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  1. The refs are more or less boycotting the PI review rule, there've been multiple instances like that this season where they refuse to overturn obvious mistakes.
  2. What angst is there here over whether Hall will be traded? Other than from Hall himself. It's not like we have an inquisitive or antagonistic media that's going to make it a daily issue?
  3. When you give up a lot more goals than you score, can't get more than twelve minutes a night (frequently less) and can't be trusted in any type of a close game late because you do everything BUT score poorly, that's useless. And even the scoring isn't all that great. He was supposed to be a top six forward, has 6 points in 15 games and a ton of shifts like the one on the goal against he basically caused last night. Gusev was so bad he was dragging Bratt down early in the season too, little coincidence Bratt's picked it up since he got put on another line. Hall for all his ills has at least had a PPG, Nico, Zajac and Zacha can do things on the other side of the puck, Simmonds has made a contribution. It's a poor comparison to a couple of empty goals.
  4. Doesn’t help when one of our key additions offensively is useless outside the shootout because he looks like he’s never played above juniors without the puck and our key addition defensively who was supposed to add to the offense has been a $9 million bust. Not to mention the guy who wants more money than that having two lousy goals and being 0-7 on breakaways.
  5. If we're ten games above .500 I could care less too, but being ten games below .500, a bad win doesn't exactly engender confidence that they're going to suddenly go on the type of run they need to make this season relevant. Especially going on the road tonight against a tough team, having to play Blackwood again because the other goalie is patentely useless and hopeless. There's only so many times you can ask Blackwood to do last night.
  6. Can you blame anyone? That was the worst 'win' I can remember in quite some time, they were pathetic in the last two periods. The only applause that was deserved after the game was for Blackwood after he got named first star (and should have been second and third as well).
  7. Eh to me it crosses a line when you start using electronics. It’s one thing with using your eyes for ‘normal’ sign stealing but if we start using cameras then how far does the slippery slope go? Do teams start wiretapping dugouts and putting hidden cameras in locker rooms?
  8. Hall is the Devils’ version of Cespedes...a loser player with good offensive numbers before he got here, one transcendent year here but now we’re back to underachieving disappointment and moodiness after. At least we didn’t give Hall a sh!t ton of money yet though.
  9. Yeah I’m not too worried about Jake falling one vote short of unanimous when Ryu would have been the one to win unanimous if the vote was early August. With Alonso it was common sense since at least the ASB if not sooner that he should be ROY. And oh joy, Beltran is now a person of interest in the Astros cheating scandal (along with Cora and AJ, THREE current MLB managers).
  10. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    The longer Fitz stays on the bench with the same things happening the more I'm convinced he won't make a difference anyway. Unless he's sabotaging Hynes, which would be some risky long-ass game he's playing.
  11. Lou getting the last laugh again with the Isles winning like nineteen straight games, as Shero fiddles while Newark is burning down.
  12. He's not the only one. That whole useless group this side of Blackwood quit on the game after being tied. At home, by the horsesh!t Ottawa Senators.
  13. Ouch the Devils losing you might be like LBJ losing Cronkite. But yeah this has been by far the toughest season as a sth (financially at least), even tougher than 2010 - mainly cause I was in the $15 seats then and in $35 seats now where I'm already lucky if I get half of that for most games. Plus the horsesh!t home record doesn't help. The games I do go to - so far like half, I suspect it'll be around or just a little above half for the whole season whereas in a good year it's 2/3 easy - are either boring or infuriating, or in tonight's case both. I'm actually shocked there were as many people there as there was tonight for a midweek November game against Ottawa, comps or not. But it's gonna be more comps and less sth's at the rate they're going.
  14. More breakaway goals too. 1-1 compared to 0-7.
  15. NJDevs4978

    Fire Hynes

    Yeah but does he have more job security than Adam Gase? I'm thoroughly convinced both these guys are going to be haunting me until the end of time.
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