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  1. Let's Go Devils! Let's Go Devils!
  2. I agree it's a good thing even though it will probably impact where I usually park.
  3. I just checked the Date is Jan. 20 the Islanders are off that night and play Dallas the next night at home. increasing the possibility of Lou😀
  4. I was looking at the promotional schedule and there is a Ring of Honor ceremony against Dallas, but they don't announce who the nominee is. Names come to mind Lou (I think not while is an active GM) Billy Macmillan (who just passed away) Jacques, The security guard at Continental Arena (Old Forum Joke) Any thoughts?
  5. Rock

    Draft 2023

    guess his goal song will be Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones (Hey Ho Let's GO) or the other song they play at the arena (I don't know the name but it keeps repeating HEY HO)😀 '
  6. The good news keeps coming!
  7. Nemec was on Camera a lot in the 3rd. it was usually the Swiss forwards controlling the puck with him trying to stop them. Then he was laying on the ice for a while in the final minutes. He got up and took his next shift though.😃 I noticed another player on the Swiss team had 71 so Siegenthaler had 97. Does that number have any significance for Swiss players?
  8. Even with the 1-0 lead Every one around me was all excited but I was a gloomy gus. I told my daughter this does not look good, look at the giveaway stat on the scoreboard. It was 5-1 at the time. it ended up with the Devils giving away the puck 26 times to the Canes 2. The takeaway stat was a little better for the devils but the canes had more takeaways at the end of the game. Who needs advanced stats when those 2 basic stats tell the story of the game. take it 1 shift at a time and try to build on the last shift. Let's Go Devils!
  9. Every once in a while I catch a couple of minutes of "Pardon the Interruption", yesterday they had Pk on ( I know it's the same network he works for) but his 5 minute segment was a good fun inciteful watch.
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