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  1. Wood's skating looked good. Despite getting a tooth knocked out in the scrimmage.
  2. MSG is just carrying Islanders Rangers vs Devils. Every other game is streaming. they mentioned it during the last prospects game against the Bruins
  3. Rock

    3ICE Hockey League

    The NHL did an experiment at the Prudential Center a couple of years ago. They had the regular ads but had a yellow cast (film?) to them. I couldn't figure out why but later found out it was for digital ads. I don't know if the digital ads were on the tv broadcast or not. The yellow boards were jarring.
  4. It is nice to see hockey driven news than "statistically he leans farther left in the offensive zone face off circle than the defensive face off circle and leads the league in doing so" Eyeball check: " he sucks at face offs no matter which way he leans" Sorry I'm an old curmudgeon i don't need these new fangled stats to tell me who had a good game versus bad game that my eyes tell me. I'm also not negotiating contracts where i can bump up the price by citing these arcane bits of information.
  5. Listening to her do the one Devils West Coast game last year was one of the worst hockey experiences of my life. I've experienced quite a few (too painful to mention here) in my over 50 years of hockey fandom.
  6. I've told this story before. I grew up a Ranger fan. I'm old no Devils in existence then. My friend (who was new to hockey and a Devils fan) wanted to go a game. To satisfy both of our fandoms we chose a Devils Rangers game at Continental Airlines Arena. (We lived about 3 miles from CAA) I'm there in my Starter Ranger Jacket and I notice it was about 16000 to 3000 Ranger Fans to Devil Fans in attendance. This was in the mid 80's '85 '86 or '87 I'm too lazy to look it up. The Rangers jump to a 5-0 lead. Of course the Ranger fans are being extremely nasty to the Devil fans. I told my friend "These guys are way over the line. i'm ashamed of these fans and I feel sorry for the Devils fans. I hope the Devils come back and beat the Rangers to shut these f'n idiots up!) Well of course the Devils did beat them 6-5 in OT. Been a Devil fan ever since! (Side note: I went home and buried that Ranger jacket deep in my spare hockey equipment bag. [I was a goalie so it was a regular bag and not my goalie bag] Where it remained for several years eventually to be donated to old clothes.) Another part of this story I then wanted to get partial season tickets. So the following season or next I call up the Devils and ask: "if I get these tickets do I get access to playoff tickets?" The ticket rep laughed at me! (The Devils were never in the playoffs at that point) Of course the Devils make the playoffs that season and go to conference finals. That Patrick Division banner from that year still has fond memories for me. Edit: The game might be from November 2, 1985
  7. The Palat signing is controversial and will cause drama in the locker room. Who wears 18 him or Mercer?
  8. Rock


    The devils have enough drama with the goaltending situation. I'll pass on this guy.
  9. Rock

    What to do with #2?

    i am NOT up on this years draft class. if there is a really good goaltending prospect (a Brodeur type and not a Trevor Kidd), trade down and draft him even if it's earlier than the EXPERTS expect (I know we'll be screaming here if that happens.) Sigh I miss having 20 years of Hall of Fame Goaltending
  10. The warmup jersey's are much better than the atrocities they released. It can be next years reverse retro with the (Adidas) stripes on the sides instead of the sleeves.
  11. his 6 month ban ends in october. Now that was a severe punishment!
  12. Was at the game during the final minutes of warmups Everything shot at Hammond went in. It looked like the Devils started deliberately shooting wide (but they are the Devils after all). The Devils play a game at the end of warmups where Nico shoots it on net and the rest of the team whacks at it until it goes in. They didn't do it today. Just Nico and Zacha (I Believe) Looks like Hammond's confidence is shot. Yikes!
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