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  1. Yep the actual trade itself worked out for the Mets, and so did the first Ces contract. The second one not so much
  2. Like Dano would say...oh boy Like CR (or nmig?) would say....pitchers. After the middle of 2017 the Ces-Fulmer swap really hasn’t benefited anyone.
  3. Yeah who would have thought the lefty that looks more solid would be Vargas lol. Of course you hear that line now...he did great down the stretch, carrying it over into Spring Training, we can count on him! Guess we'll see when the bell rings.
  4. I'm not a big fan of the overspecializtion of pitching either, but yeah the three batter minimum is just as lame as potentially banning the shift. What's next, all starters need to go more than an inning to counter the 'opener' strategy?
  5. Guess it could have been worse though would have liked to keep Myers after his great season last year. Andre Roberts went to Buffalo and had some uncomplementary things to say about the Jets' handling of his contract out the door
  6. Probably the best thing is it prevents the stupid waiver blocking (and removes the need for an unwritten rule not to block players). Other than Verlander I can’t think of too many August trades that have made a big difference tbh.
  7. Welp, they got their man. Not QUITE as bad as I feared
  8. Odell is like five years younger than Brown, and signed for longer - of course he was going to get a bit more of a return. Plus signing a guy last offseason only to trade him this offseason smacks of an organization with no plan. $16 million of dead cap space is like 1/10 of the cap. And you're now wasting most of Barkley's rookie contract in a rebuild, the idea of drafting a RB high is to get him at a cheap cost anyway.
  9. It's not like KC had a good defense anyway, now they're getting rid of the few good guys ON it. How exactly are they going to stop anyone next year - with snipers?
  10. It's official, the Giants are a gongshow and have been the last two years but nobody wants to admit it cause they're a golden franchise
  11. A reminder nothing is official this week till players can actually sign....pfft
  12. With Bell I’m really torn on going for him or not, for all the obvious reasons. He seems like this season’s version of Kirk Cousins, the guy we try to overpay but can’t, then we’re forced to go to a plan B which was likely better in the long run anyway.
  13. re: the Devils they could have also done things like the Jet trade for the Raider offensive lineman too, or taking on expiring deals to get an asset - using cap isn’t all about free agency or locking up long term deals. It’s just annoying seeing $25 million in cap go to waste every single year. Even the Jets have had seasons of banking cap but you know they’ll eventually spend if that doesn’t work out. I’m not even sure how confident I should be in Mac doing the spending, since 2015 only worked for 15 games. Then again they did at least have a 10-win season with Fitz.
  14. And the Jets working on the defense now, signing both linebackers CJ Moseley and Anthony Barr. This could blow up the way other Jet spending sprees have, but at least unlike the Devils they're actually trying and unlike the Mets it isn't automatically with the second-tier guys.
  15. Yeah Macc's MO is definitely to target guys having down years and/or coming off injury for a bounceback - this tackle, Crowder, Claiborne along with trying to overpay the biggest guy on the market (last year Cousins, this year they're trying with Bell).
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