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  1. NJDevs4978

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    And deGrom wins the Cy Young with 29/30 first place votes...the guy announcing the award said something to the effect of 'getting more support from the writers than he did from his teammates'
  2. NJDevs4978

    2018 NFL Season

    Another Roger PR mess that could seemingly only happen with the NFL, one of their marquee games and a MNF one no less is possibly going to be canceled because the field in MEXICO CITY sucks.
  3. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    Yeah it would be nice if he gets to pick his own coach before streeting him. But his drafting or most of his FA signings haven't really earned him the benefit of the doubt. I'm honestly just more ambivalent about the GM cause I doubt it's going to matter in the end. When Woody picked Idzik it didn't work out, when he outsourced the pick to Casserly and Wolf the Macc/Bowles pairing has been a disaster. I don't know if Chris is going to be any better at picking a GM but I suppose we might find out sooner rather than later.
  4. NJDevs4978

    2018 NFL Season

    I really don't get what happened to the Eagles this season...yeah Super Bowl hangover but to lose all the close games like this? The Skins are literally going to walk to the division at 8-8 without an offensive line.
  5. NJDevs4978

    NJDevils Survival Football

    Well a bloodbath today This is why I never trust the Jets in suicide pools, actually thought there'd be a couple more picks of the Chiefs. Next week looks pretty difficult but at least I have the handicap strike.
  6. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    24-0 lolz...this is getting Kotite/MacLean bad.
  7. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    The Bills can't even get 14 points in a game, but they already have fourteen points in the first quarter against Terrible Todd's Jets. Looks like the D quit after Todd's ridiculous 'but they should have gotten turnovers' nonsense last week when the D actually played well.
  8. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    Of course he gets hurt before the Buffalo game which could have been a confidence booster. Then again the Bills do have a decent defense, it's their offense that's beyond pathetic.
  9. NJDevs4978

    2018 NFL Season

    From South Florida today (and not after that dopey game in Miami that set football back twenty years):
  10. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    God I hope so...I can't see them going any better than 5-11 or 6-10 at best, and that's if we get two wins over the Bills
  11. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    And Jermaine Kearse who should know better is standing ON the sideline while wide open turning a seven-eight yard out into an incompletion...typical dumb lack of awareness from a surprising source.
  12. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    Blowing that field goal is the perfect metaphor for Todd Bowles' entire tenure. Sack on second down, delay of game penalty then they run a hurried WR screen that Kearse drops, then even our reliable kicker shanks a 50-yard FG attempt by about fifty yards.
  13. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    They still have Brock Osweiler playing instead of Tannehill this time...if they can't slow him down (and it's not like Miami has great WR's either) they should just pack it in for the season. If Todd wants to keep his job he'd better find a way to win the next two and finish no worse than 7-9 or 8-8.
  14. NJDevs4978

    GDT: Devils @ Detroit Red Wings, 7:30PM EST

    lol come on now, the Red Wings were 3-7-1 coming into tonight and were missing their entire second line from a team that was supposed to be awful and had been. If we can't even count on one point against this team there are major problems.
  15. NJDevs4978

    GDT: Devils @ Detroit Red Wings, 7:30PM EST

    Having Zacha, the vastly overrated Johansson and Dea/Noesen on your second line is like the Mets having Eric Campbell and John Mayberry in the middle of their lineup a few years back. You just can't survive with this crap, especially when the team only seems to want to play every other year.

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