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  1. I am alright about this. Good to have him locked up for a long time.
  2. I won't lie; I really don't miss his recaps. I think the part that frustrated me the most was his own recaps would post contradictory information within the same post. When you called him out on it, he would often play the splitting hairs game or word games.
  3. My own MB-style bullet point thoughts on tonight's game. 1) Blackwood was shaky in the first 5-10 minutes and didn't look good. After that he was a stud. 2) Dare I say that Zacha actually looked pretty good out there? He didn't get points on the board but he did some nice things on both sides of the puck. He might actually turn into something here. 3) Nice to see Palms get out of his funk with a goal. Guy is good for about 30 goals a season, but as much as his highs get really high his lows can get pretty damn low. 4) Hall and Subban actually played with more purpose which was nice to see. 5) What happened to Butcher? Heard he got hurt and left the game though I didn't see it. 6) The audio quality of tonight's game was terrible. Maybe it was my TV but I could hear all the ice and arena sounds but could barely hear the announcers. Maybe that is a good thing... 7) PK and PP looked much better. 8. I can't exactly say what Simmonds does outside of standing in front of the goal on a PP. He seems to just skate around and fall on his ass on 5v5. He is like Clarkson but somehow slower and can't score. 9) Gusev looks great with the puck, but still pretty brutal without it. He really needs to get it together on how to play when he is away from the puck. 10) Hughes looked great. Sucks that his first point is basically an assist off a shot that hit Wood's ass but a point is a point. Nice to see what Hughes can do when he is not paired with someone who is either an offensive black hole or has cement shoes for skates. 11) The quality of officiating has gotten to a critical level. While it wasn't at its worst last night, it was still pretty bad. More and more I am thinking it is the quality of the officials who are coming in replacing some of the old guard. From what I have heard, the AHL actually has the best refs because the refs there had to work their way up. Meanwhile in the NHL it is more of who you know that gets you a reffing gig and not really quality. Case in point; former Albany Devil Dan Kelly is in his first year of being an NHL ref. From what I see, prior to this he has no experience of reffing on any level. How does that happen?
  4. I remember when I used to read ESPN.com's power rankings every week. That was the early 2000's when the Devils we always at or near the top. I haven't checked those in a solid 10 or so years. Not surprising since ESPN has since pretty much checked out of covering hockey, though from what I am hearing that may be soon changing. Getting only 2 out of a possible 12 points is pretty rough, but it's not season-destroying by any means.
  5. There was a game earlier this season where Wood and Hayden got more ice time on the 4th line than Hughes and Simmonds through the first 2 periods. I believe that was the Philly game.
  6. Wood - Rooney - Hayden line will likely see more ice time than the Zacha line and possibly Zajac line. We all know this will happen.
  7. DevsMan84

    Fire Hynes

    It is unlikely our front office would be as inept as them.
  8. DevsMan84

    Fire Hynes

    Building the hockey equivalent of the GS Warriors does sound enticing if it means sacrificing a couple more years of complete suckage.
  9. DevsMan84

    Fire Hynes

    MOAR PATRICK KANES!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently the consensus #1 for this coming draft is supposed to be even better than Hughes.
  10. DevsMan84

    Fire Hynes

    I want our entire top 6 to be loaded with Patrick Kane type talent.
  11. DevsMan84

    Fire Hynes

    lol some of the stuff that goes on in the jersey collecting groups and forums on social media makes Roman gladiator combat look relatively tame. I don't collect cars and have little to zero interest in the world of cars, but I am not going to piss in anyone's cheerios that do. When someone tells me how many horses their car engine has I often have a blank look on my face but I appreciate their enthusiasm as well as the craftsmanship of the vehicle. Also, for any that are interested, I did make a IG of my game worn jersey collection. I am still adding to it so it is still a work in progress. Handle is njd_gameworn
  12. DevsMan84

    Fire Hynes

    I think you might have stopped watching the 76er's about 2-3 seasons ago. They have been pretty good lately.
  13. DevsMan84

    Fire Hynes

    Thanks for the kind words. I actually do appreciate it. Unfortunately over the years it has been more than just a couple of trolls, but I will leave it at that. It is actually encouraging to see that there are some people who actually don't look at it as something to take shots at even though I will admit collecting other's people used clothing sounds a bit weird when it's described as such lol.
  14. Agreed. Going into the season I was prepared to deal with occasional gaffes from him that comes with his style of play, but it's happening at a rapid-fire pace. Like you and others have said, him playing with Severson probably has something to do with it but it is still alarming how bad some of his decisions are. I am hoping that maybe he thinks he has to do everything since the rest of our D outside of Vats are piss-poor that this is leading to this. Once we get better coaching as well as get him away from Severson he could settle down a bit.
  15. DevsMan84

    Fire Hynes

    It's not just him though with that. I'll leave it at that I guess.
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