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  3. Not quite the same thing of course, but the Devils' top three picks in 2017 (Nico, Other Jesper, and Zetterlund) are all currently on the team and all playing regularly...and in Zetterlund's case, after a three-game cup of coffee in his first callup where he got very little ice time, he's since put up 17 points in 28 GP. He's really on a mission to force his way into sticking around (and holding off Holtz).
  4. I'll be going into enemy territory tonight. Let's flood msg! wish me luck, LGD!
  5. Holy Schmid that was frightening.
  6. That was some good drafting, whoever that guy was deserves a bonus.
  7. god i need the devils to absolutely destroy the piss rags tonight
  8. kinda bananas that the Stars got Heiskanen, Oettinger and Robertson all in the same draft. Goes to show you that 1 draft really can change the course of a franchise.
  9. Excited for this one tonight. I didn't get to see the Caps game. I was out in Columbia MD at a bar and assumed they would at least have the game on one of the TVs. Nope.
  10. Funny, when I saw Daws being called up my first thought was more “Schmid?” Glad he’s only sick, and not injured.
  11. the question is, where does he play? He's a Right Defenseman; the Devils already have Hamilton and Marino ahead of him on the depth chart. Simon Nemec will likely be ready at the start of next season, but at the very least he'll be ready during Severson's extension. So who are you knocking off the right side? I'd much prefer they re-sign Graves, a left handed defenseman who's a year younger and likely a little bit cheaper.
  12. Wait what the hell happened to Vanecek?
  13. Let’s go Devils. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited and confident in the Devils going into a game against these schmucks. Hoping my family hockey thread (pretty much all Rag fans) gets reeeeaaaallll quiet later.
  14. Ah ok. I had horror visions of Vanecek laying at the bottom of a flight of stairs with the outline of Blackwood at the top laughing maniacally.
  15. Someone in the replies said Schmid is sick. Hopefully that’s all it is.
  16. It’s Holtz and I’m very nervous about the Daws call up. Really hope Vanecek is fine
  17. I think that’s probably around the right number for him. Assuming Holtz can’t improve his game, I would agree, you can only have one or the other of these two.
  18. I think the Devils should look to trade him in the off-season to a team that’s top-6 starving and needs goal scoring. Or maybe in a trade package for a real top-line winger. He isn’t a top line winger on a cup contending team because he doesn’t really do anything well other than “make puck go brrrrrrr”. I also don’t think there is room in the lineup for Holtz and Sharangovich to coexist.
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if Severson is signed at a discount deal. I know many Devils fans think he's not very good, but with D corps having more depth this year, he's not being counted on as much. He's our 2nd PP QB. Fitz does have to shed some $$ somewhere. I know Tatar, Wood, Severson, Haula, & Graves are UFA's after this season. I think they are high on Bahl, & Smith is signed for next season. I think/hope Fitz can sign Bratt to a reasonable contract. Cap wise as we speak, is not too shabby.
  20. What do you think he gets? If he scores 25 or so and puts up 50+ points? Yeah I don't want to pay too much for him either (he does have limitations), but not sure something in the $3 - 3.9 million range gets it done. And to his credit he is solid on the PK, and a threat to score on that unit. I could see three or four years, $4 million AAV.
  21. If Sharangovich wants 4.5, I don’t think I want Sharangovich haha. He’s obviously got a great shot but he doesn’t really do anything else at a top-6 level, which is why he doesn’t spend much time in the top-6.
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