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  1. Well that worked out well at least...whew. Kind of a shocking stat from Gary, only the Mets' second shutout ever at Coors Field.
  2. LOL Ottavino's a human walk waiting to happen...now without a slider against CJ Cron, what could go wrong?
  3. Big-time effort by Walker and big-time defense to keep Colorado off the board after the first two did get on in the 7th.
  4. Wow an actual clutch hit from Lindor, will wonders never cease?
  5. Looks like our usual DH split is upon us, just keep on winning three of every five somehow - or four of every seven even for the most part, despite missing their top two pitchers.
  6. It actually reminds me of Parcells coming to the Jets tbh…right guy, right time for a franchise that lost their way. And yeah Bill couldn’t quite get the Jets over the hump but the Jets were for the most part a solid team for about a decade or so after his arrival. Another DH tomorrow lol
  7. On the one hand it’s not like they hit Diaz around, two infield singles and a SB, on another the two walks didn’t help although they got stranded as it worked out. Again we see making contact matters. The only reason they got a run was making contact. The only reason they didn’t get more was two K’s
  8. Oy vey, Cards tie the game and load the bases without the ball getting out of the infield.
  9. At least the old Jeff McNeil is back LOL at Escobar, his expected BA on those line drives is probably .900
  10. To paraphrase Omar: ’Who else can say they’re getting a Max Scherzer and a Jacob deGrom at the deadline?’
  11. Guess it’s the hammy acting up? Hopefully he caught it in time not to be out for too long. Or his back
  12. OH BOY, the one thing you really didn’t want to happen…
  13. The other sh!tty part is after struggling last season, Gimenez now looks like he’s next in the long line of All-Star middle infielders they’ve churned out, usually to pawn off on us when they’re prematurely used up
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