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  1. Yeah we didn't put much thought into the monetary aspect of it. I just hate seeing Tatar on that top line and now reading that Johnsson got the call up is disheartening. That's why I'm wondering if we can still get a top six winger for Seves.
  2. Palat's injury and Holtz's failure to nail down a spot really show how little depth we have for a decent top 6. I wonder if it would be better to maybe see what we can get for Severson now instead of waiting as the season goes on since I think we all agree he won't be back. I think it would be tougher to trade him later on if we are in a playoff spot or close to it. I was talking to a friend of mine last night and he said he hoped we could somehow pull a Holtz for Meier trade. I don't know how realistic that is or if SJ would even look to move him. If we traded Seves I would love to get some kind of power forward not that I even have a name to give though. I'm assuming Bahl and Okhotyuk can step in on the third line. I'm pretty happy with the way they've been playing and I don't think they need to wait until March to make a move if we can.
  3. I grew up a NY Football Giants and Nets fan but never paid any attention to hockey until the Devils made the playoffs for the first time in '87/'88 when I was a senior in high school. I always wanted to support NJ sports teams (I loved the Generals too) but I didn't know anyone who followed hockey. So it was a big deal when they first made the playoffs and I started following them slowly. It wasn't until I first played on my Sega EA Sports hockey in '91 or '92 that I actually started to understand the game and know the teams and players and became more of a hockey/Devils fan that culminated with the crushing loss to the rags in '94. The next year was better though.
  4. I swear I can’t believe how hyped Bruins fans are about this trade. On another message board I visit one Bruins fan commented on his size and how it was about time they added players like that. I just laughed and thought I can’t wait until you see how soft he plays. They are way over-valuing him.
  5. I don't think MTL had any plans on trading that 1OA once they had the Dach trade lined up.
  6. Also Okhotyuk and Vukojevic.
  7. The Devils once had a guy named Niedermayer on our "2nd" line.
  8. I read on another board that MTL is desperate for a top line center and with no center prospects in their farm I would hope they still take Wright first. Slafkovsky would fit in nicely here. I wonder what the Devils would do if Slafkovsky was picked first? You can always use talent like Wright and Cooley but the Devils have bigger needs elsewhere.
  9. Good luck for us again, I'll take it. I think I would only trade this pick for a goalie now. It sounds like Slafkovsky is the player I hoped Foote might become.
  10. That’s what I’m hoping for. Admittedly I don’t follow anyone other than the Devils that closely anymore so I’m not sure who would even be our Schneider in this trade. But I know that there’s no one worthy in FA nor in the draft and we don’t have anyone in the system ready to carry the team, so if we’re not trading for a goalie, where are we getting one? There has to be an upgrade next season. I liked the Blackwood/Bernier combo this season but we can’t go into next season with only them again. I’m not sure how we fix our most glaring weakness.
  11. I don’t know man, I’m not a GM. I didn’t know about Schneider either but somehow it got done.
  12. This would be the perfect year to trade that pick for a goalie. It didn't end well with Schneider but I still loved that trade.
  13. It wouldn’t be so bad if he turned into Joe Nieuwendyk.
  14. I bought a Hughes sweater for my son. It was easier to get than the RR's. He likes this sweater and I don't hate it at all, I'm just not a fan of adding a black jersey. I think the red and green were fine as an alternate sweater. But I can't wait to see what these look like on the ice.
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