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  1. Yeah it looks like a bunch of the third jerseys have been scooped up in the past 7-10 days
  2. In the NHL, Holtz played 6 games in November, 1 game in January and 2 games in April. He looked pretty much the same in all of them so I don't think him getting worn down is a reason. I am by no means giving up on Holtz. After seeing him play in person in the AHL, watching a few streams of him playing in the AHL and watching him in those 9 games in the NHL I am less excited about him than I was before the season started. It wasn't until I saw him in person where I could see the entire ice in both the AHL games and the one NHL game I saw him in where his skating was just not good. Skating is such a big part of today's NHL that it is concerning for me about his future.
  3. I apologize for thinking that our 7th overall in 2020 looked worse in his NHL games compared to a guy drafted about 10 spots behind him and tailed off considerably in the second half of the AHL.
  4. That sentence doesn't make sense. He cannot identify teammates in good scoring positions (something kinda required of a good playmaker) but he can make difficult passes? What good are difficult passes when he cannot identify the person in the better scoring position? Have you seen him play? He doesn't fall over but he is slow and is often behind the rest of his linemates. I am far from the only one who has seen that out of him.
  5. Those players have more tools in their arsenal than their shot. Holtz really doesn't have a ton else besides his shot and his skating really prevents him from even taking full advantage of that.
  6. I don't recall him being a bad skater to begin with; or at least as bad as Holtz. I am not comparing a player's skating in 2022 to that of one from 40 years ago.
  7. My one concern with that is skating seems to be a skill that players either have or don't have. I can't think of any player off the top of my head who went from a terrible skater to even a decent one over the course of their career.
  8. Holtz went from looking like he would compete for a NJ Devils opening night roster back in November to looking like another year in Utica is likely in the cards for him. His shot is still really nice but his hockey IQ looks average and his skating is still pretty bad. I know it is early, but I am already mentally preparing myself to pencil him in as the worst of the 3 Devils 2020 first round picks.
  9. Holtz and Foote just disappeared towards the end of the season. Daws and Schmid have been very so-so since they returned as well. Overall the Comets successful season I think is partly a charade. They had a really blazing hot start and great first have of the season. The second half of the season was very meh and I believe they were barely a .500 team in that span. The good part is that it looks like Zetterlund is finally ready to make the jump to getting a NHL roster spot and Okhotyiuk looks solid (I would put him above Bahl at this point).
  10. I think given that there were 2 sets of the alts I think the alts sold pretty well. I think the other thing that is throwing off perception is that the Devils had a ton of call-ups this year. More call-ups leads to more gamers available.
  11. As recently as monday you called a post by SD "what a zero effort smelly wet dump of a post lol." You literally cannot have a hockey discussion for any sustained period of time before it devolves into you insulting other posters. I know in the case with me, it would only be a matter of a short time before you started with that. I am not obsessed but rather concerned for you. I do not know anyone who gets so aggressive and angry so quickly at others over the most trivial of things/opinions. If it is schtick then it's just really, really sad at this point as it is a schtick that has been lasting for at least 12 years. If it is an actual anger issue then your chances of having a stroke/ aneurysm is greatly increase. I advise either way to seek help and here are some resources for you. https://www.cdc.gov/howrightnow/emotion/anger/
  12. You said you muted me. I guess you are also a liar in addition to having an anger/rage issue.
  13. Interesting how Carolina basically replaced Hamilton with Tony D for a fraction of the cost.
  14. IIRC, Arizona already gets the maximum amount of revenue sharing per the current CBA so there really isn't any incentive to not help them anymore. Having them play in a 5K arena will not force the other owners to cover for them any more than they are now. I think that the NHL and the owners would probably prefer a new owner to step in and put a stop to this, but with how things are going there really isn't any big hurry or push for them to do so.
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