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  1. I get Darnold has no receivers and no coaches worth a damn but you just can't do the sh!t he did today...two pick-sixes AND a freebee giveaway in the red zone. God this Thursday night game with Denver and Driskel is gonna be a hideous one to watch. Might be our only shot at a win at the rate things are going, at least until they finally boot Gase on his ass.
  2. The Brewers made the eighth seed at 29-31 without being above .500 all season. The fact the Mets couldn't even manage that would be hilarious if it wasn't so annoying.
  3. LOL as if sh!t isn't bad enough for the Jets now Bechton is out of the game with injury, when he was one of the few guys actually playing well.
  4. re: Bledsoe, I have a friend who ran into him during a ski vacation out west and yeah he's a good dude. As far as his play I remember when he was the young, franchise QB. It's hard to say what happened to him as a player cause he was a top QB at one point. I guess because he was always a statue in the pocket you have a much smaller margin of error, and once some of those reliable targets he grew up with like Coates got old and Glenn started to get hurt, his mistakes became more glaring.
  5. Oof, meaningless game or not this one definitely put a cramp in the Lugo being a starter train. And now Matz implodes, why not. Mets now likely to finish tied for last. Bye bye Fred and Jeff
  6. LOL of course it couldn't end any other way but with the Mets losing a doubleheader, although I half thought they'd stretch it out till tomorrow just to choke then. At least we only have one more game left with the Wilpons as owners.
  7. Hiring Sandy's worth it for this headline alone lol One last f-you to Jeffy out the door, replacing him with a guy he made miserable and fired.
  8. Bauer claims he only wants to sign one-year contracts so we'd have as good as shot as any I suppose, presuming we can look the part of a contender to him. https://www.redlegnation.com/2020/04/08/reds-pitcher-trevor-bauer-on-why-hes-only-signing-1-year-deals/
  9. I'm surprised Alderson would want to take on such a big job at his age all things considered (the cancer fights), but if he brings in a protege to eventually take over for him I suppose it'll be fine.
  10. Especially in NY where football's a nuclear wasteland lol. But yeah for July-the early part of September baseball for all its issues did fill a bit of a void entertainment-wise. Especially without a lot of other live entertainment available. It's a valid concern but he's probably earned the opportunity. Not with a terribly long leash mind you, he shouldn't be counted on as a top three starter. If he becomes that it's a bonus.
  11. LOL hearing Gary, Keith and Ron trip over themselves trying to figure out how many games back the Mets are just shows how convoluted this format is.
  12. At least Lugo washed off his last start and probably clinched a rotation spot for next year. Mets need to run the table to have ANY chance so this is really it now.
  13. Hah, well I guess having him in some overseer role is fine especially if it's prospect-based since a lot of his picks have panned out.
  14. That ending by the Falcons, holy hell. Brings back PTSD of the wonderful Super Bowl lead they blew. How ON EARTH do you have guys who refuse to touch an onside kick and just let Dallas get it? That's something a Gase team would pull.
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