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  1. DevsMan84

    Hughes or Kakko

    If Ray chooses Kakko I am ending my Devils fandom. Call me fairweather, IDGAF.
  2. Who is worth giving that much to stay? Outside of Panarin or EK, nothing else available out there is worth that much. Whatever we trade away Hall for, it's still going to leave a big void for the Devils to fill.
  3. FWIW, Hall said he is almost about to start skating again. He went down in December and it is now June. Yeah, I am a little bit concerned.
  4. EK has played more games the last 2 seasons than Hall and we are saying he is broken down? There are many that are willing to give Hall the same just to stay.
  5. Maybe. Or maybe not. Eberle would not be the best signing in the world for sure, but he does seem to fit the style and vision that Shero and Hynes seem to have for the team. Not only that but he has built-in friendship with Hall as well on that front. If we got Eberle to the same deal he got today, I would still feel far better about that signing than a lot of the signings in the past 5-6 years (Clowe, Cammy, Ryder, etc).
  6. To be fair, we couldn't outbid the Isles for Eberle as he never hit UFA.
  7. Frankly Hall is kind of low on my list of concerns. Even if he re-signs we still have glaring holes on defense and our second scoring line.
  8. I am not hitting the panic button yet, but last year we were in the same spot hoping for some glaring holes to be partially filled by FA's. What we got was Eric Gryba. Wonderful. If Shero walks away from this off-season with a Mueller-type trade at the draft and a Gazdic and Stafford like signings, then I will be definitely calling for his head. We have a ton of cap space and we can afford a stupid contract.
  9. I am not trusting the opinion of a guy who had a meltdown when we didn't re-sign Beau Bennett because he apparently had great advanced stats.
  10. lol we're getting nothing this offseason.
  11. I hope KK reads or used to read this place. This ain't twitter where he can block people who even throw mild criticism his way. He has to read it and take it like a man.
  12. Oh I fully own my biases against Marty and KK. They never endeared themselves to me personally. I do acknowledge that Marty was a great goaltender from 1994 through about 2010ish, which is a much longer prime than 99% of NHL players that have ever played. I just never cared for his personality and you are correct that it really started to turn for the worst around the beginning of the century. The mutants that inhabit a large portion of our fanbase would have indeed flipped if that was Roy doing that picture. Any knock against Marty, especially ones that do not re-affirm his "goat" status with them, is taken as a personal knock and the reaction is according. This forum is the 1-2% of our fanbase that is largely reasonable. I am talking about the other 98% that inhabit twitter, IG, FB, and all other forms of social media who are largely unreasonable.
  13. I know it is supposed to be fun or funny, but it just completely rubs me the wrong way. I don't doubt my bias against him plays some part in this, but imagine another player in another sport doing this. That goes especially where said player's "goat" status at his own position is still very debatable. If Patrick Roy took the same picture, our fans would be up in arms about it. I guarantee it.
  14. That's literally the first time I have ever heard anyone say that. You're not wrong, but I keep hearing the "modest" description attached to him by many of our fans.
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