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  1. Hey look at the standings! Right now at 4:00 PM on 1/16/21 Devils are in the top 4 of the East! Enjoy it while you can.
  2. A couple of months ago my daughter showed me an article asking about 1 rule change I would change in the NHL. It was this. Tired of seeing 5 minutes looking to see if a skate is 1 micrometer above the blue line. The 2nd was to get rid of the f***ing trapezoid. just the fact Bobby Clark railroaded this through to offset Marty's stick handling ability still rankles me to this day.
  3. Going to one of my first hockey games at MSG in the early '70's. Toronto vs. Rangers. I think I was in the high greens definitely not the blues. There was a Ranger fan in an Indian Headdress, he was called the Chief. (I don't know what he did but) The section I was in started yelling "F*** You Chief!" The section the Chief was in yelled back "Leave the Chief Alone!" This went on for about 5 minutes. The same game they were about to drop the puck in one of the offensive zones. The arena was dead quiet (no music between stoppages) A guy from the blue section yells to Rangers center Pete St
  4. Rock

    Doc Emrick Retires

    it's a very enjoyable read.
  5. Just some observations about this year's playoffs. Dallas playing the trap to perfection with a 2 goal lead against Colorado, The Islanders keeping the front of net clear of Flyers. Vegas being a big tough intimidating team very reminiscent of the Big Bad Bruins of the 70's. It will be interesting to see if the opposing coaches can find a way to counteract these tactics, Oh and this has been mentioned already Andy Greene!
  6. Rock

    Hockey Songs

    Well 17 years ago we were posting about our Stanley Cup win and anticipating a new season.
  7. Rock

    Hockey Songs

    that is a my bad. Lately I just skim to the last page of the threads so I didn't see it was a 17 year old thread until after i hit send.
  8. Rock

    Hockey Songs

    Minnie the Moocher(Hidy Hidy Ho) by Cab Calloway. He performs it in the Blues Brothers Movie. The Devils still show a clip of the song on the jumbotron to this day.
  9. this is a little late (stopped off to get dinner) Fun Game Devils win! Got to see History on offensive side of the puck for a change. I was there for most of Marty's Milestones.
  10. I know I'm rather late to the discussion, but I find it ridiculous that people around me were yelling that the Devils weren't trying after Corey went down and ignoring the fact that Winnipeg totally amped up their game.
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