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  1. Let's Do It! - John "Bluto" Blutarski
  2. back in the early 80's didn't bob hoffmeyer then an assistant coach suit up as an emergency goalie? I'm not sure if he did for the Devils or the minor league team at the time.
  3. uh Man! The Raccoon! Too bad the walrus from the Geico commercial wasn't available!
  4. it's funny when it's not the Devils
  5. With the injury news I'll just say eke out a win.
  6. Man I love winning ....You know .... it's so much better than losing
  7. Sunday is Star Wars night always fun for a geek like me. ....... Oh yeah...... Let's Go Devils!
  8. Yeah I left early too, I never used to do it , I've stayed to the end in blow out Devils losses, but this team has worn my patience out.
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