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  1. NJDevs4978

    GDT: Devils @ Islanders 7:00 PM MSG+, MSG+2

    Would have liked to have find out, but Parise leaving after it (and then Kovalsuck a year later) robbed us of that chance to keep a good team together for another few years. It only looks like a fluke given they did nothing in the playoffs from the second lockout till that season and didn't make the playoffs after it till last year.
  2. NJDevs4978

    2019 New York Mets Season Thread

    lol I love Jeff McNeil but this is one of the Mets' big problems in a nutshell - pigeonholing people into positions they can't play or shouldn't play. Nimmo or Conforto's gonna be in CF because they have to find AB's for McNeil and won't pay a guy like Pollock (who granted I'm wary of too with his injuries). McNeil's gonna be in the outfield cause they acquired/have a million infielders. Lowrie's a middle infielder shifting to his third position to make room for Brodie's 36-year old poster boy. It's like a shell game where defense is not even optional.
  3. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    Good news indeed
  4. NJDevs4978

    2019 New York Mets Season Thread

    Reading Davey Johnson’s book a while back I got the distinct impression that the whole changing Gooden’s motion fiasco was strictly a front office thing (re: Cashen) cause they were scared of him getting hurt Suffice it to say in general Davey was NOT a Cashen fan - with good reason lol As far as Mel he's one of the few guys who was respected by both NY fanbases (David Cone, Granderson, etc).
  5. NJDevs4978

    GDT: DevIls vs. Flyers, 1/12/19, 1:00pm

    I agree with you but the angry old men on lawn type reactions are WHY the suits want a more septic atmosphere
  6. NJDevs4978

    John Hynes Signs Extension - Star Ledger

    I wasn't being entirely serious with the saving pennies on the extension line but at a certain point the proof's gotta be in the pudding. Either they're going to spend or they won't, the excuses don't fly forever. Sure there's no overt smoking gun suggesting they are penny pinching (like Madoff with the Mets) and no Josh Kosman constantly waving around financial statements in the Post, but some of us were saying that with Vanderbeek too, when they still had one of the highest payrolls until near the end. McMullen was called a cheapskate and in a lot of cases he was but THAT team still managed to have a top eight-top ten payroll in several seasons. These owners, sure it's nice they aren't butting in per se but they've basically operated at a Moneyball level with both the Devils and Sixers to this point consistenly being in the bottom five-ten payrolls. I just don't see why they continue to get the blind benefit of the doubt when there's no current evidence that actually supports your or others' view they will spend other than Shero pinkyswearing there's no restrictions and vague reports we were 'in' on certain players. For years we've been told we'll spend when the time's right but we've banked useless cap space for years and now we're staring at an offseason where we may lose Hall because we've spent too much time ****ing around, and reset the rebuild AGAIN.
  7. NJDevs4978

    John Hynes Signs Extension - Star Ledger

    Assuming he was on his last year that just makes the timing more hilariously bad. Why not extend him in the offseason or training camp when he'd come off a decent year and had some goodwill? He was still going to be a lameduck then. Doing it now smack in the middle of a poor season is basically trolling the fanbase, it's almost as if they were happy to save money on the extension by doing it when his leverage was down.
  8. NJDevs4978

    Back to the Future of the Past 80's vs Toronto 1/10/18 7PM GDT

    The expansion draft and increasing cap dried up that market for the most part but they had years before that point.
  9. NJDevs4978

    Back to the Future of the Past 80's vs Toronto 1/10/18 7PM GDT

    There are other ways to add payroll besides FA’s who mostly aren’t going to sign here anyway. For years we heard we had cap space that’d be useful in trades, we did it for exactly one trade where no real money was added (Savard) and now that opportunity has mostly been lost with the cap going up every year. Shero can say what he wants about FA negotiations but sooner or later they gotta find some way to add talent and it’s eventually gonna require money, in FA or via trade. Even Hynes made a slightly eyebrow raising remark about Tampa being a cap team a while back.
  10. NJDevs4978

    Back to the Future of the Past 80's vs Toronto 1/10/18 7PM GDT

    My complaint is that some fans are getting their just desserts as current management only seems to care about off ice stuff like gambling lounges and marketing while the previous management only cared about winning. How else am I supposed to think when we’re $20-25 million under the cap every darn year and just extended a coach with one good year out of four? Especially when this ‘staff’ pays absolutely no attention to defense.
  11. NJDevs4978

    Back to the Future of the Past 80's vs Toronto 1/10/18 7PM GDT

    You're right but it's also perfectly indiciative of how things have changed. For years and years most fans went way over the top bitching and moaning about the lack of marketing, or that the team wasn't 'exciting' enough as if either was the most important thing. Marketing ain't gonna do sh!t if you have a crap product and how does 'being more exciting' taste now? But hey we got five whole playoff games out of fast, attacking and supportive before going back into the crapper!
  12. NJDevs4978

    John Hynes Signs Extension - Star Ledger

    It's also why I'm annoyed at Shero for the first time. Extending Hynes for multiple years in this trainwreck of a season really was no different than the Johnsons extending Todd Bowles last year after back to back 5-11's. People complained about Lou's itchy trigger finger but at least there was accountability then.
  13. NJDevs4978

    2019 New York Mets Season Thread

    Definitely wasn't me since I'd remember that lol...can't say it surprises me though I didn't get why they were looking for another infielder when they were even rumored on Brian Dozier so this surprises me. Ironic after the Wright settlement comes out now they suddenly have $10 million to spend. I guess at this point McNeil could be a corner outfielder, but then you have three CF'ers with Lagares, Broxton and whoever plays there between Conforto and Nimmo. Right now it seems like McNeil is this year's Nimmo, too valuable to trade but make all sorts of moves to actively block him from playing. Alonso and Frazier are BVW's boys so I can't see him offing/bypassing them completely but there are only so many AB's to go around at first base if Lowrie, Rosario and Cano are 3/4 of your infield.
  14. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    Well Vance Joseph's probably an improvement over whoever his DC was in Miami...but yeah Gase sounds like a cross between Mangini and Josh McDaniels - hypersensitive and power-hungry. Too bad unlike BB (who had four years to learn), Gase had four minutes to learn after the Miami job.
  15. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    I don't think the Kay-Lagreca show is any day at the beach either although their Bowles interviews were frequently ten minutes of bupkus cause that's all Bowles gave them is bupkus.

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