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  1. PM's usually work out better so you don't Hey dude, with all respect, chill. I didn't even come close to hijacking a thread, I simply said hello to someone who was previously on my radio show - - and then asked a follow up question as well. Ciao.
  2. http://www.nypost.com/seven/07142009/sports/devils/lemaire_hire_a_trap_for_devils_179106.htm PAST is prelude and we've seen this movie before. The Devils aren't simply going back to Jacques Lemaire to coach the team that Brent Sutter walked out on. They are going to be going backwards -- backwards into the neutral zone, backwards in the standings. Lou Lamoriello's decision to hire Lemaire 11 years after the end of a first five-year term that put the Devils on the NHL map but ultimately ended in underachievement is a misplaced reach into the past. The future belongs to coaches who can, have and will adapt to a game that is evolving into a showcase for offensive talent, risk/reward attack, and creative, puck-possession teams. Lemaire, though, is wedded to the past. He is an obstinate, safety-first zealot whose defensive demands stifle creativity no matter how much he might disagree. Lemaire was a great coach for two seasons after arriving in New Jersey in 1993-94. He was a guide to excellence who won a Stanley Cup in 1995 and then made the fatal mistake of thinking that he and his system had been more responsible for winning the championship than Claude Lemieux, Scott Stevens, John MacLean, Stephane Richer, Neal Broten and Shawn Chambers. The Devils trapped in Lemaire's first two seasons, but they also attacked. Indeed, New Jersey finished second in the league in scoring in 1993-94 before losing to the Rangers in the epochal seven-game Eastern Conference finals. But Lemaire's Devils didn't attack after winning the Cup. They backed up. They changed incessantly on the fly so that Lemaire could match his checking lines (plural) against the opposition's top guns on every single shift in every single game. His scorers got considerably less ice than their peers around the NHL. That was then. This is almost now -- two years ago when Lemaire was coaching the Wild, winger Marian Gaborik finished seventh in the NHL with 42 goals. He was 43rd in the league among forwards in ice time with 19:35 per game and fourth among Wild forwards, trailing Brian Rolston, Mikko Koivu and Pavol Demitra. And that stat wrapped in Lemaire's philosophy explains why Gaborik rejected Minnesota's contract extension offer this past October of 10 years at $78 million. The winger instead signed a five-year, $37.5M free agent contract with the Rangers.
  3. Hey Jester! I still remember our on air conversation concerning your book. We also had a discussion about a Devils history book you told me you were working on. Has that ever gone to press? Also, and this is for anyone to answer, is there a definitive (or two) books on the franchise worth reading? Something that goes back to day one - - the look inside the franchise shift from Denver to the swamp - - and all through the glory years? Thanks in advance for any info.
  4. What do you expect when the sports media here is constantly drooling all over the Rangers and their arrogant fans are right here among us? I mean the Devils games are on a TV channel called MSG+ and a radio station that is a Rangers lovefest when they talk about hockey. The Devils are basically the ugly step-brother when it comes to the media's portrayal of the local teams, so of course people here will always be throwing jabs at the Rangers. You can't just ignore them like you can with the Penguins because they aren't being shoved into our heads every day. I like this guys passion. I'd put myself in a Devils foxhole with this guy any day of the week - as we took on all those Rags fan pussies :burn:
  5. Personally, I would have talked with, Scott Arniel. But that's just me.
  6. Clearly, WFAN will stop everything they are doing and head right to the presser - and then stay on it with at least the first 10-12 questions. Right. Then this afternoon, Mike will take the first 2 hours of his show breaking down the elements that went into the move - then he'll either give it his blessing - or condemn the move and tell us why.
