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  1. GDT: Devils @ Tampa Game 5 4/21/2018 3:00 PM NBC, NBCSN

    I'm disappointed they lost but happy for the fun moments they gave. Thank you Devils! Now to start planning for improvement for next season.
  2. I've been watching hockey too long I made the exact quote from the Devils to my daughter at the game last night.
  3. Let's Go Devils!
  4. I just printed a copy of the e-ticket after I loaded them on my smart phone. (I'm just a partial season ticket holder not a club member so I can't speak for them.) I have at least one playoff ticket from each year since 1988 on my wall. I always waited on seeing what design the tickets would be. Sigh
  5. Not happy about losing the game. I hated the stupid penalties and the bad zone clearing attempts. Though they seemed more comfortable playing playoff hockey this game. I liked they were finally getting the body on Lightning defensemen. All I can say now is: Let's Go Devils!
  6. GDT: Devils@Lightning, 4/12/18, 7:00pm, MSG+

    Just my 2 cents. The Devils can skate with them. They shut down their top line. Unfortunately Tampa has two good lines, If the Devils can squeak out game 2 then they have the last change at home which should help out a lot. Let's Go Devils!
  7. Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    I've always liked how McKay got the puck to roll off Rohlof's stick
  8. Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    Darn! I'll miss the Devils airing on the golf channel! ...... Because I'll be the Prudential Center!
  9. We made the playoffs because...

    Because the Devils could NOT catch a break from the league replay office. Though it did seem to make them tougher.
  10. Who do you want in the playoffs?

    Doesn't matter. I've seen too many series where the higher seeded Devils got stomped by the lower seed. JUST BEAT THE TEAM ON THE OTHER BENCH!!!!!!!
  11. This Incredible Forum

    You are welcome! I was so frustrated trying to get any hockey information. I felt there must be others who felt the same way. Since I was finding the articles anyway, I just posted whatever hockey article I found interesting (along with Devils' news} Some of the articles no one else found interesting but I still kept on doing it anyway.
  12. This Incredible Forum

    No news bot before twitter you had to search the actual newspapers for articles. I used to search at least 7 papers a day then the upcoming opponents paper. I got to work early so I had it all posted before 8:00 AM. With all the bloggers and twitter feeds are the reasons I don't post much anymore.
  13. This Incredible Forum

    I post rarely these days, but I check it out everyday. Oh yeah was one of the refugees from the original forum.
  14. Revisiting the new Uniforms

    I just see the Devils playing. I don't really notice the new design. Still wish it was the old design. Seeing more and more of them in the stands though. I guess more fans have been assimilated.
  15. GDT: Sabres @ Devils 12/29 7:00PM

    The face-off rule is as follows now:76.4 ...the defending player shall place his stick in the designated white area first followed immediately by the attacking player.... Hope that helps.