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  1. I would give Ruff a season of actually you know, being able to COACH the team before streeting him since we know practices and rest have been very limited, but this is getting as bad as the end of 2010 only without any actual talent or proven leadership on the ice. This falls more on Shero, Fitz and ownership still being at ground zero after six years and two lotto wins
  2. re: Sandy, I’ve probably said this before but while he’s obviously got high personal integrity and I don’t believe would do any of the stuff that all these other cretins did, I’m also not surprised that old school guys like him and Terry Francona (who doesn’t get thrown in the mix enough with the Callaway crap) take a ‘boys will be boys’ approach toward a lot of this stuff and don’t have the urgency in reacting to it or put quite the importance on it that our more attuned sensibilities demand everyone does in 2021.
  3. Yeah although I'm not too happy about deGrom having to pitch in the pinball box that is Coors and likely freezing weather. With our luck he'll go two innings and the rain'll come down there though.
  4. The most offputting part about the analytics crowd for me is when the analytics don’t gibe with the results on ice it’s always unsustainable bad luck, short sample size or his line mates suck. It’s never maybe these numbers aren’t quite 100% gospel on everything yet, there’s always gotta be an excuse.
  5. Yeah Stroman was all hat, no cattle as a Met coming into this year and needed a beginning of the season like this, it’d be nice if we got last season Toronto Stroman this year. Imagine if he was doing this elsewhere along with Matz and now freaking Wilson Ramos who has SIX HR’s for Detroit so far. Would have been nice if he didn’t just take Brodie’s money and get fat here.
  6. Wow some actual clutch AB’s at last!
  7. LOL thanks a lot McCann, that nubber is the third out if runners were still first and second. Of course the collective team RISP is still a joke.
  8. I think the Devils were just doing Vat a favor by waiving him, obviously they couldn't get anything before today - and he would have had to be picked up by today to be eligible on someone's playoff roster.
  9. Obviously and I thought maybe there was a 2% chance he would actually cash out before the deadline because he's had such a poor year, but the Devils had to know Palm was never likely to take some 3-12 fantasy deal or whatever they were offering. It doesn't seem like there was any traction whatsoever on a deal because of differences on term, that wasn't because of Palm's year this season - it started in the offseason. I thought when they kept him they'd at least make a market value offer to retain him but that wasn't the case and maybe it'll turn out to be a good thing they didn't sign h
  10. LOL then what was Kulikov? A 4th rounder that has a better than 50% chance of staying a fourth rounder in a weak draft is basically giving him away. You already gave away Vat.
  11. Arguably Fitz's handling of Palmieri was worse than Shero's handling of Hall, because the injury thing like you said would have complicated any offseason attempt to trade him. Plus Shero was more or less in he'd better win soon mode to save his job. If the Devils were only going to try to lowball Palm and try to get him on the cheap in terms of re-signing him that wasn't ever gonna fly, they should have just moved him last deadline. What was the point of keeping him around through 2021 on a bad team?
  12. So essentially it cost us to make our defense worse after the deadline Lose Vat on waivers Trade Kulikov for a 4th (cond. 3rd) Give up a third for Slegwhatshisname from the Caps
  13. And Matz having his second straight great start in a row, god help us if he’s just the latest version of Justin Turner and other guys who’ve broken out after leaving here.
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