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  1. I like how they nicknamed him SharanGOALvich lol. That's a bit optimistic for a guy who has played like 60ish NHL games.
  2. That's pretty typical of just about everyone on that subreddit. I still can't get over how many posters there were dead serious in saying they think Sharangovich is a lock to score 35-40+ goals this season.
  3. Has Bratt exceed expectations of a 6th rounder? Absolutely. Is Bratt a type of player who belongs in the top 6? Absolutely not.
  4. Savvy move for Nashville, red flag for us. They essentially wanted Duschene over Subban and swapped them.
  5. Regarding last night, I am pretty much done with Bratt. He may show flashes, but I still don't think he will get much better than what we have seen. Even Zacha who had a slow start to his career figured it out while Bratt still hasn't done much. He looked much better after the benching but it is concerning that this is not the first time his effort has been the issue in his five years here. He doesn't have the talent to get by on talent alone. Siegenthaler was brutal. Thank god PK is only around for this season (at least at that cap hit). His slew foots really need to stop yesterday. Nashville is looking smarter more and more every day for parting with him. I am willing to give Sharangovich more time, but he looks to be coasting more than actually playing most games. He got slightly better after his pseduo-benching. Now the big issue; Nico. He is proving more and more that he is a rich man's Zajac rather than a Couturier/Datsyuk/Bergeron type of forward. Again it is nice to have, but the guy can't lead your offense.
  6. So the woman who runs Sports Minded in Warren had a Bernier signing the other day (private signing). She tweeted the other day that Bernier's hip acted up during the preseason and played through it for the first two games. Then last Wednesday morning it got so bad he couldn't walk but that he got an injection and he is feeling much better and should be good to go soon. What's interesting is that it seems like Bernier didn't tell her to keep this a secret; it's just the team being weirdly secretive for no reason. I can understand Stein, being a team employee, being mum but I would rather see this come from one of our independent guys like Masisak instead of doing constant mailbags. BTW the best reply to that tweet was someone mentioning that the Devils have the world's first crowdsourced sports beat.
  7. The fact that Nashville traded him not because they were in any particular cap crunch to sign their own players, but because they wanted to sign an UFA in Duschene should have raised a red flag. They literally preferred to have him over Subban to trade him for seemingly pennies on the dollar.
  8. They sometimes go back and lower prices. They are also lowered during their twice-yearly sales where those are 30% off. At worst, it gets put on their eBay account for cheap. Right now there is a Michael Ryder up on there for $199.99 starting bid. They also do a ton of NBA business. Unlike the NHL where they currently only have contracts with 8 teams, they have contracts with several NBA teams as well as the league-wide contract. A Steph Curry jersey sells for $15-20K on the regular and he wears a ton of jerseys a season. Compare that with the likes of Ovechkin who retails for $7500 and can sit for some time. Look at this one they had on their NBA auctions website that they run. Not bad. https://auctions.nba.com/iSynApp/auctionDisplay.action?auctionId=3037597 If you ever want to know where they are selling these NBA jerseys to, look up by hashtags and tagging on IG. Most accounts that show off their NBA game worn jersey collections are based in China. They are nuts about that over there.
  9. lol I still remember the complete look of utter disappointment when I told him that the gamer is Kyle and not Nick.
  10. I have noticed over the years on my gamers that PX has gotten a little better at quality control, but it's still pretty crappy. That first season (17-18) was especially brutal. It's light years behind EPS quality.
  11. I have said this plenty of times over the past couple of years on the game worn groups/message boards when the discussion of deciding to strip a gamer or not usually turns into a giant argument. If Adidas would make MiC jerseys available to the public then I would say 75-80% of stripping jerseys volume would go away. Most collectors who strip gamers are typically authentics collectors who want to get what the players have on-ice, but the only way to get them is to go the game worn/issued route.
  12. yeah for some reason that number just pops up a lot. I noticed it just by eyeing it recently along with 17 and 9.
  13. So that's a good question and that is one that typically starts fights in the game worn groups/message boards I am in. There isn't really a right answer but below is how I, DM84, personally feel about this: Team-stock blank - Go right ahead and do what you want.. Team-issued jersey - Do whatever you want. However, if you plan to sell or are selling, remove the game worn/team tagging or write in sharpie on the fight strap that it is game issued and not used. Game-worn - I would prefer no one strip any, but if someone strips a scrub player then I won't exactly be upset about it. If you scrub a middling or star player, then yeah that's a no-no to me. If you do strip, then remove the team tagging and/or write a note on the fight strap in sharpie. There are plenty of long-time collectors who fight you to death that no jersey, gamer or game issued, should ever be stripped. Often they explain that every jersey is a piece of history and that what if someday a player wants to come back and get one of his jerseys down the line and they are gone because they have been stripped. My thought is that not every piece of history can be saved and that maybe the player should have bought it themselves earlier. Plus, back in the day, teams would often recycle jerseys themselves so there are a lot of that stuff that was done by the teams. There is a nice Reid Simpson for sale that has a Sutton nameplate that I would love to buy if only it didn't have the Sutton nameplate. My photomatched Mike Peluso was also stripped at one point recycled into a Sharifijanov 98-99 preseason before it was restored (with a new nameplate) by another collector years later.
  14. I would guess we probably won't hear anything until at least the middle of the week.
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