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  1. Don't worry sheeps, I'm almost sure that about 80 percent of the board ignores my posts... :rolling:

    I think there should be a poll to see whose posts are ignored the most. I think I must be up there too. :D DM, can this be a stat you add on to the front page? :lol:

    EDIT: Hey Sammy, looks like I got the honors this time. glad I quoted! :)

    EDIT2: :rant:

  2. This group is getting weirder and weirder by the day! But I'm glad to see everyone happy after a game (for the most part, at least!) :D



    After a disappointing loss against the Bruins (5-2), the Devils retaliate to improve their away record with a shutout against the New York Islanders, who stand at 2nd place in the Atlantic Division.

    The Devils had some time to think about the previous night

  3. Question: While I know it's bad this guys gone through more concusions then I can count on one hand, why does he keep playing? Does he not remember what happens to him in the past? Yah, hockey is his life, but by the time he's done with hockey, he won't remember it anyway!

  4. So it's not bad I stole the pic? I can edit it out.

    I'm just excited cause we haven't had a d-man that would drop the gloves in a minute. Stevens? Rafalski? Niedermayer? White, even? Smehlik? Albelin? Tverdovsky? Daneyko? Very rare to fight. I think Hale will be a little more ready. With the loss of McKenzie we will need players like Marshall, Stevenson, and Hale to chip in for the right fight once in a while.

    Of course it's not bad you stole the pic! Trust me when I tell you my website can handle it. :D I'm trying to think of ther last defenseman that dropped the gloves on a regular basis... Oliwa was a left winger, but he was the last fighter that I can remember...

  5. Lol, sorry I didn't update the main page yet, but yes, that was from Tampa Bay. The fight wasn't all that great, actually. At least in my opinion, it started out promising, but I felt it was more or less a wrestling match afterwards. As always (and I am just doing my part :evil: ) the media is making the little things seem good!

  6. All I know is that once the whistle is blown, I go to take a bite of my pretzle and before I can look up, play has resumed, there were about 3 goals scored, and 1 penalty made in the process.


    Okay, so maybe I'm stretching the truth a bit, but I think things are too rushed. Okay, I'll deal with a time limit, but make it something a little more reasonable then what they have now. I'm sure everyone remembers when Burns didn't have enough time to make a line change in the playoffs last year? It led to a goal against the Devils, and a very POed Burns.

  7. I know it's late, but oh well :)



    #| The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Members Newsletter |#

    #| http://njdevils.info |#


    The Tampa Bay Lightning continue their winning streak as they defeat the Devils 3-2 in tonight

  8. Actually, I found something in the other post (at the time I'm typing this, it's right underneath this one about the Devils experimental third jersey) and it can be seen on this page: http://uniformexperiment.deep-ice.com/Hockey/newjersey.html if you scroll down, it has it at the bottom... but the D is going through it still! :angry: I bet there doesn't exist a a version of that image without the D that exists... except maybe in the Devils office....

  9. Oh no no no... Thank you DM, but thats not the one.. I think what the other people were talking about was what I'm thinking of. I have one of the Devils programs, but there is a big D going through the Devils... I think.

    And who's WCDF? westcoastdevfan?

  10. Ras is going balls out to get the puck away from Antropov!

    :o That's just uncalled for

    Now I'm going to sit in a corner in the fetal posisiton till I can get that thought out of my mind

    oh the pain :evilcry:

    EDIT: It's actually Antropov's fault. he was hooking Ras on the right, and thats what caused him to loose his balance

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