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  1. 3rd and 15...Gase calls a draw

    3rd and 9...Gase calls a WR screen a yard behind the line of scrimmage

    Why even bother to show up for the games if you're just gonna give away possessions against the Pats?  Might as well forefit and have two straight bye weeks to get healthy and maybe teach this line how to ****ing pass protect.

  2. Yeah part of me wonders if we'll look back on this season the way we look back on 2005-06 in the NHL with the one-season weird spike in numbers when you had Gionta scoring 48 and Cheechoo 50+, etc.

    That said Alonso is definitely the real deal, a nice complement to deGrom on the pitching side.

  3. Good riddance...hopefully we won't have to hear any more about this jackass at least until he goes to XFL2 or jail, whichever happens first.

    And btw more lolz if this is true:

    So he goes from $30 million guaranteed to less than $200k on one game check...I don't think an athlete's lost this much money due to their own actions since A-Rod's suspension.

  4. 2 hours ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Yeah, these last two days have put the Mets in a similar position to where the 1987-88 Devils were as the season wound down...they were in it, but not REALLY in it.  Mets basically still have to win a ton AND get a lot of help. 

    Crazy as it sounds, we might be better off hoping for the Nats to stumble than the Brewers...yes, we've been over the schedule game and how that's not always a great way to predict results, but I can't see them screwing up THAT badly against their remaining opponents. 

    After a three-game set against the Marlins (Mets REALLY need the Nats to stumble in that series), they play five games in four days against the Phillies, and then finish up against the Indians.  If the Nats somehow lose two out of three to the Marlins, and four of five to the Phils, with the Mets winning ALL of their games at the same time...

    But yeah, in the end, this is still a serious longshot...3 games back is a lot at this point in the season.  Cubs and Brewers both with games tonight, Mets are off...would be nice to wake up and see the lead cut to 2.5 games. 

    Yeah I’m not counting on much help from the Phillies, they folded big time down the stretch last year and see no reason why they won’t do the same this year once the games get meaningless for them.

  5. Somehow someway the baseball gods keep us alive with the Brewers and Cubs both losing, Mets pick up two games in two days now three back of both.  Probably need to go 9-1, 8-2 at bare minimum though - with the Brewers and Cubs going 5-5 to force a tie.  Not sure how realistic a Brewers collapse would be given they end with the Pirates, Reds (road) and Rockies (road).  It would be nice to get a little payback for '08 somehow.

  6. 9 hours ago, '7' said:


    Exactly true with Alonso. He launched a ton of home runs, but in plenty of big spots when all we needed was a single, he wasn't up there swinging out of his shoes. In times when we needed baserunners...he drew walks and was content with one. He is a absolute slugger and maybe the best we'll ever have (though who knows, using the baseball they use now I'm sure Kingman would've gotten close to 50, he did do 37 in 123 games...even at Shea which could trend pitcher when the cold wind would blow in through the big open end)

    You're right on Conforto and I've soured on him. In a big spot when they throw up any semblance of a competent lefty he has no chance. He's down flailing on 3 pitches

    Exhibit A the four pitch walk in the ninth to give the Mets the lead today when a lot of players would overswing with bases loaded and the game tied.

  7. Seems like we would have been better off watching the Devils preseason game lol...this one was over when they let Odell run riot which you knew he was gonna do.  Gregg Williams so far has been all hat and no cattle.  The D didn't have much of a chance today but they could at least have gotten themselves off the field, it's not like they were making stops either.

  8. The Jets season has become an attempted remake of the movie Any Given Sunday with the first two QB's going out early leaving it to the no-name third stringer, and a merc running back (Bell - LL Cool J) being the team's only offense.

  9. I mean as we well know you can't always play the schedule game and you would think at some point they'd feel the effects of losing Yelich, but my god it's all right there for the Brewers with their schedule...a seven-game homestand with the Padres and Pirates next week, then a seven game road trip to Bandbox Central in Cinci and Colorado.  They might actually be the bigger threat atm, the Cubs still have seven against the Cardinals who'd love nothing more than to knock them out.

  10. 19 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    There went their last gasp.  Hard to believe they were just one batter away from having the tying run at the plate.  

    Yep I peaced out for the night after that to catch the earlier train back, I’d gone downstairs to the Mets HOF after Avilan imploded, saw the rally there - one more hit and I’d have gone back to my seat. Oh well, knew they wouldn’t keep it at 7 anyway :P

  11. 16 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Looks like Kershaw is starting to settle in after looking a little off through four.  

    deGrom vs Ryu tomorrow.  Hope Jake is fully on.

    Thor needs to watch Kershaw pitch, dude is barely hitting 92 with his fastball these days but is still controlling the game, maybe three balls have been hit hard all night.

  12. 11 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Kershaw’s been meh as of late...not giving up on this one yet.  

    Sorry, I don’t want to see McNeil decide now is the time to think outside the box. Especially when it would be a wise idea to try to make Kershaw work a little.

    Well the Dodger pen is almost as bad as ours, hope we get to see it cause our pen is rearing it’s ugly head soon enough.

    Too bad we wasted Ramos’s first IF hit this decade.

  13. 10 minutes ago, '7' said:

    That's just the way they want it really. I've seen overhead shots of bleak late september games where the Mets are out of it, and you see this mass of humanity near Shake Shack/Blue Smoke that probably rivals people in the stands watching the game. 

    I really wish they'd do something to make these lines move quicker. You need more people manning these stands. I know the companies don't want to hire more workers but its worth it, because believe me you have plenty of people that get disgruntled and leave a line when they're missing what they're truly paying for

    Honestly I’m amazed it ‘only’ took me ten minutes or so to get in from the time I got off the train, probably only cause I walked to the LF entrance (closer to my seat anyway) and didn’t have a bag...but really now I’ve NEVER seen the food and beverage lines this empty and I’ve been to games with far worse attendance.

    Ironically the empty food line is the only reason I even bothered to get the steak frites, mostly to try it (was very meh and lukewarm).

  14. I’m going to the game tonight, not amused by more Mickey lineup salad, what metric exactly does Brodie and company use to determine when players under thirty ‘need rest’? And if you’re going to give him rest why not do it yesterday, or Sunday when Buehler goes after the two lefties?

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