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  1. NJDEVS1730

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Can't spell Islanders without Anders.
  2. NJDEVS1730

    NJDevs '18-19 Fantasy Hockey Season Thread

    I'll be in Switzerland (!!) during the draft so hopefully Yahoo auto drafts a good team for me if I can't get online...
  3. NJDEVS1730

    NJ @ NYR GDT 9/24/18

    Sorry for your loss, man. It's always tough losing a dog. Hang in there!
  4. NJDEVS1730

    All Jersey Talk

    Thanks! Do you have a link to Philly Skate Zone? Want to send my blank Adidas jersey in pretty soon.
  5. NJDEVS1730

    NJDevs '18-19 Fantasy Hockey Season Thread

    Wow, my team is so awful. I'm willing to take offers on any of my players. Looks like a rebuilding season for me 🤷‍♂️
  6. NJDEVS1730

    All Jersey Talk

    Does EPS customize the new adidas jerseys? Have a new blank I would like to get done.
  7. NJDEVS1730

    NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    Best 2 out of 3?
  8. NJDEVS1730

    2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    What did he say today? Edit: Ah just saw on Brooksie's twitter.
  9. NJDEVS1730

    2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

  10. NJDEVS1730

    Attending games in SJ/LA/ANA...any tips?

    Hey guys, recently moved out to San Jose from NJ (I miss home already :/) and this year decided to also make the trip down to LA and Anaheim to see some Devils hockey. Have any of you been to games in SoCal? Any tips for things to do in the area?
  11. NJDEVS1730

    No Devils Game for a Week

    I believe AG said this wasn't out NHL mandated week off, correct? So we'll get another one of these somewhere around Jan/Feb?
  12. NJDEVS1730

    NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    So peeved I picked Kesler with my 3rd round pick. Hopefully he's not out too long. Anyone interested in a 2 for 1 deal involving Kesler?
  13. NJDEVS1730

    NJDevs '17-18 Fantasy Hockey

    NJDefenders are keeping: Craig Anderson Mats Zuccarello Marcus Johansson
  14. NJDEVS1730

    The Devils Uniforms

    Looks like his eyes are now green instead of blue as well. Not loving the new look, old head looked better.
  15. NJDEVS1730

    The Devils Uniforms

    Is it just the uniform or does NJ Devil look completely different in this photo?

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