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  1. I bought a Hughes sweater for my son. It was easier to get than the RR's. He likes this sweater and I don't hate it at all, I'm just not a fan of adding a black jersey. I think the red and green were fine as an alternate sweater. But I can't wait to see what these look like on the ice.
  2. I was there and I was pretty impressed with the crowd. A few empty seats in every section but otherwise full. Not bad for a Tuesday night game against an expansion club.
  3. I heard that Kessel wants out of PHX. I’d rather the Devils look into that rather than Tarasenko if Fitz is planning another move. I know it would cost more to acquire him but he’d look nice on the first line.
  4. I was surprised that I hadn't heard his name today at all. I just assumed that meant he may already have had a deal with BOS in place. I think that would be a great pickup for us. Can we get him and Saad or have I now crossed the line after the fine day we had today?
  5. He didn't say there were rumors about it, just that he thought we should look into him. He also said the same thing to me about Dunn.
  6. My kid follows hockey overall more than I do now and he's mentioned the Devils pursuing this guy.
  7. But who's going to score for this team? It seems like almost all of their forwards are "bottom six" players according to the small blurbs I've read. I hope the Rags don't end up with Giordano. I know a few fans who are already thrilled with the prospect of acquiring him for Strome then adding Eichel. And why the fvck would SEA eat some of that salary?
  8. My kid just told me that the Devils traded for Ryan Graves from COL for our 2nd and Maltsev. He was pretty happy about this. I haven't seen anything yet. Wow, 6'5 " 220lbs
  9. xxchaznjxx


    Unfortunately I think there’s going to be a few teams who would want Coleman. I read a blurb from Brooks saying he would be a perfect fit for what the rags are trying to do as far as adding grit and skill goes. Not that he’s going there, but I think Coleman’s going to be sought after. I would love him back here.
  10. Dam, he would be a fine pick up for a team like ours that desperately needs a top tier defenseman, if we could get him to sign an extension. Not sure what we'd have to offer to get him. edit: Subban comes of the books after this season so offer him Subban's money plus another mil if it'll keep him here. I think he's only going to be 27 so you can offer him something long term too. I know I'm just dreaming though.
  11. I don't post much but I follow every GDT. Sometimes part of being a fan is the suffering.
  12. If the Devils are making this trade I would rather it was for a promising young defenseman. I know we need forward help but we are really hurting on D, even though I hope we see Bahl, Reilly, and Vukojevic get a chance next season.
  13. Bummed about losing Zajac. Good luck to both of them.
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