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  1. At least you get perks. As a partial season ticket for over 30 years, I get nothing. I'm not expecting anything like the full season ticket holders, but in the past they would give me tickets for at least 1 game. I was so thrilled one Christmas when they sent me a partial season ticket holder one patch! ( Although I do have 2 seats. ) I buy the tickets because I like going to games. However after all these years I feel the Devils take me for granted.
  2. Just my 2 cents. The gray streak was less obtrusive than the blue fox glow puck. The box telling me that Patrick Kane almost skated a mile was interesting but a rather useless waste of screen space. Doc could have used the technology as he couldn't tell which 13 was shooting the puck. My daughter was complaining about it, but i reminded her these lines and boxes weren't for us. But to bring new people into the sport( Who are going to be disappointed anyway when there are no lines or stat boxes in a normal game. They are really going to be upset when they see some teams actually play defense!)
  3. yeah thanks i just found it in the rules
  4. Can anyone watching at home tell me how the Devils got a timeout late in the game after losing a challenge? The only thing I can think of it was a Ducks timeout but announced in the arena as a Devils time out.
  5. Rock

    Devils Sign Drew Stafford

    https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/devils-agree-to-terms-with-right-wing-drew-stafford/c-300666602 Also Did Bratt break his jaw? I saw something in passing but can't find any articles for confirmation.
  6. Called it last month and again today.
  7. if green is the blank then I'm thinking white throwback we'll see soon.
  8. I tuned in just for for the 3rd period. It brought back a lot of fond memories for me. I forgot about the "Nashville Sucks" Chants.
  9. I still don't like third jerseys. If they have to get them, throwback whites.
  10. Rock

    GDT: Devils @ Tampa Game 5 4/21/2018 3:00 PM NBC, NBCSN

    I'm disappointed they lost but happy for the fun moments they gave. Thank you Devils! Now to start planning for improvement for next season.
  11. I've been watching hockey too long I made the exact quote from the Devils to my daughter at the game last night.
  12. I just printed a copy of the e-ticket after I loaded them on my smart phone. (I'm just a partial season ticket holder not a club member so I can't speak for them.) I have at least one playoff ticket from each year since 1988 on my wall. I always waited on seeing what design the tickets would be. Sigh
  13. Not happy about losing the game. I hated the stupid penalties and the bad zone clearing attempts. Though they seemed more comfortable playing playoff hockey this game. I liked they were finally getting the body on Lightning defensemen. All I can say now is: Let's Go Devils!
  14. Rock

    GDT: Devils@Lightning, 4/12/18, 7:00pm, MSG+

    Just my 2 cents. The Devils can skate with them. They shut down their top line. Unfortunately Tampa has two good lines, If the Devils can squeak out game 2 then they have the last change at home which should help out a lot. Let's Go Devils!

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