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  1. Exactly, we don't know either way if he would be good or bad. Your previous assumption that he would be good at the job simply because he has been around long enough. Maybe he will be the next Yzerman or Sakic. However, again, we don't know and I'd rather not have him in that position if he completely bombs and the owners are too chicken to fire the guy who has a statue of himself right outside their front door. Marty may have seen how a Stanley Cup winning-team operates in St. Louis, but he is also seeing how a team operates with an ownership that nickels and dimes on-ice and on-ice r
  2. Reports are saying he was asking in the $5-5.5M range, which is not even the most expensive in the league. And yes, I would have given him that.
  3. One of the best coaches in the game was willing to come here, but he wanted to be paid like one of the best coaches in the game. Instead our owners decided to go dumpster diving and have their (social) media team do a full-court press to show how great of a coach Ruff was (5+ years ago) while ignoring everyone else outside of Devils-Land thinks this is a bad move.
  4. There is little to no evidence to show that Marty may be good or bad at his job. I really haven't heard anyone give me an example outside of Marty's time in St. Louis on an already good Blues team.
  5. Almost every single person who isn't completely brainwashed by the org's Kool-Aid say Laviolette is better than Ruff. I don't know what else to tell you there. Yeah I do want to get better and win games. That means the Devils need to take steps, even if baby ones. We have taken exactly zero steps in the past 5 years except an outlier season in 17-18. How do you take steps? You draft well (which outside the first overalls hasn't been spectacular the past 5 seasons), you take risks/trades to make your team better by adding roster players instead of draft picks, and you spend money to g
  6. In other words, Gallant wanted to win games while the front office / analytics department wanted to win stat categories.
  7. Who said anything about mediocre free agents? They could have signed a better coach for more money and instead cheaped out. That's like not signing a superstar for $11M a year, who is willing to sign with you, but would rather sign an over-the-hill vet for $7M a year. The owners continue to claim to do everything they can to put a better product on the ice but their actions are showing they are not. Binghamton has been doing well? Outside of a 2nd half run this season they have missed the playoffs the first two years and were terrible the first half of this season. Growth is grow
  8. Shero was likely operating under an internal budget just like how Fitz will likely be operating under one. We got fed the line of "weaponizing cap space" multiple times and often times that was used to either sign players to reach the cap floor (Simmonds and PK) or to help out cap-strapped teams (PK again). Neither of those moves were made to improve the team long-term. I am waiting for that to happen and instead that, along with the promise of better days ahead, keep getting pushed.
  9. Lavi/Gallant are the smart picks. They were also the risky picks since they required more $. Instead, the Devils went with a guy who has been around forever and whose last two teams he has touched (Dallas & NYR) their teams and fans couldn't wait to get rid of him. Great, a hockey writer said we were the worst drafting team since 2000. Shero was given 5 years to draft better players and outside of the two number 1 overalls, only Bratt has shown to turn into serviceable NHL player. Is Fitz, a Shero guy, going to switch gears and clean house on the drafting or stick with Castron?
  10. MacLean doesn't have a statue in front of the arena. Believe me if the fans where to choose between Marty and the owners 99% of the fanbase would be taking Marty's side no matter what happens
  11. Devils have been largely prudent for the last 7-8 seasons and where has that gotten us? 1 Playoff appearance (again off the backs of 2 players having career years) and 4 or 5 bottom 6 finishes. This coaching hire is not the result, but another symptom of how rotten the mindset of these owners and the suits right below them are. Sometimes you got to take a bit of a gamble instead of constantly taking the safe route all the time. There are no awards for being prudent or most efficient with your money/cap.
  12. I really don't get any warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that Marty may one day be GM. If he does, and he turns out to be a dud in the role, will these owners have the guts to fire him? I can imagine the fan meltdown over that. This is why I don't want former players in anything higher than assistant coaching positions (especially after MacLean).
  13. And Hynes won exactly nothing with us. He didn't do anything magical in 17-18 either. That was due to KK having the best 40 games of his career and Hall having a Hart-trophy winning season.
  14. Devils have the most cap space in the entire NHL, so I don't know where you are getting the spending a ton of money on and off the ice nonsense from. PK (as well as Simmonds) were needed to reach the cap floor. Yes, they paid Nico, but that was a no-brainer and fans would have revolted. More examples than not the team keeps saying they want to compete and spend, but then their actions are the opposite. I don't care if Laviolette needed the job or not. If he is demanding x money in order for him to sign on then you pay the man. I don't want to keep seeing the owners feed us garbage ab
  15. I am looking at track records from the past 5 seasons. I really don't know why we constantly have to go back a decade or more to find examples. Lemaire also bombed out in the first round in 2010 with a team that looked a full-step behind the Flyers in all 5 games. Does the DeBoer mention mean we are hoping Ruff gets fired in a couple years so we can finally get a better coach?
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