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  1. It sounds like this is a good hire so I'll be hopeful.  Hopefully TOR fans are bummed he's gone.

    I have to believe he asked Fitz about the goalie situation and maybe him taking the job means he liked what he heard.  Or not, I have no idea.

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  2. 16 minutes ago, njbuff said:

    With all the Devils problems, they are STILL within striking distance of a WC spot.

    But they have basically quit on the season, so there is no use debating it.

    Oh, and don’t be surprised if you see Bratt’s name included on a deal for a goalie this offseason.

    I think Mercer would be dealt before Bratt.

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  3. A BOS fan on another page I frequent has said there was a trade offer for Ullmark but the player turned it down.  I wonder if that was us.

    Oh wow we had a Ullmark trade in place but he blocked it with the NTC. Wonder if New Jersey tried to get him before settling on Allen.





  4. 1 minute ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Not sure it will be Markstrom.  I'm thinking he might go full Saros.

    I hope so with Saros.  Fitz seems to have a hard on for Markstrom.

    I would be happy with Saros/Allen next season instead.

  5. 7 minutes ago, aylbert said:

    I wouldnt mind trading 2 firsts away if it get us a legitimate starting goalie.   I really don't want to see a backup that we try at starter  re: VV
    Logan Thompson may be the exception?    Until Adin Hill emerged, he was looking like the starter in Vegas.

    I don't think either Markstrom or Ullmark are the answer and I'm not sure how happy I'd be if we ended up with either one.  I think the goalie pool opens up a little more if you're offering two firsts, one being a lottery pick.

  6. I must be the only person who doesn't want Markstrom.  He seems like a win now goalie move and the Devils aren't close to winning now.  They are not a goalie away from winning anything yet.  While last season was a blessing for long suffering fans, they were handled by CAR in the playoffs and this season is what it is.  I think this team is better than their record indicates but not Stanley Cup contending better, even with Markstrom and a different coach (maybe Berube can be a Burns type influence). 

    Next season is Markstrom's 34/35 year old season.  He would absolutely make the Devils better but I don't think it's enough to contend and I don't really want to give up any decent assets for him knowing we probably have a lottery pick this year.

    If we need to give up assets for a goalie I'd rather do it for a youngerish goalie who can grow with this team.  I don't know who that would be as I'm not a GM.  But I don't think Markstom's the answer.

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  7. 10 minutes ago, Lateralous said:

    These retro black third jerseys that the Flames are wearing should have been left in the dustbin of history.  

    Especially for a team with great home colors.  I hate black uni's when black isn't one of that team's primary colors.


    Let's Go Devils!

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  8. 5 hours ago, MadDog2020 said:

    I feel like this team is made for regular season success and not necessarily built for a long playoff run, bad goaltending not withstanding. 

    I'm not telling anyone that making the devils more physical makes them better but I really don't want to see our captain getting run on with no answers anymore either.  I'm not looking for a waste of space like Reaves either, those days are over.  I actually hoped the Devils would sign Colton in the offseason.  And I liked Gudas too because I was hoping the team would get a little more physical.  Zadorov would be a good start. 

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  9. Let's Go Devils!  I love and hate the fact that this team has some expectation this season, I hope I can enjoy it.  My football season is already over as a Giants fan.  Though thanks to the past few seasons of Devils ineptitude I've grown fond of talking about draft position and prospects so early in the season.

    Hate the 7:30 start too.  I need the season to start now.

  10. I haven't yet but I will.  I'm going to wait until we get closer to the regular season, unless they air all of the pre season games.  Then I'll sign up sooner.  I created an account I just haven't signed up yet.  The quality is going to have to be super sh!tty to get me to even think about going back to FUBO.


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    I'd be perfectly happy seeing him start the season on the third line with Haula and Palat.  Two veterans who I think can do the dirty work to help Holtz shine.

    What does the bottom six look like without him?


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  11. 53 minutes ago, HughesCorporation said:

    If anything we need some size and toughness, not a goon but a big body that knows how to check, not another small forward

    My son was hoping the Devils could pick up Hathaway.  But I think we can find someone like that around the trade deadline if we need it.  Maybe Lazar can fill that role even though he brings no Offense.

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  12. 39 minutes ago, RizzMB30 said:


    Same. I wish Shango the best of luck in CGY. I hope he figures it out and plays Toffoli's ice time. I really really like his game and it does feel like he got outshined this year pretty severely, but I really hope he and his family like it and he does really well there. 

    As for the rest of the trade. Holy sh!t Fitz. I don't know how he pulled this one off. Getting the 6th for Blackwood was fine and probably goes to show that his value wasn't high around the league. 

    How the fvck did Fitz pull this one off? This is another top 6 forward who is a right handed right wing. He is Holtz's and Mercer's competition for top 6 time going in to 2023-24. I'm fine with a 3rd pick going the other way to get a guy like this. I cannot believe that Shango fetched Toffoli. I didn't think that he had THAT much more value than say Blackwood. I don't know if CGY sees him as a top 6 guy. 

    Huge deal. This is a guy who, like Palat can play anywhere in your top 9. Has a reputation of being an excellent shooter/sniper. I think he'll be huge on our second PP unit. He's also won a Stanley Cup with LA in 2014 (We got ourselves another Ranger-killer). His raw stats look like he's been a career secondary scorer and last year seems like the anomaly. Middle six RW. 


    Here's this too. Just evidence that it's kind of make or break for Holtzy next season. NHL or bust.  https://www.nj.com/devils/2023/06/what-devils-told-alexander-holtz-at-exit-interviews-career-defining-offseason.html 

    Good to hear that they got Bratter on top of Holtzy and really pushing him. Sounds like the entire management team wanted to send him a message. I think the tools are there in the toolbox for him. I think if he figures out his "play away from the puck" as Lindy would say, I think he'll stick. 

    I believe we still have Lazar too. And my kid is telling me Clarke should get a serious look.

  13. 8 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    I brought it up before but if Schmid (or some other young Devils goalie) can actually battle Shesterkin to a draw during Shesterkin's prime years...the Rangers lose the one advantage that they could truly claim having.

    Yeah it kind of feels like the Rangers as constituted have already peaked.  

    I feel the same way about the rags.  Their rebuild started earlier than ours (and was aided by all those douches that would only play under NY's bright lights) and I think right now they are in the middle of "win now" mode whereas NJ is just starting their run.  That's what makes this win even sweeter.  The rags wasted this season. And with this playoff experience and the kids we have coming up our run can last a while.  I think the future rags will only go as far as Laf/Kakko can take them because beyond them there's not a lot of young forward talent coming up in their system and their big names are getting older.


    Or maybe I'm just still high off of last night.

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  14. I don’t have the line ups in front of me but I think we could still shore up that third line and while I don’t think we need to add any defense (especially if Hughes gets a shot) I wouldn’t mind adding someone like Gudas for the 5/6 spot in our defense. A little knuckle dragging for a rough playoff series possibly against the rags would be nice to have. And I believe he’s in the last year of his contract. 

    But if we’re done making moves I’m ok with that. Meier is a big get.

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