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  1. You are NOT too sensitive I've been bitching about it for months! Although early on this year one commercial DID show Stevens lifting the cup.(Probably was TNT not ESPN)
  2. There was much rejoicing!🥳 When does the first showing (of many) of the '94 video air?😎
  3. I was in 131 (I think) it's shame the thought was in my head (YAY the Devils scored! Is a challenge coming?)
  4. I'll pull an opinion out of my ass. Maybe if Hamilton doesn't get hurt the power play doesn't go in the toilet and the Devils win a few more games. (OOOOH that means jack Dawkins is right IT WASN'T THE COACHING!)😛😱
  5. ok so what stat or numbers tells him it's not the Devils coaching this year that was the problem? (what a load of horse sh!T)
  6. Am I so out of touch that I don't know who Jack Dawkins is and what is the extent of his expertise?
  7. I couldn't get used to hearing "Let's Go New York!" at the Prudential Center. At one point I heard "Let's Go Pizza Rats!" The best was after the Refs missed an obvious trip by Boston in the third, thousands of girl voices yelling "Ref you suck!"😎 oh Boston won 2-1 They didn't put the Shots on Goal up on the scoreboard I finally broke myself of the habit of looking for the number of shots in the third. Overall it was fun, I would go again.
  8. One interesting thing from last night Organist Pete started to play the da da da da di da on the organ expecting the Islander and Devils Fans to unite in RANGERS SUCK! but dead silence was the result! On a personal note to the (assumed) Ranger fan who slowed down in front of my house as me and my daughter were leaving for the game and gave us the finger can go EAT SH!T AND DIE! I have spoken!😛
  9. Let's ....(Tomorrow, Go clear out our lockers, Go Home, Go Golfing, Go Fishing etc.)
  10. Fine! Sat on a lawn chair in my back yard put on Pink Floyd Eclipse and watched. Some cloud cover but they passed at the right time. (Little side note my dog wanted my daughter's attention so she nipped at my daughter. Told her not only did she get to see the Eclipse, but also saw stars.)🤪
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