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  1. I didn't know Lanny McDonald was still playing in Europe.
  2. Devils, PLEASE END THE LOSING STREAK! NOW ! That is all.
  3. Rock

    Holtz signs ELC

    Yay! Some good news for a change
  4. Devils, PLEASE STOP: Lollygagging your passes Lollygagging your skating Lollygagging your shooting Lollygagging your defense Lollygagging your coaching Lollygagging whatever else I forgot to mention THANK YOU! PS In other words Just Win!
  5. Let me make myself clear when I said score early and often I meant the Devils should do the scoring.
  6. Score early and often! (As my plea will probably fall on deaf ears) LGD!
  7. Just win the f'n game! Lets Go Devils!
  8. Think of Monty Python's Spam song when reading this: WIN win win win WIN win win win it EEEEE win winity WIN (REPEAT)
  9. Are the players expansion eligible?
  10. Rock

    Nico update

    i'm surprised at the full cage. Most NHLer's go for the full visor. Maybe the visor is too close to the face. Oh well as long as he is on the ice it doesn't matter.
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