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  1. Yes, please shut him down. I think it's been clear since he came back he's not playing at 100%... this probably should've happened sooner. On the positive side, sounds like Nolan Foote will be in tonight.
  2. I've sung my praises about Nico aplenty but Bratt certainly deserves a ton of credit for the incredible year he's having as well. He has the same amount of five-on-five primary assists as Nathan MacKinnon (24). The only players with more? Connor McDavid (31) and Nikita Kucherov (25). Those are your 3 MVP favorites right there... great company. He's also 11th in total points at five-on-five, plus he's an excellent play/possession driver (59% on-ice goal share, 58% expected goal share).
  3. Pretty evident Meier wasn't a fan of Ruff. Green unlocking Meier is the only thing worthwhile he'll have accomplished here; hopefully Timo can build off of it for next season under the new coaching regime.
  4. It was fun for like the first year or two (or maybe I just thought that because Viktor Kozlov was automatic and the Devils were good at them LOL) but after that... bleh.
  5. I don't remember what podcast I heard it on, but I also wouldn't mind some funky rule in the 3v3 like once you enter the opponent's blue line you can't retreat back past the redline. Even though I like the 3v3, the possession hogging/stalling game gets ridiculous sometimes. Fully agreed on the 3-2-1 point format, though... yet another good rule the PWHL has implemented (in addition to Gold Plan for draft order).
  6. I like 3-on-3 OT but I hate the shootout. Bring back ties. Or just flip a coin to determine winner, that would be more exciting than shootouts.
  7. I wish Pat Burns was still around. My all-time favorite Devils' coach. He'd be a perfect fit for this group IMO.
  8. Nico has also done this while playing the toughest minutes on the team. According to PuckIQ, he leads Devils' forwards in percent of ice-time against "elite" competition (39%). He also leads the team in defensive zone starts at five-on-five (169). Jack, by comparison, plays a far more sheltered role: 32% ice-time against elite competition, 8th among Devils' forwards, and just 67 defensive zone starts (10th among Devils' forwards).
  9. lol go fix your teeth you fat fvck.
  10. After last night's loss, we need more than a -1000 MacD/Rempe fight (I don't know the actual odds if they exist, but, come on). The season is over. Send a message for next year. I don't care if the Devils lose 10-0, fvck these dickheads up. The Devils' teams that won Cups would NEVER accept this garbage, different era or not. Fitz should sign Turner Stevenson, Cam Janssen and Jim McKenzie to one-day contracts just to play in this game.
  11. At this point it's better to scoreboard watch for draft lottery purposes instead of playoffs... I think best case scenario the Devils can climb (fall?) their way to 8th. Buffalo won last night (good) but Calgary lost (bad). Tonight's rooting interest(s): Go Kraken.
  12. Oh I'm sure he'll play... this is literally the point he's even on an NHL roster. He'll make it out there on one leg if needed to.
  13. LOL I was going to say that gif was missing the funniest part of the original video. 😄 Green's total incompetency shows in pairing Luke and Smith again last night. They have been downright AWFUL in 200+ minutes together at 5v5: Scoring chances (for-against): 66-98 High danger shot attempts: 18-41 Expected goal share: 38% Goals: 2-14 Can't make it up.
  14. Devils with Brendan Smith on the ice last night (5v5): Shot attempts: 8-21 Scoring chances: 2-11 Goals: 0-1 It's amazing how Holtz continues to be the whipping boy yet Smith skates by like the golden child despite terrible play. He brings down anyone he plays with... we saw it with Nemec and now here we go again with Luke.
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