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  1. That Shakir pick almost brings back memories of Adrian Foster.
  2. I'd rather draft a forward with 7 and take a chance on a kid like Kaiden Guhle being there at 18. Then grab another forward at 20, maybe Reichel if he's there at 20. I'm just not convinced on taking Sanderson with that 7 pick, assuming Drysdale is gone.
  3. My wife shot me daggers when we watched The Re-Animator. It's one of my favorites but I forgot how that movie ended. I spent the whole ending telling my kids to cover their eyes. I can deal with gore and vulgarity(since they hear that at home anyway) but I'm not cool with sex/nudity. I misfired on that one.
  4. 70's and 80's horror flicks generally can't be fvcked with. I think I've seen every one. My friends and I used to go to the Fangoria Fests in NYC in the 80's and we met so many great people: Clive Barker, Angus Scrimm, Jeffrey Combs, Doug Bradley, Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman, and a few others I cant recall. I'll always recommend movies like Death Spa, Redneck Zombies, and Combat Shock, even though that one isn't necessarily horror but it's a Troma film. I watch these movies with my kids all the time. Last year my then seven year old drew me a pic of Michael Myers, Jason, and Freddy that
  5. Halloween was an absolute perfect movie in every way, it could never have been made better. That RZ movie was destined to fail. The other original movies you mentioned were not classics that could not be improved on(although I'd argue about The Hills have Eyes).
  6. I don't hate CAR all that much because they never had players I hated even though they broke my heart a few times. Outside of our natural hatred of the Rags and Flyers, if we're going to hate teams for having certain players, how is it we don't all hate TOR when they had Domi, Roberts, Corson, Tucker, & Belak. Those were brutal playoff series the Devils had against that team of douche bags. I would think that would be the most loathed team.
  7. That's a bummer, only a little older than me. When I first started playing EA Sports Hockey, BUF was my team and he along with Mogilny and Lafontaine were my line. F*** cancer.
  8. Last year I told some rags fans at work this was going to happen if he didn't get traded then around last seasons deadline. Why would a young rebuilding team use a 37 year old goalie as their foundation in goal when they have two valuable prospects that are just coming of age. I didn't see why the rags would ever want to move either one of those guys and keep him. And that fake king should have seen this coming. Fvck him.
  9. I think they called him up to start his audition to see if he can be moved for anything. No matter how well he plays, I don’t think he has a future here.
  10. I still care about the team, just not necessarily about the wins and losses anymore. But I'm always going to cheer for a victory. I don't know why we can't keep McLeod in the lineup over Hayden/Rooney. LGD!
  11. Ocean County is Central Jersey down to Lacey Rd. I've always used that as the cut-off.
  12. Nice win tonight for the boys. There is no reason why our 22 year old goalie can't play a back to back in November, especially when our backup isn't great. If it turns out in June that he's gassed in the finals I'll come back and rue these games. Otherwise Blackwood should go a little Brodeurian here and have a long stretch of games if he's playing well.
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