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  2. No doubt with the overrated Richard todd we could easily have lost in miami, but it was still a classless bellicheck move by shula..
  3. 14-4. What an onslaught. Though for me to get my hopes up again they need to take 3 of 4 in San Fran. Do that and I'll maybe start believing again (though they'd still be under .500) at least the needle will be pointed upward
  4. Well hopefully this ends the creeping "Home Run Derby Ruined Alonso" argument. Puts one halfway up the 3rd deck in Minnesota.
  5. I work in the same area.... believe me, I know. My office is right next to a Porsche dealership lol.
  6. Meh, I'm pretty indifferent to this. Wasn't much there. Guy allowed 8 HR in 31 IP here too.
  7. Mets send Wilmer Font to the Blue Jays for cash I don't think he's all that good (nor is he young) but I don't know would've probably given him a bit of a longer look. We really can't afford to be punting any sort of bullpen guys. Still I doubt anything comes of him.
  8. Class of 2009 here. Grew up in Broadway/Washington. I live and work in Parsippany/Morris Plains now, so I am right down the road. Maybe I should pop in lol. I know there are bunch of wealthy people right up the road in Mendham too. You always see Ferries and Lambos going up and down the road.
  9. Yeah he was. One of those dudes who could elicit chuckles in class from everyone (including the teachers) without trying very hard...quite funny but not in the classic "Class Clown" mold...he was a very good student, quite smart actually (wouldn't have skipped a grade otherwise I suppose). He was already doing some comedy bits back then...he'd just kind of brainstorm and come up with ideas...some worked and some didn't, but he kinda knew that failure would be part of the equation (he tried to front his own band for a while, and let's just say he was never meant to be a vocalist...even decent stage presence wasn't enough to overcome his very bad singing). But like I said, much funnier off-the-cuff than when he'd try to create bits.
  10. I think one of the Jonas brothers lives in Denville now.
  11. Warren Hills here as well. Graduated in 98. Yes, I am older than dirt.
  12. Yes sir. Warren Hills is my Alma mater.
  13. Thanks for sharing that. I was a huge fan of The State as a teenager so it's cool to hear that Black was a good guy
  14. You could have at least went with “McManus!”
  15. Geez, all you guys with your celeb connections. I went to high school with Ricky Proehl (WR for 17 years in the NFL, won a SB with the Rams) and Michael Ian Black (did The State and Viva Variety, and appeared on some novelty shows like VH1's "I Love the 80s"). Both were nice enough guys (Ricky was clearly the best player on our football team by far and worked very hard at being the best he could be, but quite ironically, he wasn't at all full of himself the way many of his far less-talented teammates were, who carried themselves like the gods they only wished they could be)...Ricky was the kind of guy who would say hello to anyone in the hallway. Black (whose real last name is Schwartz) actually grew up in my neighborhood from when I was about 8 to 10 years old (we moved to a different part of town, but I still knew him through graduation...he was a year behind me, but skipped the 5th grade to move up into my class)...he was a pretty cool guy, pretty funny...definitely much funnier in person and just hanging out than he ever was during anything he did on TV. I wasn't super-close with him, but he was a good dude...I remember seeing him on The State (was on MTV) in my early 20s, recognizing him immediately and thinking "Damn, how did he wind up with that gig? Good for him!" Think he went to NYU and met the other people who would eventually do that show while in school, but I was happy for him that he was able to make something happen...sure it wasn't easy.
  16. I also went to school with Stephen Baldwin's daughter who was friends with Miley Cyrus at the time, she let me text her from her phone and ask her to prom lol. Needless to say I was rejected. Edit: also, every time Stephen came to school to pick up his daughter, me and my friend Jordan would yell "DOYLE!" at him and he would just smirk and do the shaka sign
  17. I didn't even know they were from NJ. I went to High school with Halsey. I never really knew her but from what I have heard she's quite the fake.
  18. Well aside from the general entitlement of being pseudo-famous fvckboys back then, one of my fondest memories was Nick (who was a year below us at the time) making fun of my friend Jeremy in the halls before 3rd period. My friend Jeremy SNAPS and wraps his hand around Nicks trachea and pins him up against a locker. We had to pull him off but he was about to start WAILING on that kids face. When jeremy let go, Nick was coughing, choking, and crying all at the same time. We didn't really see much of them after 7th grade. The youngest brother (who is actually in the band now after the oldest left) came into school one time wearing his full costume from Les Miserables on broadway and he got torn to shreds by everyone lol.
  19. Jerzey

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Looks like a mix between Jim Carrey and Bruce Campbell.
  20. I never really expected all that much from Rosario as a hitter in the majors, even though he clearly looked good at times in the minors (AA in particular...hard to make a huge deal out of his Vegas numbers, for obvious reasons). But yeah, if you put much stock into WAR, he's now at 1.0 for his entire major-league career (291 GP). What's frustrating is that it seems like the Mets just ignored his fielding shortcomings in the minors (which WERE apparent) and assumed he'd get better. He hasn't. And if you look at his fielding numbers, he actually appears to rank BELOW average in a number of them: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/r/rosaram01.shtml No wonder we're starting to hear about Gimenez (whose bat appears to have even less life than Rosario's...some will say "Well Gimenez is young", but I've already made the direct AA comparison, and the 20-year-old Rosario ran circles around the 20-year-old Gimenez...it's not even close), and hearing about a position switch for Rosario. Sadly, it's looking more and more like Rosario will be either be a poor man's starting SS at best (think bad team or stopgap, a guy who winds up playing for 6 or 7 teams for his career), or a backup by the time he's 26 or so. But yeah, seems more and more like the guy was wildly overhyped. And apparently not capable of getting all that much better than he is right now.
  21. I went to school with the Jonas brothers. I can tell you for a fact that Connor is not nearly as douchey as they were.
  22. His dog is amazing. I’d give him 2.5m for 5 years.
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