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  1. If you like advanced stats fine.  But for me after I see these charts and after my eyes glaze over, I remember a course I took in college in the '70's (Yes I'm that old and probably why i'm adverse to advanced stats.)

    It was called "How to lie with Statistics"  So whenever I see a graph that tells me the Devils won when in reality they f'n LOST, I call SHENANIGANS! (A South Park reference😀)

    I'm sure the flames will reign down upon me now.😎

  2. The only thing I miss about CAA is the location. I lived 5 minutes away and knew all the back roads in and around the place.  At the end of game 4 in '95 I was one of the last people to leave the building. I come across the bridge and the F'n Hanson brothers are partying with the fans at the Budweiser booth in Giants stadium parking lot. Good times!😎 

    Go Devils make some memories at the Prudential Center!

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  3. I once went on the tour of the Prudential center. Was talking to one of the equipment guys. He told me one of the players used the blow torch once on a composite blade.  Stunk up the arena something awful. Word came from above NOT to use blow torch on those type of blades. This was around the Jagr era I don't remember if it was him or not.

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  4. I think I would prefer a typical Lou shore up move like Broten. It seems from watching hockey all these years it seems the big names don't produce as much as anticipated for the acquiring team.

    (Was Broten a shore up move or a big name? Chambers?) Any way it is a nice dilemma to have.

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