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  1. I read about a week or two ago that a couple of teams looked at what kind of crowds they could fit in the arena if they spaced everyone 6 feet apart in the seats. After some experimenting they calculated that they could only fit about 2-2.5K people into the seats.
  2. This could be 100% false, but seeing posts on social media that the teams who lose in the "play-in" round are eligible for the draft lotto. If that is the case then yikes. It really should be amongst the 7 sad-sack teams who didn't even make the expanded playoff format that we are proudly in.
  3. I don't care if it is 10 or 50 years ago. Hockey, and the NHL, change stuff all the time and getting upset about a solution to an unprecedented situation is asinine. This is really "old man yelling at cloud" stuff.
  4. lol I think you are going overboard here. What the Astros did to win their World Series is something that tarnishes a sport. Coming up with an idea to try to finish a season the most fair way possible to all teams in an unprecedented situation is not something I would consider as tarnishing a sport.
  5. I think you are falling victim to the whole sanctity of the sport nonsense.
  6. I think some of you are overreacting with the whole "Covid Cup" thing and just spitting out cliched slogans about the spirit or sanctity of the sport. They were doing first round bye's up until the 70's I believe and even doing a best of 5 round into the 80's. Do those teams cup wins get asterisk too?
  7. I guess that is better than a team full of A-holes.
  8. Gotten some new stuff since my last post: Nico Hischier 18-19 red set 3 Ilya Kovalchuk 2012 SCF set 1 - Worn in game 3 in LA Zach Parise 11-12 red set 3 - Worn in last couple games of season and first 2 rounds of the playoffs MacKenzie Blackwood 18-19 white set 3 - Worn in 6 games and went 2-4 in those games. Photomatched and found 2 cards that feature photos of him wearing this jersey Scott Niedermayer 1998 All Star - Worn in either the photoshoot/warmups or one of the three periods of the game. Petr Sykora 11-12 red set 2 - Also worn when during the ceremony to honor his 1000th NHL game.
  9. Ah winning gold WJC-20 means he is guaranteed to be an NHL player. Good grief lol. So he scored a goal.....played in 4 games for a dumpster fire of a team......and you are saying he is promising? lol K.
  10. IIRC, I think the players that revolted on the Stevens decision was Muller, Daneyko and I think MacLean (I might be wrong on him). Muller was immediately shipped off to MTL while I think Daneyko was a holdout for a little bit as well.
  11. Indeed, he was pegged to go as a second rounder by most experts. The same round where players have about a 15% chance of making the NHL. The whole thought that he could be a top 4 D-man only exists in the Devils fan bubble (and almost all in the bubble have never even heard of him before the trade). Most expert picks I have seen since the trade said he is maybe at best a 3rd pairing D-man. Apologies if I keep my "mission accomplished" banner furled up on Merkley based on 10-15 games.
  12. We added a top 10 pick that is still a gamble with a scouting staff that has yet to prove themselves, a player who a lot of Devils fans are hoping would be a top 4 D-man (while most experts are pegging him lower) but is maybe the 5th best prospect in the Coyotes system, and a bunch of spare parts. There have been teams that get more for rentals at the deadline than what we get for Hall.
  13. Love wondering what could have been if Lou accepted that offer. For some reason I could see Joseph skipping town as fast as he could. However, I think Rod would have been a nice addition. Regardless, I still prefer how history actually went down in the end.
  14. Was it 92 strike or 95 lockout they got rid of those type of deals?
  15. Pierre would have gotten more for Hall. #Changemymind
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