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  1. Correct which is why Cory has ‘100 save’ games in these sims, they opted for real time over realistic sim
  2. Tbh I don’t even see what was so bad about the pay cut to where they had to apologize and do an about face even if it wasn’t being paid back, since they were cutting their ‘highest’ paid employees, these aren’t the people who are living paycheck to paycheck. Sure Harris and Blitzer can absorb the loss better so it’s a chintzy look but the Twitter mob was railing against cuts for VP’s and GM’s as if it was the arena vendors being cut. This wasn’t particularly out of line compared to most other CEO’s like the president of Whole Foods who’s telling his healthy employees to donate their sick days to the sick people instead of just paying for/absorbing the cost of extra sick days himself.
  3. Are you fvcking kidding me? Welp guess Wacha and Matz can both stay in the rotation now, if we have a season
  4. Bleh welp we're drafting a WR early now.
  5. LOL at people jumping on the owners for a temporary 20% cut of people in high salaried jobs while paying the little guys in full.
  6. It’s not essential obviously, but by the same token if they can fix some roads without endangering themselves or anyone else might as well do it the next few weeks while there’s obviously going to be light traffic most of the day.
  7. Not yet but unfortunately it’s probably only a matter of time until my nurse friend gets it, since their hospital (like most) still doesn’t have enough masks and already several positive cases in their unit. Fortunately she’s in her 30’s so it shouldn’t be debilitating long term but you can’t have the people who we need to take care of everyone else getting sick too.
  8. My 100-game schedule would be simple enough...8 games against division teams and 6 games against everyone else in your league with no interleague. Heh nice, glad he’s doing well. I know he used to post on NYFS too (that board fried out for like a month earlier this year but is back now)
  9. Speaking of the Red Sox and Astros, what happens to the suspensions to Hinch and (eventually) Cora if we don't play at all this year, would they have to sit out 2021 as well since there was no season to be suspended for in 2020? Or would they just take mercy on them cause they've already sat out a year and been fired? After CR's offhand remark in the other folder I am actually starting to think for the first time it's a matter of if, not when we have a season. I wonder when the drop dead date for starting would be, June? They probably need to have around a 100-game season to really be viable, no sports league is literally having half a season or less. Football went 9/16, the NHL went 48/82 and the NBA went 50/82 in their lowest recent seasons, that's about the benchmark for baseball. If you start spring training 2.0 the first two weeks of June, then play 100 games from mid-June on you can end like normal in late September. You can't really push the playoffs back too far into November unless you're gonna go neutral site and play in domes/warm weather cities, which would kinda make a joke of it since that's not what baseball is.
  10. Playing like 30 games in a 2.5 month stretch then sitting out for about six weeks then going right into an 82-game or 70-game, whatever they're trying to squeeze in by starting in November is a severe disadvantage going into the next season and not exactly conducive to good health for teams with long playoff runs.
  11. I think it’s more Favre cause Favre still was good enough to get to pick his spot (after the Jet stopover) and had 1.5 good seasons of football left while Marty when he left was clearly done and had minuscule interest around the league. Brady probably has at least one above average-good year in him since he’s a cyborg but who knows.
  12. Yep this is going to be a Favre type end
  13. Well we got another second tier tackle in George Fant, hopefully Douglas is better at getting the second-tier guys than Maccagnan was.
  14. It is amazing that when we now have more outlets to avoid actual social interaction and still keep up with each other and live our lives (ordering takeout instead of dining out, using Facetime and texting instead of in-person gatherings, shopping remotely), we're less willing to actually use them when it's neccesary.
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