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  1. For years the Caps and Blues were losers and chokers too, till the one year they weren’t. I doubt Bruce would come here anyway unless we were literally his only option, people can diss the playoff record but the regular season success isn’t nothing.

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  2. On 2/19/2020 at 8:39 PM, titans04 said:

    Anybody else catch McKenzie tonight prior to the NY/CHI game saying he expects the Devils to give Cory another look down the stretch to see if he can be reincarnated. WTF that means. 

    What else are they gonna say, that they’re 100% buying him out or trading him if we can somehow get 10 good games out of him and pawn him off on some sucker at 50% retained? Can’t exactly admit he’s a dead man walking when you still need to play him for various reasons (can’t put him on IR if he gets hurt in Bingo, you’re paying him anyway and the other guy sucks too).

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  3. Truth be told we were saying some of the same things about Goodell a few years ago.  Whether Manfred survives long-term or not will come down to what it always comes down to - money and how much of it Manfred makes the owners with these dopey changes like expanding the playoffs by four teams and picking your opponent.  That's why Roger was able to ride out being the most unpopular human being on earth for both players and fans, he makes the NFL a sh!t ton of money and that's all owners care about in the end.  Same with Bettman for that matter, he's the lightning rod that locks out the game every 7-10 years, is booed in almost every rink in North America when presenting the Cup but he increases the coffers every year, so voila pretty much lifetime job security.

    At this point they may be forced to do something else drastic, like vacate the Astros' title to quiet the hounds though.  This is just going to keep festering, especially if you're going to preemptively protect them from beanbrawl wars as if they're Chase Utley in NY.

  4. 14 hours ago, MadDog2020 said:

    Yeah White was very solid. He’s probably one of the most underrated, under-appreciated players from the glory years. 

    And Greene is from the last ten years. The main differences are Greene didn’t play a physical game or on many winners. I’m probably biased with PTSD remembering White and Mottau as the ‘#1 pairing’ in 2009 and 2010 (not to mention early career undisciplined White in 2001) while Greene held up well as the #1 guy through four rounds in 2012 with another marginal player (Fayne) alongside him.

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  5. 2 hours ago, NJDfan1711 said:

    Well that's basically my point - we think of Brylin as a beloved and great player because he was part of 3 amazing Cup teams, something Greene did not have the benefit of.  In actuality, when you consider their skill, and impact to the team, they're pretty similar.  I gave Greene points for wearing the C as I mentioned, because that's something he did as an individual.  Brylin winning 3 Cups wasn't all his doing.  

    That's definitely true, a winner's bias if you will.  Greene would have fit in great on those Devils teams of the early '00's, I'd certainly take prime Greene over prime Colin White and late-career Dano as a LD, but he had the misfortune of not only playing on a lot of dogmeat Devils teams, but captaining two of the worst years in franchise history back to back toward the end of his career which gives him the rap of not being a good leader in spite of 2018.

  6. 1 hour ago, devlman said:

    Yeah it’s pick and choose based on logic. If you don’t get that and choose to be ignorant then that’s your call but no one in their right mind would blame Ray for Zacha. 

    Well you COULD, he made the pick albeit having to use Conte's board.  But yes he gets 100% of the credit for trading for Palm, that had nothing to do with Lou or Conte's board.

    The bigger question is how much credit you give Shero for say, Blackwood and the other picks that draft.  Since again they had to use Conte's board but clearly they were picking small, speed guys that fit Shero's vision more than Conte's, plus using a high two on a goalie right after Lou signed Cory to a long-term extension.

  7. LOL you may well be right about that last paragraph re: the return of the juiced balls

    And yeah it’s pretty hard to make Roger Goodell look competent but Manfred FUBARed this six ways to Tuesday, trying to sweep it under the rug and minimize the damage, it’s only had the opposite effect and increased resentment. Man you didn’t even see this kind of blowback from other players about the Pats. I guess this kind of stuff really isn’t all that common after all in baseball.

    Funny thing about the scrap metal comment is at best the WS trophy is third out of the four major sports in prestige behind the Stanley Cup and Lombardi Trophy but to say that...he doesn’t even come off as an actual fan of baseball given stuff like that and all the wild changes they want to make with the playoffs.

  8. I get it’s easy to bash the social media sphere which bashes everything but really I can’t blame anyone for overreacting yesterday, having one franchise mainstay dealt right before a game and another major trade (which was a clear signal of rebuild 2.0) happen in the matter of two hours was a LOT to process at once.

  9. It’s a little rough to have no feeling at all about Greene, the dude carved out a solid 15-year career as an undrafted FA on the ice and never embarrassed the franchise off it. But it did get overshadowed a LOT having the Coleman rumors start literally a half hour after the Greene trade.

  10. On 2/13/2020 at 11:44 PM, MB3 said:

    He scored the game winning goal in the must-win game to get the Devils into the playoffs against the leafs in 2017, on an absolute beauty too.

    but it seems ridiculous (see: right on par with you paste eaters) to say “he hasn’t scored much when it counts”. Since, ya know, he hasn’t played much when it counts either. This team is dog sh!t for the second calendar year in a row.

    LOL wow one goal in one game (which was technically not a ‘must win’ at the time, it worked out that way in hindsight), color me impressed compared to the zero points in five playoff games along with the horsecrap first halves each of the last two years before he picks it up a little once the team is hopelessly gone. The first couple months of any season definitely matter, look how many people got fired and traded cause of our bad October and November.

