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  1. Or if Blackwood didn’t do what Blackwood does and come up with yet another injury when he was probably going to stick it to us
  2. Finesse wings don't usually get a first. Grabner's the flash point for what Toffoli might get...we thought a 2 and Rykov was an overpay then lol (and to be fair ANYthing would have been an overpay with how Grabner did here).
  3. The tough thing with calling it personal is writers get to have opinions too, Chere once printed it’s time to show Lou the door, TG called us Mickey Mouse over the way we handled the blackout game. It’s easy to say ‘Novo made it personal’ but if Politi writes that are we saying it? Btw Novo also said in the article Lindy was respected in hockey and didn’t deserve to have fans calling for his job on a nightly basis so it wasn’t as personal as being made out. Where I’m surprised Novo went that far was referring to Fitz being in hiding. While I completely agree with that point, it does sound more fan blogosphere than news writer.
  4. I used a lot of mine early, not in any way thinking there was a way I wouldn't renew, but between this team's gutlessness, lack of accountability and the dumbass overreach of a ticket hike I definitely have sellers' remorse now, I'll have to hold out on using them next year, and the damn buybacks are usually the biggest selling point since it helps me shed the crap games without worrying about trying to get twenty cents on the dollar
  5. Yeah sorry dude nobody wants to hear about the draft this year when we were supposed to be past hoping the next shiny thing will be the answer down the road. Really it's getting high time soon where draft picks are more trade options than actual roster options anyway. But yeah talking about the draft when the Devils for all intents and purposes were eliminated from the playoffs once and for all in a season where they were AT LEAST supposed to be playing playoff games again is just not reading the room.
  6. Injured or not injured Jack's definitely got a full Kovalsuck attitude going now, but he's far from the only one on this sh!tbag excuse of a roster. They aren't even scoring enough goals lately to complain about the goaltending, especially the rancid power play but hey they're all fat and happy cause they won their Stanley Cup last Saturday
  7. Except this is the kind of game we usually win to get the false hope cooking, then we'll lose to another sh!tty California team or three.
  8. It definitely seems like last Saturday was their Cup given the lifelessness around the team in the other three games over the last week and a half. As a result I’m well on my way to punting the season too, left Thursday’s game absurdly early, sold my ticket for today’s game soon after and I’m glad to now have two weeks before my next home game, by then either the team will be totally out of it and it’ll be no pressure games or they’ll still be in an illusory race and the market will be good enough to sell tickets if I’m still on an emotional break by then.
  9. The most we might get is Kate Madigan or Dan McKinnion going down to the bench to ‘observe’ lol
  10. Unless the chickensh!t GM is also speaking at the presser to announce a change this is just normal pregame availability and/or a PR move
  11. Not even getting on him for that because yes our goalies have been awful 85-90% of the year, but it does look bad after this recent stretch of games.
  12. If they lose to Tampa Bay this weekend, there won't be a decision left to make. If they somehow get three or four points the next two games and keep up the illusion of being a playoff contender in a sh!tty conference it just gives Fitz another excuse to stay in the bunker and stand pat.
  13. Toffoli is what Lou thought he was getting with Michael Ryder
  14. On the one hand I don't mind Jack getting some chirping here, I think he and a number of other people on this team (and above the players) could use a bit of accountability and reality check...on the other Mr. Magoo for the first time threw out the 'i' word in reference to Jack, and if he is indeed playing hurt that certainly goes a way to explaining why we haven't seen the real Jack since mid-December. His downturn both in terms of play and attitude started way before the village idiot decided to put him back on wing though, that's become the latest convenient excuse for him not producing the way he did last year or early this season. At least with Timo it's a legitimate beef since he's literally been at his off wing for like 95% of the year.
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