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  1. I am guessing they will price it in the $1995-2995 range.
  2. I still think this one is the best:
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  4. From what was reported when JD and Gorton were fired was that Dolan felt that the team was much closer to being in a win-now mode than JD and Gorton felt. The Rangers are pretty thin at center and they don't want to waste any more of Panarin's good years left. I could def see a directive where Dolan is alright with parting with either Laf or Kakko to obtain Eichel. I don't think the price will be that high due to the Rangers justifiably having concerns about Eichel's health.
  5. I still think the Rangers have largely been quiet as they are angling to make a move on Eichel. I think that will be their big splash this year.
  6. Been watching a bunch of MCU movies the past 1-2 weeks. I have seen all of them at some point or another (minus Hulk and Black Widow), but haven't seen most since they were released. So far I have re-watched Iron Man 1-3, Captain America 1-2, Avengers 1-2, Ant-Man and currently on Captain America 3. I have been skipping the movies I do not care for but will likely re-watch all of the phase 3 films minus Ant Man 2 and Captain Marvel.
  7. Not at all upset about Saad signing in St. Louis. I was just lukewarm about him. Tarasenko is an interesting one, but the concerns about his injuries have merit. If we get him we better hope he plays at least 65 games per season.
  8. It's working with the cap. Cap Hell is when you have to part with a core piece to stay under the cap. For Colorado that would be someone like MacK, Rantanen, Makar, etc.
  9. lol they are cutting loose their most expendable player who, in your own words, scores "meh" goals.
  10. I totally forgot that we were linked to Kulikov earlier today. I wonder how that ends up now. If so, we have a much better looking D-corps heading into this coming season. Just need another decent forward and we can go from there.
  11. Fox is the other one. Kerfoot had about half the amount of points last year as he did in his rookie year.
  12. Yeah it is a shame. He had a strong first season with sheltered minutes but got exposed when he took John Moore's spot the following season and played against stronger competition. Outside of Kevin Hayes, how many other of these college holdouts actually do well past their first NHL season?
  13. Butcher and a 5th round pick traded to Buffalo for future considerations
  14. Good job Devils! Nice to finally see them land the big fish. Would still like for them to nab a top 6 forward.
  15. They're going to have him come out in a Ric Flair outfit and have the fans do a collective Woo
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