    Look I’m not one of these people who are still crying about Barzal, Werenski, whomever, it was a board where everyone was rated next to each other and easy to make a mistake...but that player has not worked out and was arguably a big reason Shero didn’t work out even though it wasn’t his scouting board.

  11. 2 hours ago, mfitz804 said:

    Kind of hard to justify him not getting at least one of the three when he got completely shelled and he basically saved the game, but he did give up three and I’m sure there’s some people who didn’t look past that in voting for the stars. 

    LOL the media's stupid.  And I'm shocked Bratt got the first star since he did very little other than the shootout goal, and they generally don't take shootout results into the three stars.  But fine you want to give him first star, Blackwood should be #2 at worst.  They were outshot by THIRTY in regulation, homeboy had to make fifty saves (plus a few more in the shootout)...they had no business even getting to OT.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Rob_Ottawa said:

    You guys value draft picks way too high here. Coleman seems like a perennial twenty goal guy with heart who actually seems to give a damn night in and night out. You don't trade guys like that unless you get one back who's the same.

    Look I was as big a skeptic over a possible trade of Coleman as anyone but they got essentially TWO first-rounders for a guy who was only under control for one more year after this, they maxed out on value and then some.

    And I still don't want them to trade Palm or Gusev but if they really are going into PROCESS mode then that'll probably happen by next Monday and Fitz at least you can trust can find a decent return.  There won't be much to look forward to here for the next couple years, but there hasn't been the last several years anyway.

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  13. 1 hour ago, SterioDesign said:

    Except by the look of things now... looks like Ray was not pro-tanking and the rest of management were... but then why would the owner say that it's cause they were just not getting results?Then go ahead and trade our captain and one of our only bright spot (if coleman is indeed traded)

    these moves, trading players with a year left on their contract...  plus playing Dom when it makes no sense to do so... looks like a team tanking on purpose.

    I'm all for making the necessary move to put ourselves in the best possible situation to improve in the future though but it just so contradictory 

    Why? Three words...season ticket renewals. It’s no accident they were trying to peddle a two year loyalty lock or that most of these sell off moves are going to happen after the initial wave of renewals.

  14. 1 hour ago, Chimaira_Devil_#9 said:

    Maybe this thread was correct. 

    Yep but not for the reason we thought...hopefully the owners aren’t allowed to just lose forever. The NBA had to step in there, not sure the NHL will

  15. After what's happened the last few days I think we have to admit the Mets probably made the only choice they had in the end by offing Beltran, man this Astros nonsense (and their arrogant, ineffective presser in response) is the story that just won't die and Beltran would have really been a symbol for ire had he remained - perhaps even in his own dugout with the way other MLB players are just ripping the hell out of Houston starting with Cody Bellinger :hail:

    Man, imagine if the Astros HAD won the WS last year, they'd really have had to get to the bottom of buzzergate.  Funny how they keep throwing out all these different excuses for Altuve's infamous 'don't take off my jersey' request, but none of them explain why he had to go to the dugout and change out of his uniform before an on-field interview. 

    And MLB trying to cover up anything beyond what Fiers directly implicated and sweep it under the rug, not fighting the union, etc is just going to have the opposite effect with all the blowback the players are getting BECAUSE they weren't punished and apparently couldn't bothered to show any contrition for their own former manager and GM who got fired because of it.

  16. 24 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Well, to be fair, he now has the same scoring stats as Hall did as a Devil...

    ...just took him 22 more games than Hall to get there.

    7 points in Zacha’s last 7 games, but we’ve seen these surges before.  Did notch his 100th and 101st career points tonight.  But  yeah, I have a hard time getting too excited about yet another tease.  

    Especially when the games stop counting.  Wake me when Zacha has one of these stretches when it isn't second-half twenty points out junktime.

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  17. Yeah it seems the silver lining of the Cohen nonsense is now it’s public knowledge the team is up for sale and it doesn’t look like Fred and Jeff can drag their feet forever. It would have been nice to have a mega billionaire who’s a Mets fan though.

  18. Well guess Cohen was the last chance for Jeffy boy to maintain some control after all, hopefully this is true and gets done sooner rather than later



    No preconditions regarding control of the team will be attached to the upcoming sale, meaning whoever buys the Mets will likely assume control immediately from the Wilpon family, according to a person familiar with the matter. By showing a willingness to cede the control issue at the outset, the Wilpons may actually reap more than the Major League Baseball-record $2.6 billion that Cohen had agreed to pay, according to sports consultant Marc Ganis.


    The Wilpons are wasting little time trying to find another buyer for the franchise they assumed control of in 2002 at a valuation of $391 million.

    Allen & Co., the investment bank retained by the Mets, will begin its post-Cohen sales process Monday, according to the person. As was the case with the Cohen deal, no part of the team’s profitable regional sports network, SNY, will be included in the sale.

    Whoever buys the team will assume annual losses of at least $50 million, according to a person familiar with the team’s finances. 

    If that part is true it shows just how incompetent the Wilpons are, it's likely funny accounting in part due to the Madoff-induced debts but still shows the Wilpons are probably being quietly nudged out.  Of course it makes little sense they'd be willing to give up control now when it was apparently a sticking point with Cohen, guess they thought they had more leverage with him than they did cause of him being a Mets fan and really wanting the team.

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