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  1. So what is the definition of small non professional? My DSLRs are "non professional" There are point and shoots that are as big as my DSLRs. Smaller point and shoots generally have extendable lenses. The 2.5 lens statement is a joke. My smallest lens is about 3 inches it is 35mm non zoom. Which is not really good for shooting hockey from the stands. They couldn't have banned cameras then they would have to ban cell phones. I would like to see them try to enforce that ban.
  2. This is the Prudential Center Camera policy. It has changed in the last year. It used to say detachable lens may not be be brought in also. For some events, small, non-professional cameras without an external flash or extendable lens may be brought into Prudential Center. Please note that for certain events, cameras may not be permitted. Video and audio equipment, GoPros, selfie sticks, professional cameras (with a lens of 2.5 inches or greater) and recording devices are strictly prohibited. Fans may not reproduce any film, digital, video or audio recording for commercial purpose without the express written consent of Prudential Center.
  3. One of my theories is with photographers themselves. They use these DSLRs to sell the images. (Or the arenas think they do.) The other is that one day one of the security chiefs was working the entrance from the box office. He tried to keep me from bringing it in, but I was up the camera rules at the time. I got in with the camera but the rules changed the next year. Also it seems to be at the arenas. I took a trip up to Montreal they wouldn't let me bring the camera in so I ended up taking several pictures of the Habs and Red Wings lining up for Face-Offs with the phone. They came out ok but everytime I tried to take action photos they came out blurry because the camera phones at the time had too slow a shutter speed.(I'm not sure with the improvements to the camera phones they still can't match the shutter speed and Hi ISO of a DSLR. I tried to bring in a DSLR to MSG for Black Sabbath on their The END tour. I brought a cheap point and shoot in. I managed to get good shots because it took me awhile to get the settings I need. So why don't I do the same thing for the Devils? When I saw Black Sabbath they are old like me. They just stand around and play. (Their hands were a little blurry because they are moving faster than the shutter speed) They don't skate at 30 mph or unleash 100mph slap shots.
  4. Yeah Thanks. Yeah I've seen it. It's a little more than I want to spend. If I was going to spend that kind of money, I'd get a newer DSLR. Then I'd still be in the same boat as far as taking pictures at the Rock.
  5. I used to bring my DSLR camera into the arenas (CAA and Prudential) all the time. I still can bring the DSLR into Yankee, Citi, and Metlife Stadiums. (Yankee Stadium has the best camera rules.) A couple of years ago Prudential Center basically outlawed SLR's. I don't like using my phone if you ever used a DSLR it is very frustrating using a phone. I know they are improving phones but to me a camera phone still pales to a DSLR. since I can't bring in a DSLR I've started researching point and shoots for hockey but I need the following features adjustable shutter speed at least 1/400 sec Hi1 ISO about 25,600, Zoom equivalent of at least 100mm. According to Prudential Center the camera has to be small non-professional with a non detachable non extendable lens. Basically that eliminates all cameras. So disregarding the specs I need has anyone brought an actual camera into the Prudential Center recently? If so what make and model? Thanks in advance.
  6. I had my digital vax card on my phone up. Go to show to the ticket taker and was told: "You don't have to show me that."
  7. nothing in the articles I read today either
  8. Was at the game so I don't know if it was mentioned why the Devils only skated one assistant captain. (In the past if an A was injured, another player got assigned an A until that injured player got back)
  9. One of the big things I noticed in 95 was the lack of advertisements for renewing season tickets. I was dreading MacMullin still making the move even after they won the cup. I have stated that 95 was not as an enjoyable a season that it could have been for the Nashville rumors. (It still was very enjoyable but I could have done without the drama of a potential move)
  10. A few too many times for my liking it was like last year with the Devils unable to get the puck out of the zone. However, with the mostly AHL squad the Devils iced versus the mostly NHL squad the Islanders iced to allow only 1 Islander goal is pretty impressive. As mentioned above Shaggy's goal was impressive. Even with Schneider in net.
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