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  1. xxchaznjxx

    It’s Keefe

    It sounds like this is a good hire so I'll be hopeful. Hopefully TOR fans are bummed he's gone. I have to believe he asked Fitz about the goalie situation and maybe him taking the job means he liked what he heard. Or not, I have no idea.
  2. LGD! I want them to win but I don't want Green getting too much credit.
  3. I think Mercer would be dealt before Bratt.
  4. Yeah, supposedly it was the LAK.
  5. A BOS fan on another page I frequent has said there was a trade offer for Ullmark but the player turned it down. I wonder if that was us. Oh wow we had a Ullmark trade in place but he blocked it with the NTC. Wonder if New Jersey tried to get him before settling on Allen.
  6. I hope so with Saros. Fitz seems to have a hard on for Markstrom. I would be happy with Saros/Allen next season instead.
  7. Are we really going to be that confident with Markstrom/Allen duo next season. I can't say I will be.
  8. WPG has the 6th best rated prospect pool and we couldn't even get one of those guys.
  9. My son told me the 2nd is for 2025 and the third is 2024. That's gutsy for Fitz if true since he may not be here in 2025.
  10. Getting a second back is disappointing if that's the case. My kid was hoping this prospect named Rutger McGroarty playing at Michigan was involved.
  11. I don't think either Markstrom or Ullmark are the answer and I'm not sure how happy I'd be if we ended up with either one. I think the goalie pool opens up a little more if you're offering two firsts, one being a lottery pick.
  12. I must be the only person who doesn't want Markstrom. He seems like a win now goalie move and the Devils aren't close to winning now. They are not a goalie away from winning anything yet. While last season was a blessing for long suffering fans, they were handled by CAR in the playoffs and this season is what it is. I think this team is better than their record indicates but not Stanley Cup contending better, even with Markstrom and a different coach (maybe Berube can be a Burns type influence). Next season is Markstrom's 34/35 year old season. He would absolutely make the Devils better but I don't think it's enough to contend and I don't really want to give up any decent assets for him knowing we probably have a lottery pick this year. If we need to give up assets for a goalie I'd rather do it for a youngerish goalie who can grow with this team. I don't know who that would be as I'm not a GM. But I don't think Markstom's the answer.
  13. Especially for a team with great home colors. I hate black uni's when black isn't one of that team's primary colors. Let's Go Devils!
  14. The entire Crash Line should go in the ring. They were legendary in '95.
  15. I feel like this team is made for regular season success and not necessarily built for a long playoff run, bad goaltending not withstanding. I'm not telling anyone that making the devils more physical makes them better but I really don't want to see our captain getting run on with no answers anymore either. I'm not looking for a waste of space like Reaves either, those days are over. I actually hoped the Devils would sign Colton in the offseason. And I liked Gudas too because I was hoping the team would get a little more physical. Zadorov would be a good start.
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