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  2. I’m not implying anything, I’m just saying that it doesn’t appear that he was. I’m not the one making that accusation. If he bet on himself to succeed, it’s less deplorable IMHO but still against the rules.
  3. Not just you, but a lot of people are insinuating him betting on his team implied throwing games. Dude coulda just bet on himself during a point streak, still illegal/sketch nonetheless
  4. I would say, he did just score 49 points in 56 games this season. If he is trying to throw games, it’s not reflected in his stat line. Doesn’t mean it’s not true, of course.
  5. Who gives a sh!t about Evander Kane. His hockey career is a huge waste of time. Total coulda-woulda-shoulda.
  6. You forgot enormous douche, otherwise accurate.
  7. He says “Soon to be ex-wife” leaving out the whole “because i’m an absent husband, absent father with a raging drug, alcohol and gambling addiction.”
  8. Evander referred to her as “estranged” and “soon to be ex-wife” and “ex-wife” in his response.
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  10. No I read ex wife in the tweets somewhere. Kane called her that and mentioned divorce proceedings.
  11. "raging ex wife revenge" If I'm not mistaken, she is still currently his wife which is the whole reason this alleged situation is so egregious
  12. Geez am I on trial here too? I swear I never wasted millions on gambling. But if I was to gamble, I would lose a tonne. For instance, I would have bet the house for Montreal to lose every round this last playoffs. And that's why I don't.
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  14. The prostitution is best.
  15. fvcking Sandy. Cohen’s gotta get rid of him.
  16. Yep fair enough, should’ve gone back to re-read instead of relying on memory.
  17. Yeah, I don't know how you miss that, or interpret it as anything else lol.
  18. lol i thought I was losing my mind
  19. Reading through the thread, I saw him say: "The story is really hard to believe." as well as: I'm hoping for sake of humanity she was making some of that stuff up. That to me sounds about as someone questioning something as I've ever seen.
  20. he OPENED with “The story is really hard to believe.” I know you love to argue for the sake of arguing but come on, man.
  21. He said he hoped it wasn’t true, because otherwise Kane is an evil psychopath. He made no assumption and did not question anything.
  22. Every other real story gets doubted immediately already, as evidenced by the fact that your first reaction was to assume/question whether the wife of this well documented douchebag is lying.
  23. Love the walking dead series so black and white isn't an issue for me, neither is the right to left, it's more adding more things into my to read list when I'm usually way behind as it is lol Definitely gonna check out those 2 you mentioned though.
  24. I think it’s funnier he considers Rooney and Reaves even worth mentioning in his wet dream scenario lol.
  25. FFS now the new regime wastes a #10 pick, though I guess they get the #11 pick next year, whoopdie damn doo. It's a shame you can't get medical exams of these players before the draft, but it's always something with this franchise isn't it?
  26. It just takes some time to get used to the black and white (although lots of people have read Walking Dead) and also reading right to left, but after a while you’ll be able to switch back and forth between American comics and manga no problem. Lots of good stuff out there.
  27. There is no dichotomy. If this lady is making things up then that is incredibly harmful for women-kind in general, because every other real story gets doubted immediately. My take is that some of this is true (he is trash with a gambling addiction) and some of it comes off as raging ex wife revenge. What is the truth? Hopefully we find out.
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