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  1. this is a little late (stopped off to get dinner) Fun Game Devils win! Got to see History on offensive side of the puck for a change. I was there for most of Marty's Milestones.
  2. I know I'm rather late to the discussion, but I find it ridiculous that people around me were yelling that the Devils weren't trying after Corey went down and ignoring the fact that Winnipeg totally amped up their game.
  3. Rock

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Thanks for bringing that back! I really enjoyed Ren and Stimpy.
  4. Rock

    2019 Offseason Thread

    That was a major part of it also. I seem to remember during the first goal song vote, that he had lost the rights to the song. Not that it matters if the song is to remain banned from the rock. I understand the reasons for keeping it banned. Again it's just me being nostalgic for it being played for every home goal for what 15 or 20 years?
  5. Rock

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I was referring to the fact that Nashville embraces the hey you suck aspect. One of the original reasons R&R pt 2 got scrapped because the ownership wanted to make the rock more family friendly. I renominated it because it is part of Devils history. I really don't care what the song is. EXCEPT that it NOT be that Bon Jovi monstrosity ownership tried to ram down our throats.
  6. Rock

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I didn't care that they dumped Rock and Roll part 2. But since I heard Nashville chant Hey you Suck, and we still yell it unofficially. I renominated Rock and Roll part 2 for nostalgia reasons.
  7. I don't recall who. So the 2nd part of your question is probably not many NHL caliber players. I would have liked to have seen him with Boqvist.
  8. I really hope we don't see this during the season. Hughes made a bunch of crazy passes, but his teammates flubbed the scoring chance. Some fans around me were expecting Hughes to score on every time he touched the puck. Since he didn't he must be a bust. Popugaev tried to go 1 on 5 too many times to my liking, but did score a sick goal. As mentioned in the above posts Boqvist was great. I was impressed with him on Wednesday and again today, I was standing by the glass and everything they have said about Hughes skating is true. He turns and changes position VERY fast!
  9. BTW it was interesting seeing an 89 on the ice not being Mogilny! It was Danny Weight.
  10. I was at the other end. I didn't see him until the final game. The players I mentioned in the other Thread drove the play. ie Smith Boquist. Seney and Anderson played well, but you would expect them to.
  11. This is the 2nd time I'm typing this. The original I can't find it, so if it is somewhere on the board i apologize. Smith is tiny. I kept thinking Rafalski with his skating and stick handling. Boquist is bigger than I thought. He impressed me today. Bastian is big but Popugaev is bigger. Hughes seemed really pleased to meet Elias. Schmid made a couple of nice saves.
  12. Always liked him even though a Flyer. As noted above, Have him ride shot gun on Hughes wing, and he's got the hands to covert Hughes passes. I also agree with comments from above he's a good front of net presence on the power play.
  13. Rock

    Hughes or Kakko

    Didn't know about the 86. i was figuring a number combination that adds to 6. ie 33 42 51 etc.
  14. Rock

    Hughes or Kakko

    Sorry. I thought it was an open house with the entry draft which I will watch the first 15 minutes!
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