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  1. Not sure as I could only stand a couple minutes before turning it off. I believe it was a full 20 minutes but with the difficulty leave on easy. It was less of an actual simulation and more watching 2 kids play NHL20 with the Devils winning all the time.
  2. The current team outside of 3-4 players is compete and utter sh!t. They absolutely need a rebuild rather than a retool. Shero built a house of cards going into this season that collapsed almost immediately. His delay in addressing it and/or having no contingency plan is what sunk him. This season is on Shero, not the owners. The one point I will agree on against the owners is if they fall prey to the advanced stat crowd and their nonsense. From what we have been reading, they seem to have the owners ear. If that is the case I may just check out while we accumulate the Beau Bennett's of the world.
  3. We will be first in expected goals, nearly last in actual goals.
  4. We will be first in expected goals. I guess that counts for something.
  5. It is concerning. The theory running in my head now is that the owners are convinced the team is closer to contention than they really are and Gillis is just a "yes man" who will say anything to get this job.
  6. Those simulated games are just awful. 150+ shots and 12+ goals combined in each game is not exactly something I would term a “simulation,” which implies that it’s trying to be as realistic as possible. That would be like if NASA trained their astronauts in a shuttle simulator and instead they are playing StarFox.
  7. Per Icethetics, looks like nearly all teams are getting an alternate or “fourth jersey” next season. https://www.icethetics.com/jerseywatch-2020 This has been discussed over the past few weeks on a jersey collecting forum I am in and it is consistent. Looks like there will be a standard template that all teams will follow and can be indeed described as “throwback with a twist.”
  8. If you are someone like an NBA player or Kim fvcking Kardashian you bet your ass you will get tested within 24 hours. The virus doesn't discriminate in any way when it comes to its victims, but as a society we definitely have people who are judged to be more valuable than others. Apparently, a 23-year old single millionaire NBA player's life is far more valuable than a 40-year old father of 3 kids and is the sole breadwinner for the family who live paycheck to paycheck. #GodBlessAmerica
  9. Today is two weeks since I was last in the office. I got word a couple days ago that we are all to work from home through April 13. Right now the only thing I am missing at the office are my dual screens. Wow and I hope for nothing but all the best
  10. That's horrible and I hope you feel better. My ex sister in law's boss died from it the other day. A sushi chef at the closest supermarket from me about a mile away died a couple days ago as well. This virus is no joke.
  11. And I bet their property tax is 1/4 the amount, if that.
  12. It's amazing at how much of a difference it makes in terms of standard of living when you make $50K in NJ versus say in the Mid-West or Carolinas. For what I paid for my latest home that I bought last June I could live in a house 2-3 times bigger in the Carolinas.
  13. FWIW I remember the days of when breaking news with the Devils would happen and TG would tweet that he heard the news, but that he was purposefully delaying releasing an article on it or commenting on it until he gets more information from his own sources. TG was surely a gem.
  14. She did what sadly a lot of reporters do now these days; release reports based on someone else's reports without fact-checking. This is usually spurred by the need of being early on the scoop.
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