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  1. I mean, that is his job. He will always have a bit of a slant towards them because he is the NY Post beat writer for them. He is also at least willing to criticize. He was quite down on players like Chityl (or however you spell it) and Andersson. He isn't on the butthole licking level of Steve Valiquette.
  2. DevsMan84

    Hughes or Kakko

    Like Daniel said he won't make it past 15 and to even move up there I don't think a pair of seconds will do it. I would trade a 2nd, 3rd, Bratt and McLeod to move up to snag him.
  3. I pretty much agree with all of this except Zacha. I say keep him but short term.
  4. This reminds me of the Shanahan - Vaive story
  5. Steve Bernier was not only drafted in the first round, but was one of only 8 players who received an offer sheet in the NHL since 2005 (Blues offered him 1 year at $2.5M that Canucks matched). Steve Bernier
  6. Canes fans in general are awful and I wish them misery forever.
  7. To me, "tough building" is code for "the players I have simply suck" from any coach. Looking back at the lineups Pete had when he used that line I cannot blame him for saying it either.
  8. They didn't hire Dellow just to say that everything is the coach's fault.
  9. Will he say that we shouldn't have let go of advanced stats superstar Beau Bennett?
  10. The one in question was a firefighter's helmet, but I have seen others with hardhats and the like. I once sat behind one of these guys a few years back and it was miserable as the helmet blocks your view. It seems like every year more and more fans need some sort of "schtick" to stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  11. Watched maybe 5 minutes of the entire game. The best part of it was seeing in one of the FB groups someone finally getting called out for wearing those helmets at the arena and blocking people who sit behind them views.
  12. Even when I was a kid I was excited to get it at the arena. As soon as I got home, I went into the "what the hell do I do with it now?" mode.
  13. I have gotten dozens of posters from the team over the years and have actually hung up maybe a handful on my wall. I personally find posters to be the absolute worst of the worst when it comes to stadium giveaways. The team could suck, but when half the team that was iced yesterday are not going to be with the team one year from now (or sooner), it doesn't really do it for me. It's another poster that will be tossed in the corner of my basement or thrown out.
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