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  1. Interesting but yeah I don't see that happening unless it was some blockbuster for Thor. Even then I'd be wary, I like the kid but Cashman's a wizard at giving up the guys that don't pan out and keeping the ones that do - Justus Sheffield being the latest example of one that didn't and they moved on from - so I'd be a little worried if he was willing to trade Garcia to us with how much he's been talked about. And also in the Mets being Mets category, it figures suddenly Travis d'Arnaud found his bat in Tampa, and Hansel Robles of all people has become a solid closer for the Angels (!!!)
  2. Didn't even hear about the injury per se, just saw Puma commenting on Twitter about how he'd only have one or two starts before the deadline to show he was healthy and well, I had pretty much the same reaction.
  3. And the Mets being the Mets they even flubbed a no-brainer benching of Rosario on Sunday when they tried to hide the fact it was a benching publicly yet told the Mets' radio guys it was. Of course that was going to come out, it's as if they actively try to come off buffonish or just pandering to everyone. It's such a no-brainer benching fans wouldn't even care about the bad optic of letting Cano slide for similar sh!t in this case.
  4. LOL finally one night the way Brodie drew it up...too little, too late for this year though.
  5. Francesa would have been a hypocrite not to go after BVW after all his holier than thou stuff with Rex, who wasn't even as obnoxious as Brodie.
  6. There are no more words for this sh!t
  7. Oy vey, simply moronic personally and not exactly ideal for the team either.
  8. Walt Michaels passes away at 89 https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27169401/ex-jets-head-coach-nfl-lb-michaels-dies-89 Those Jet teams were a little before my time but Michaels' controversial 'retirement' after 1982 is probably the biggest what-if in Jet history. Kind of shameful he more or less got blackballed out of the NFL but it was definitely a different time and different sensibilities, especially with Leon Hess
  9. That's even assuming Jeff would even let Agent Brodie deal with the Yankees. If trading ****ing Jay Bruce and Neil Walker over there was a no-go I can't even imagine a scenario short of Judge coming over here where they'd dare trade deGrom to the Yankees. But in a world where Jeff did allow the GM to deal with the Yankees (and the GM wasn't a complete stooge) yeah that deal would actually be somewhat plausible.
  10. Holy jumpin', Alonso actually pulled it off...Vladdy Jr probably deserved it but boy you could see how pumped Alonso was in each round. Nice that one of the rookies won the million in any case since they don't get the big payday now like the vets.
  11. I'm not usually a Derby fan but hot damn this is actually fun to watch...Vlad and Joc Pederson had an unreal showdown, Alonso somehow got to the Finals with a couple of late surges despite his cousin's pitching sucking as much as the Met bullpen.
  12. And btw one of the few pitchers who signed a big FA contract and has been worth every penny. Most guys it’s flushing money down a sinkhole, even guys like Kevin Brown who had a solid career wound up not being worth their payday deals. Mike Hampton is another one lol
  13. We did, when the games didn’t count for much of ‘17
  14. Yeah I can't help but think watch some Met pitcher sail a brushback six inches away from hitting Harper and he's the one to get thrown out a la Thor with Utley the season after the Tejada takeout.
  15. Yeah because neither of those trades gave us an anchor around our necks (Cano) for years on top of being just historically bad. Dealing Nolan Ryan was also the classic second guess, especially since he never would have broken out in NY. The Seaver trade was terrible value and worse that management allowed it to get to that point but more damaging to fan psyche than anything else, the Mets were going to be terrible those years with or without him. This one, if the players we traded back to Seattle do anything (besides Bruce and Swarzak who didn't do much for THEM either) might get talked about like the Herschel Walker trade. Or more recently in Brooklyn, Billy King giving up nine thousand lottery picks for Pierce and Garnett.
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