 yeah that's to much. That's a quarter of the season pissed down the drain.
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