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  1. First ever Pride Night warm-up jersey auction ended last night. Player Price Hischier, Nico $ 1,150.00 Blackwood, Mackenzie $ 1,050.00 Dell, Aaron $ 1,000.00 Wood, Miles $ 960.00 Hughes, Jack $ 950.00 McLeod, Michael $ 950.00 Bratt, Jesper $ 850.00 Subban, PK $ 850.00 Smith, Ty
  2. A decade of being bad is long. That's why I roll my eyes at those saying that this hasn't been all that long and blah blah blah. Maybe the official rebuild is "only" 6 years old, but a decade of being bad and squeaking into the playoffs once in those 10 seasons is pretty miserable.
  3. Maltsev is only in because Zacha is out. If Zacha was healthy the next game he is the guy who is the odd man out. For next season, if you consider Bratt and Zacha coming back, Foote and either one of Mercer or Holtz becoming regulars, and possibly some FA signings, then Maltsev is already playing on the second line in Binghamton Utica.
  4. I still hear stories about fans who had trouble getting refunds and I think some people to this day are owed refunds from either the Devils or the Titans 2.0 ownership group. Just a ton of broken promises (I distinctly remember the one where JVB guaranteed the fans at a random NJ Devils player would be down once a month to do autographs that never happened) and a really asinine approach to marketing and screwing over local vendors and fans doomed them.
  5. I am very curious to see if those demands ever come out. That will be a huge factor as to which side is being the unreasonable one. I wonder if it had to with upgrading the arena as it is both old and on the smaller side even by AHL standards. However, the track record for the Devils and how their affiliates is possibly the worst in minor league hockey. Trenton, Lowell, Albany 2.0, now Binghamton. That's three, now possibly four, cities that they have left in a lurch and burn bridges. I am surprised anyone would take a chance on the Devils at this point (I guess Utica was desperate s
  6. The worst part is that I do think there is a greater chance than not they will be back next season. Management will likely see this season as either an aberration or a season of "growing pains" and pass that line off to the fans.
  7. A lot of those Euro teams are a lot smaller in terms of, well, everything. They have smaller TV deals, smaller arenas, smaller merchandise sales, etc. Selling advertisements on the ice and on the jerseys is for them to close the gap. Out of the four major league NA sports, hockey is always fourth in revenue by a decent margin every year. Their TV deals are definitely smaller than the other leagues, play less games than MLB, their stadiums/arenas have smaller capacities than the other leagues, and they are far more dependent on revenue coming from the gates than the other leagues. With
  8. Another game, another example of where our underlying numbers were good but the result is a loss. Getting really, really, REALLY tired of this. Good on Jack showing some emotion there. That was a BS call and that seemed to fire the team up. The NHL is really turning into a gong show with how bad some of the officiating has been the past few years. Foote looked decent in his limited time. Big body and has a nice shot. The team is completely devoid of shooters. Sharangovich and probably Bratt are the closest things we have now and even then they are 2nd/3rd liners on most tea
  9. Apparently, Devils have filed a trademark for Utica Devils. Rumor is that the Devils will move Bing Devils there due to a dispute between the NJ Devils ownership and local ownership of the Bing Devils.
  10. Depends, but the worst they can have is the 6th overall.
  11. With their talent it is possible next year, but I wouldn't count on it. Would be the year after at the very least. Not saying they are both going to score 30+ in 22-23, but at least on their way. I still actually higher on Mercer than I am with Holtz. Holtz is still a bit of a question mark given he slowed down a bit after his fast start this season albeit he was missing his center and played on a weak team in the SHL. In totally and completely unrelated stat, the Devils are 1-6 with Nico as captain.
  12. I saw somewhere earlier today (I believe it may have been twitter) that if we don't win the lottery and with Seattle coming in, as it stands we are likely looking at a 6th or 7th overall.
  13. Unfortunately, with how the world still is, I wouldn't hold my breath that Holtz will make it over here in time. Who knows. I also read somewhere that the thought is when Holtz comes over they are planning to give him time with the Bing Devils. I hope that is not the case.
  14. Silver lining to last night is that I didn't have the advanced stats crowd tell me how dominate the Devils really were this game. Even they agreed they stunk. Blackwood had a rough game. That no-goal for Kravtsov was a bit lucky for him as well as that was an awful goal to give up (as was the 4th goal). I think I have seen enough of Merkley and Maltsev to say they are marginal NHL players at best going forward. It has been only 2 games for Siegenthaler, but so far I think he has been meh. Right now our top 4 wingers are Sharangovich, Kuokkanen, Bratt and Zacha. Out of th
  15. Brutal schedule has been making it tough for everyone to get healthy. I hope this is more incentive for our coaching staff/management to get guys like Bahl and Foote some playing time (granted I admittedly haven't checked what that means contract-wise).
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