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  1. I heard about the Rivera injury yesterday, but didn't have enough time to respond. Obviously, I wish him the best recovering, and I hope we will be able to see him pitch again. It would be a tragedy to see such a great career end this way. He's always been one of my favorite Yankees.

    That aside, obviously this is a big loss for the team, but I do have faith that Robertson will be a more than competent closer for us. He's certainly done nothing than impress so far in his career. This is really his chance to make it big, and I think he'll sieze.

  2. I wonder if Hughes and Garcia both continue to struggle mightily, if the Yankees would consider throwing Phelps, Mitchell, or Warren in the rotation? Phelps has been getting hit, against good teams though, lately but he already has his feet wet. The AAA numbers this year suffer from really small sample size as well as the fact they've been playing all road games, most in freezing (by baseball standards) weather. Mitchell who seems the least touted out of the 3 is off to a decent start: 23 IP 8.22 K9 2.74 BB/9 1.17 HR/9 0.87 WHIP .182 BABIP 77.4 LOB% 3.13 ERA 4.11 FIP

    The Yankees heard you: Garcia to bullpen, Phelps to rotation

    It'll be interesting to see how he does.

  3. SB Nation

    Nine NHL teams have a black jersey as part of their uniform collection. Those nine teams may want to reconsider.

    According to a new study brought to our attention by this NPR report, teams that wear black uniforms are penalized "significantly more" than teams in white or other-colored jerseys. The study analyzed 50,000 NHL games across a nearly 25-year span and found that teams wearing black uniforms were penalized about two minutes more per game on average.

    I found this pretty interesting.

  4. One thing the Yankees do very well is hype their prospects. So you can never tell who they really like and who they don't.

    This is incredibly true. You can tell that their strategy with regards to developing prospects is hyping them up as much as possible with the sole intention of trading them.

  5. "this is what happens when you give up on Jesus"

    First of all, this is hilarious.

    Now, I just heard the news, and this is a real bummer. There were some really high hopes for him, and as was already mentioned, it's the type of injury that can permanently affect a career. I still think the trade was a decent one, taking into account obviously that there was no way Cashman could have known that this would happen. I liked Montero as a hitter, I didn't see him ever becoming a truly outstanding hitter, which IMO you need to be if you're going to be a DH as your primary position. So, I don't think Cashman really wrongly pulled the trigger, and who knows maybe Piñeda comes back next year and still works out.

  6. I agree that the Nets were never given a chance to succeed because of their ownership, especially under the most recent owner before Prokhorov: Bruce Ratner. The team was only a means to get his Brooklyn redevelopment project to pass, so he never spent money on the team, and in my opinion is the reason for the fall of the Nets after the Kidd teams.

    It will be very sad for me tonight, as I have always been a Nets fan and would support them until I die if they had decided to stay in Jersey. I don't know if I can be a fan of the new Brooklyn team yet. I'm essentially going to treat them as a new team and see if I can see myself cheering for them next year. My heart will always be open if by some miracle the NBA decides to give NJ a second shot down the road.

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