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  1. If Vanek bolts next season then the Islanders gave a sh!tload for NOTHING
  2. I always liked the suggestion of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" By the Rolling Stones.
  3. I think Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World would work. If you're listening wooooooooah, sing it back wooooooah.
  4. Exactly. Hockey is and never really has been a family friendly sport. You want family friendly? Go watch baseball. Perfect example. Not only do I not watch baseball because it's boring game but I've been dragged to games and the "fans" there are more interested in sitting in their seats, texting, walking around the stadium then being loud and supporting their teams. I don't want that. Look at the club seats at the Rock. The people that ARE there don't sit in their seats because they are too busy stuffing their faces and watching the games on TVs. The NHL is not a TV driven league like the NBA. We need the attendence to really shine through and we need that infectous atmosphere that we've had for a few years now. Right now it's boring on boring with the crap play and crap environment. The fact people are supporting this boggles my mind.
  5. If you call what we've seen the past few games as "middle ground" then
  6. Because walking into the mall and booing random strangers is the exact same senario as walking into a sporting event and booing opposing teams and players from said opposing teams. Whatever you say lady.
  7. And last night reminded me a lot of CAA minus the winning. Music that is 2-3 decades old and a very quiet arena with hardly any energy from the fans.
  8. MSG is more of a morgue then the Rock is. Give that time as well as we'll be right along there. Sorry. Last night was pathetic on all fronts.
  9. Again. It's because of bad play and bad atmosphere in the building. Give it time and attendence will either be stagnant or dip a little bit more. The team to be fair is in a terrible division so they can always slowly pull things together. Especally with the Hurricanes (who are in 2nd place) and Cam Ward being out of action for some time. No one wants to go to a hockey game or any sporting event really and be told how to act on that level. There should be a general set of guidelines so it isn't anarchy but it shouldn't be treated like a preschool. That's common sense.
  10. Hey if you rather attendence be like it was last night and have a completely dead atmosphere because you are worried over a goal song there you go, you saw the results. I never said I wanted Vanderbeek back. I said for a rich owner with deep pockets that is actually a fan of the team and cares about the fanbase. These guys come off as way too corperatey. Like I said. Those who are willing to sh!t-can their ticket plans over the goal song are completely vaild in their reasoning. The atmosphere of a building is just as important as the on-ice product and right now both are complete sh!t.
  11. Hey I liked Glacier. Then again I was like six. They massively dropped the ball on that though. They played off of Mortal Kombat's success. Glacier was like Sub-Zero and they should have brought in a Scoripon like character as well. Start a little mid-card stable. But yes. Looking back on everything as a 24 year old now - this is VERY similar. Toronto fans are going to be very disappointed.
  12. I shudder to think what management wants to make the Devils. Ugh. This team needs/needed a rich version of Vanderbeek. Not this.
  13. The Maple Leafs tweeted this out recently. Let's all have a good laugh over the WWE-style hype they are giving Clark-tard. They should follow that up with another picture: "HE IS COMING...TO FALL DOWN ON THE ICE". Apparently Toronto must think they have Kovalchuk. Someone better them it's David Clarkson they are hyping up like this because I think they are confused.
  14. Our jerseys are among the best non original six jerseys in the league. Doesn't need "modernizing" at all. I don't want to see the Devils becoming "that team" that has a different jersey scheme every five years.
  15. No kidding. This is one of the reasons why I think the fans who are thinking about cancelling ticket plans or boycotting games have a very vaild point. Who wants to go to a hockey game and be policed the moment they walk in the door. Told what to and what not to say and have to worry about saying the wrong thing. You are suppose to have FUN at a hockey game. The atmosphere is as equal in my opinion as the game itself. The atmosphere adds to the excitement of the action of the game. You are paying thousands of dollars to have these plans and in some cases hundreds and good hard money in general for single games. Who wants to go to each game with an atmosphere like last night? That wasn't a fun atmosphere. Sports are supposed to be a release from real life. I don't know about you guys but I don't want to sit down in my seat and have the feeling that I'm in the principal's office. If we are a basement team this year and fans have to put up with managements antics all year then I wouldn't be shocked at all if attendance suffers.
  16. I really was close to yelling "PIPE IT!" I love the concept of the Diablos. I think there are a few posters that are apart of the Diablos. However I know I'll get heat for this but I think that whole section and group is close to jumping the shark and becoming a group of sell outs.
  17. Didn't the Flames use Barbera Streisand at one point? That shows how much they know about picking goal songs. I believe that threory as well. Especally since I didn't read ONE Devils fan on the two fan boards I go on mention that song.
  18. It wasn't even a good generic rock tune. It just sounded like jumbled noise. It brought nothing to the atmosphere of the building whatsoever. This doesn't even have to do with being able to chant "You suck" to it. You couldn't even chant HEY! HEY! HEY! or anything at all to that thing. There was quite a bit of booing by my section after the song was over.
  19. Just the way management and the select minority group of fans want it.
  20. I have no idea who (if anyone) voted for that. I've never even heard of the artist and I write for a music site. I thought Devils fans were pimping out FOB, My Chemical Romance and Gaslight Anthem. I was expecting one of those three tonight. Not some random ass "Monster Truck" song. (LOLWHO) It sounded like a bunch of noise tonight. Random ass noise and I have no idea how anyone could say that was a good goal horn. It deserved the Bon Jovi response that it got tonight because I think managment is just pulling our chain and picking their own songs with a winner already in mind.
  21. Spoiler: Apparently it's going to be Seven Nation Army. Not sure if it's going to be played tonight but according to my rep who called me back just five minutes ago that is one of the three songs.
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