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  1. Hahahahahahahaha. This is rich. You accused mfitz of driving off another poster last month but at the same time you were the one who drove me off this board for 4 months. The jersey shot is extra good too. I especially like seeing you larping as some jersey expert over on HFboards. Tell me, did you learn most or all of that knowledge from reading posts from mfitz and I from here? The only thing you do here is gargle Hughes balls and make ridiculous comparisons to him and McDavid. More than one poster here has told me privately that you seem to have some weird thing/crush for Hug
  2. You don't think "YeAh bUt hE ScORed 21 pTs lAST yR" from one poster and "But yeah, you obviously have nothing against Hughes. Not at all. What a fvcking bust." from another is not trying to put me down as an idiot? At this point the excuses for Hughes are insane. Cherry picking highlights and stats, saying he was on a bad team when every #1 overall plays on a bad team in their rookie year, comparing his production to rookie seasons from 22 years ago (Thornton), comparing his and season to Kakko (who cares about Kakko), etc is not ludicrous to you? If Lafreniere had a similar season as
  3. If I get banned again, I will at least give you permission this time to attack me after I am banned. You will at least come off as less of a bitch that way.
  4. lol you think I am being contrarian because I don't immediately believe that Hughes will turn out to be a stud for years to come based off a dismal season? Good to know that opposing opinion and not being able to predict the future = contrarian.
  5. You know as well as anyone that if you go against the groupthink here you get that treatment. It's been happening for a few years now.
  6. lol of course it's everyone who is against your opinion that can't use above second grade logic. You have not debunked anything except that you somehow have a crystal ball knowing Hughes will definitely be a stud player. You don't know that and nobody knows. The only thing we know is that he had a bad season last year. When did you become such a tool? I remember you continuing to take shots at me last year for a few days after I was banned and I couldn't respond.
  7. Who the fvck cares about Kakko?!?! Why the hell is he being brought up in every conversation about Hughes? Comparing one player's god-awful season doesn't negate another player's god-awful season.
  8. Yeah I forgot about how going against the forum's groupthink is verboten here. If we are using hyperbole, then Hughes is better than McDavid, Crosby, Gretzky and Lemieux combined!
  9. In MLS they have a team that might as well be called the Philadelphia Bimbos
  10. NA crowds, and to a bigger extend NA sports media, tend to be less accepting of ads mixing with sports than most other parts of the world. I doubt the NHL or any of the other major leagues goes to that level based on that point alone.
  11. Supposed lesser talented players have done well at wing and center. Henrique immediately comes to mind in that regard. And around the excuse merry-go-round we go.
  12. By the same token, wouldn't it be premature to say that Hughes will be an elite player? A lot of posters on here are using that terminology and some are even using comparisons to the game's best player to make that declaration.
  13. If the experts were always right, then busts wouldn't happen.
  14. Absolutely. I find it funny how his dismal season is somehow used as being used as some sort of absolution for Hughes' bad season. Frankly, I don't know why Kakko is even brought up at all when talking about Hughes.
  15. He only played 61 games lol. I never said he was a bust. I just 1) starting to think he is not as good as advertised and 2) find it funny how people seem to be able to predict the future and are so certain he will become a 80+ point player season-in, season-out based on a few cherry-picked highlights.
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