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  1. Saw both Clarkson and Kovalchuk. Kovalchuk left in a beautiful Mercedes SUV I believe, he might've been one of the first players out.
  2. Hooked - arguably on a breakaway - much? It looks like we're going back to not being able to catch a break. Besides that, we looked pretty good. We still need obvious improvements with our faceoffs, passing, and backchecking.
  3. - As the guy above said, have the "Devil's Legion" commercials air on popular channels. 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 - and especially during sports games for other sports (Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets). - If somebody purchases club seats once, then give them nice discounts to sit there again for rival games (some games, at least). - If somebody purchases lower bowl, non-club seats once, then give them a real nice discount for club seats to any 1 game of their choice, minus playoff games. - Stop muting the crowd on TV so much - make them louder. Some games, Prudential Center is absolutely rocking, but on TV, it sounds like everybody is dead ...even when a goal is scored (somewhat). When people watch our games, you know exactly what they say, "Damn they're quiet.". Who's going to go to a seemingly "dead" arena? - "NJ Student-Athlete Night". This will probably be hard to pull off , but, if it can be done, then it'd sell-out the arena, guaranteed. On certain nights, all NCAA and NJSIAA student-athletes can go to the game for free, but they can't just go alone: they need to go with at least 1 other person who paid for their ticket. Example: I'm Bob, a HS Football player. I go to devils.nhl.com, prove who I am, get my promotion code, go to ticketmaster, and purchase 3 100-level tickets for my family, one of which will be free since I'm a HS student-athlete.
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