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  1. Some good news to report This buys out two arb years and two-three FA years as well...a terrific deal for the Mets and at least Jeff has peace of mind since it was gonna be hard for him to truly break the bank in FA after his age 32 season
  2. LOLOLOL Jets bring in Nathaniel Hackett to be their OC. And all the media can’t wait to speculate that means Rodgers is coming here, never mind we heard the same logic last offseason when Denver gave him a premature promotion and had to settle for Russ cooked instead
  3. John Moore? He was pretty crazy with OT goals that one year lol
  4. Yeah from 2017-19 Pham was actually a pretty decent player but that's a really short stint and he didn't even become a regular until he was 29. Lately all he's been known for is that stupid catfight over fantasy football lol
  5. Yeah guess McCutchen figured he’d rather take a victory lap and play more in Pittsburgh than be a bench guy somewhere else.
  6. Pending a physical, how cute If our offer went under that then there really is something to worry about in the medicals.
  7. LOL...and the next episode in As Correa's Contract Turns If the Twins are gonna sign him then they better fvcking sign him, don't give him a physical and back away yourselves cause then we get to the point in the program where he takes a short-term deal with the Braves and annoys us even more.
  8. While I agree with this, we also saw this script with Pete Carroll after the fake spike game (losing five in a row to end the season, team quit on the coach), he got fired and then went on to put up a borderline HOF resume elsewhere - in fact he probably would be in if not for the Malcom Butler in the Super Bowl fiasco. I do think having a rookie coach AND rookie coordinators was just too much especially when the guy who was supposed to be the veteran mind on the staff met with a tragic accident before Wilson's first camp (Knapp)
  9. It does remind me of the Cory Devils a little in that it's not like they're getting blown out, they're in every game...with just enough of an illusion that one or two more moves and you can contend again. If Bill really wants to try and contend though, get a real offensive coordinator. Jones regressed this year, I think he's salvageable into at least being an Alex Smith-type but you're not gonna have a real offense with a bunch of third receivers and defensive guys calling plays. Houston blowing the top pick with two fourth and forever conversions and a two-pointer is one of the most hilarious things I've seen all year...it's one thing to lose the top pick just winning the game, but to do it THAT way? Man, I was annoyed enough when Adam Gase beat the 9-4 Rams with an 0-13 team, but there was still a couple weeks left then, not a couple minutes...
  10. They’re definitely in the tit for tat media game now, after the Bora$ leak to Heyman comes return fire from the Mets via Martino, I still want the player but part of me wants to call Bora$ on his sh!t and dare him to get even $250 guaranteed from another team at this point.
  11. Honestly I'm not that worried about it for two reasons - one, if this thing blew up two plus years ago it'd definitely be LOLMETS, Cheap Ponzis, etc but we know with Cohen's willingness to run up a $100+ million TAX bill that it's not about cheapness if this deal falls through. Two, Cohen already walked away from Kumar Rocker, I don't think he's going to give in to Bora$ and let him have everything he wants this time either. If Correa finally signs, I don't think it'll be for a stupidly unprotected contract. If this falls through, everyone will know exactly who to blame - Bora$ and Correa.
  12. Yeah Cimini's been throwing out bread crumbs intimating as much (re: Woody sh!t-canning Saleh) and honestly as much as I like the man you just can't excuse the last two weeks or the D dying on the vine the last drive of the Lions game, feels like that ended our season when it shouldn't have. But I can't exactly trust Woody to 'get it right' with the coach either, although Douglas if you assume he had at least some power picking the coach this time now looks like he's been way off on both the coach and QB picks.
  13. Yeah this definitely looked like a Same Old Jets swoon, I don't care who's hurt and who isn't, you can't no-show like this TWO WEEKS IN A ROW with a playoff berth on the line. I turned this sh!t off after the first two drives onto the Devil game (which I'd sold my ticket for specifically to watch this piece of crap team lol) but I didn't even turn it back on much when I saw nothing had really changed after the Devil game was over.
  14. LOL this overrated, overhyped defense can piss off - a TD after three easy plays
  15. Yeah this is getting like a CBA negotiation at this point...part of me thinks we'll still be sitting around in late February waiting. On the one hand the longer there's radio silence it's obvious they're trying to work it out, but on the other hand, the longer it takes for it to work out the more you know someone (re: Bora$) is being his usual royal pain in the a$$
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