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  1. It's just amazing how it feels like they've never recovered from the Braves ambush last September.
  2. Other than the old farts who are actually healthy at the same time for once, who else can you pitch against them? Senga's been dogsh!t on the road, Megill's pretty well been dogsh!t period despite a shockingly low 4.4 ERA (with a 1.62 WHIP).
  3. Like someone said elsewhere it’s ironic that Correa’s ankle which hadn’t caused any issue yet spooked more teams than Jake’s medical history
  4. I’m actually glad he got his bag before the injury lol, if this had happened last year it would have cost him at least $100 million or so. But yeah the fact he really hasn’t been able to pitch at all even before this has gotta be frustrating.
  5. Yeah amazing with the payroll they already had they still managed to dodge guys like deGrom, Correa and Bauer
  6. Eh I think that's a little unfair to Pete, he's had his share of big HR's...but yeah you're not looking to him if you need a single and he's getting a bit too HR happy this year, even for him.
  7. They even made deGrom look like he wasn't just blowing smoke when he claimed he was going to Texas because of the Rangers' 'vision'...they're now nine games above us, without deGrom pitching for half the season!
  8. Another LOLMETS game, four solo HR’s to tie it then give the last two RIGHT back
  9. Welp guess we’re getting Senga on five days rest the remainder of the year if this is him on four days rest
  10. HoJo would probably be an improvement over whoever the current hitting coach is lol, at least the Met offense had very good statistical years in 2007-08, though Wright and Reyes did have their yips moments. This team's skitzophrenia is just amazing, seems like ALL the bats go quiet at once, or ALL the pitchers suck at once. Or they have a rando hot streak followed by an equally random cold streak.
  11. At least off the field they continue to find the right notes, this HOF ceremony's giving everyone their moment and not just the whole 'get introduced and hold up a plaque' I seemingly remember other team HOF celebrations as. Little funny hearing Todd Zeile as the emcee but I guess you can't have Gary or Howie WORK at their own ceremony lol, and it is good they both get to go in at the same time. Not a lot of people there for the ceremony though, damn...admittedly I half-wanted to go but knowing they'd stream the whole thing anyway made me less likely to tread out there for a day trip to deal with watching a team still puttering around at an underachieving .500.
  12. Yeah Bassitt and Stroman both punked us basically inside a week. Can't wait for Jake to come back from the IL in August just in time to throw seven one-hit innings against us before going back on the IL The annoying thing about the offense is they DO have the personnel to be much better than they are but between players underachieving, and Buck/Eppler not wanting to turn the baby Mets loose while giving Vogelbach and Pham chance after chance, they handicap themselves time and again.
  13. It’s actually shocking after last week’s road trip that it’s 10 of 14 overall but at least they’re running off a nice home streak.
  14. Yeah the joke of it is Wheeler was by far the biggest question mark early and he had the most durability of them all after those lost years
  15. For someone who's been in NY five minutes, Senga's home-road splits are nuts
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