  7. Devils Twitter feed seems like it's us common folks best shot. twitter.com/NHLDevils. Common folks? As opposed to...?
  8. Anyone know if the presser will be carried on the Devils website - or any other media outlet?
  9. Now it's time to just keep on repeating the mantra: "In Lou we trust, in Lou we trust...in Lou WE TRUST!".
  10. I have no problem with the greatness aspect - what bothers me is how history records that game as one where he made a no doubt about it the Rangers are gonna win thing. The Rangers aren't in my head - far from it - I recognize completely what hockey franchise in the NY Metropolitan area has been the most dominant over the past 20 years - and they don't play on the land that the Indians sold to us - and they certainly don't play on that sand bar either. Look it, discount my post all you wish to for those who find it objectionable on whatever level - but when I'm talking with a Rangers fan the other day, and that fan makes reference to a guarantee that never happened, over a team that I grew up with, I'm not going to just nod my head in affirmation and admit to a scenario that never really took place. Frankly I'm surprised that so many who have responded to this post simply wave it off as something that is alright simply because the result of the game may allow for the myth to be perpetuated. Yes the Devils had their skates firmly on their necks that night, in fact, I'm certain that many will remember the look on Messier's face with about 14 minutes left in the 3rd period that night, and his look was one of resignation and defeat. Yes Messier went on to have a great 3rd period - as did the Rangers team, yes the Devils let one slip away. No, Mark Messier never guaranteed all of that would happen.
  11. This has always bothered me, because the media has misrepresented this story from the outset. Messier never even used the word Guarantee, and if someone could ever show me the exact quote where he did say that, then I'll apologize and move on. FROM WIKIPEDIA: First, down 3-2 in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals against the rival New Jersey Devils, Messier confronted the New York media and publicly guaranteed a Game 6 victory, a feat comparable in New York sports history to Babe Ruth's called shot and Joe Namath's Super Bowl III guarantee, and backed up by scoring a natural hat trick in the third period which helped the Rangers erase a two-goal deficit. The Rangers went on to win the series. Someone show me an exact quote - I cannot find it anywhere. You would think that if Messier BOLDLY proclaimed a Guaranteed Victory, that the exact quote (like Joe Willie's) would be emblazoned somewhere on a plaque (probably at MSG) for all to see.
  12. As long as we're taking care of some off-season house cleaning, I want to encourage any Devils fan out there to refute the claims, whenever running into a Rangers fan who likes to take heart in the alleged guarantee that made Mark Messier a legend of epic proportions - to not only Rangers fans - but to the boot licking Rangers media dorks who have perpetuated this myth since it allegedly happened. The skinny is this: IT NEVER HAPPENED THE WAY IT WAS REPORTED. NEVER. HAPPENED. The facts: Heading into Game 6 of the 1994 ECF, with the Rangers down 3 game to 2, with the Devils having all the momentum on their side going into that game - reporters circled around the Rangers Captain after their last practice before Game 6. The question? "Mark do you think you guys will win Game 6?" The Answer: "Yeah, I do". No bravado like; "Yeah I do, we'll win, I know we'll win, in fact I guarantee we'll win." Now the above line is what Rangers media, the Rangers organization, and the Rangers fans like to make you think is what happened. Not even close. Messier was asked if he thought the Rangers would win Game 6. What was he gonna say, "no I don't think so?" Or; "Well I hope so?" Or; "probably not...maybe if we're lucky?" That'd be like someone asking Scott Stevens prior to Game 6 if he thought the Devils would win the game. What would Stevens have said? "I hope so?" Or; "Maybe?" Please shout down any Rangers fan or any Ranger media lackey you may run into who likes to proclaim that Mark Messier made a stone cold guarantee lock, that the Rangers would beat the Devils in Game 6 - IT NEVER EVER HAPPENED. GUARANTEE YOU SAY? ONLY 1 GUY in the HISTORY OF NY SPORTS CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM. Three days before the game, Namath responded to a heckler with the now-famous line: "We'll win the game. I guarantee you." His words eventually made headlines across the country, but were dismissed as mere bravado by most observers. NY JETS 16 COLTS 7 Now THAT, was a GUARANTEE.
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