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  1. Team looks a little different with Marty in net & Lok dog out there. We should still trade for a goal tender tho. Good win. The Rangers are crap. We better destroy Florida this weekend.
  2. Good to see Kovy playing like a douche again. Just shoot the puck!!
  3. Well that was a juicy rebound if I ever saw one. Goal!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha hahahahaha
  4. A win in Marty's return and we start playing better would be real nice.
  5. I love how you guys tell me to gtfo. Listen I'm a realist. The statistics say this team can't win games when they don't score first. That's what I'm basing it off of. I'm not talking out of my crack the way you all think I am. This team is garbage and doesn't deserve to make the playoffs at this rate. They have 3!!!! wins since Marty got hurt. Now Poni is injured... 18 games left to turn it around but with teams like the Rangers, Isles..not looking good.
  6. Well that's game. Thanks moose. This team doesn't score and they don't win when they don't score first. Ya but let's NOT trade for a goalie tho.
  7. The point I'm trying to make is that we are missing a crucial component in order to win games. I'm sorry this team isn't even winning now when they play well. Something has to change or they're missing the playoffs.
  8. Glad the team went back to sucking ass real quick. You don't win when you only score once. Any day we want to bring Iginla or Perry in here...Thad be great.
  9. First shot of the period come on dude. These Habs fans can kill themselves too.
  10. Wow that sucked and so does this @TGfireandice: Kovalchuk just exited to Devils' locker room with medical trainer Rich Stinziano 6:22 into third. Didn't see if anything happened to him.
  11. Yes then I remember almost crapping my pants at the bar during that second over time.
  12. Although this team is in the playoffs there is zero favorable match ups as of now.
  13. Rip Gionta. Wtf these fvcking a$$holes are gunning for us. Wow. We are fvcked Ok ..he's back so that's good (: He's back at like 50%
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