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  1. Last year I told some rags fans at work this was going to happen if he didn't get traded then around last seasons deadline. Why would a young rebuilding team use a 37 year old goalie as their foundation in goal when they have two valuable prospects that are just coming of age. I didn't see why the rags would ever want to move either one of those guys and keep him. And that fake king should have seen this coming. Fvck him.
  2. I think they called him up to start his audition to see if he can be moved for anything. No matter how well he plays, I don’t think he has a future here.
  3. I still care about the team, just not necessarily about the wins and losses anymore. But I'm always going to cheer for a victory. I don't know why we can't keep McLeod in the lineup over Hayden/Rooney. LGD!
  4. Ocean County is Central Jersey down to Lacey Rd. I've always used that as the cut-off.
  5. Nice win tonight for the boys. There is no reason why our 22 year old goalie can't play a back to back in November, especially when our backup isn't great. If it turns out in June that he's gassed in the finals I'll come back and rue these games. Otherwise Blackwood should go a little Brodeurian here and have a long stretch of games if he's playing well.
  6. Almost every hockey betting line I've seen, including tonight's games, is always a +/- 1.5. The Devils had the only line at 2.5. Even the bookies know they're not good.
  7. That 4th line is disappointing. I read a tweet earlier that said Wood crashed into the boards during practice and was slow getting up, so I guess he's ready to go. It's no wonder we can't trade him. Anyway, LGD! It would be nice picking up our first win at PHI.
  8. I was originally thinking Hayden but really McLeod can replace everything Wood brings with some more skill. I don't know much about Brodie but if Wood was the main piece going back I wouldn't think it was much of a loss for NJ at all. There's almost no spot for him, especially if they want to keep Boqvist. And I guess it depends on whether McLeod is really ever going to be a regular NHLer.
  9. Too bad CAL wouldn't take Wood for Brodie instead of Coleman. I like Wood but he's definitely looking movable. Shero and his team have given us some nice depth.
  10. Never mind Springsteen and Bon F*****g Joki. Keeping it NJ. They sold out The Rock. They deserve their day. Not a hockey song but catchy as hell after a goal is scored and only 1:40.
  11. I have three boys- 14, 12 & 7. I assure you, once they are grown and out of the house I will never be responsible for another living creature again. We also have two cats who I loathe.
  12. It’s pork roll people. Act like you live here.
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