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  1. It’s been this way for the Yankees for years though, Fitz had his hibernation season but hot damn did he start remodeling the place this offseason. Hopefully not too much of an over correction (mainly at the draft).
  2. Usually we’re the ones who have someone on the hot seat in the Yankee series but hot damn Cashman is one stubborn mule. Forget George, literally anyone else would have at least canned a hitting coach after this kind of run
  3. Severino...probably wasn't wrong with his little 'diss' about the Yankee lineup not being much to worry about aside from two guys. It's pretty much been the case for a while.
  4. I didn’t have Jake Diekman fanning Judge in the ninth inning on my bingo card
  5. Guess McNeil decided he can’t hit for average anymore so might as well go for the long ball
  6. Yeah I saw something on Twitter recently where Alonso's age 28-29 seasons don't even compare favorably with LUCAS DUDA lol, yeah I don't think Bora$ is getting his $200 million, the likely outcome is he goes the Conforto way and takes a short-term deal somewhere. I'd even say here is a possibility except it seems to be beneath these guys' sense of pride to take the short-term deal at their current location.
  7. Yeah well clearly MLB wanted him in the derby by putting him in the ASG since he doesn’t deserve the latter and publicly said he’d only do the derby if he was in the ASG
  8. Two home runs, the Jose Iglesias career year is definitely a thing
  9. Two games over .500 and in a playoff spot, a lot more than I thought we were getting out of this season a few weeks ago.
  10. Predictably now on the DL…he’s had just as much of a up and down season as the Mets themselves
  11. Yeah it's not like pitch count control has done jack all to prevent the rise of arm injuries. I did like Buck going somewhat new-school (or is it just no school) with the way he used Diaz two years ago. Not sure THIS version of Diaz would be worthy of the 'find the toughest inning even if it isn't the ninth' thinking, though he's still likely much better than the rest of our pen.
  12. Welp this ten game stretch certainly didn’t end great.
  13. Well at least they're almost through the Diaz-less man short in the bullpen stretch
  14. This definitely reminds me of the Shero 2019 offseason though -Just signed an extension but the team took a step backwards the previous year -Goes out and does a bunch of desperate win-now stuff counter to his MO before that offseason -Gets canned when it doesn't work out So far the first two apply to Fitz, hopefully the third one won't.
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