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  1. Exhibit A the four pitch walk in the ninth to give the Mets the lead today when a lot of players would overswing with bases loaded and the game tied.
  2. I know it's Coors but today made Thor's tantrum look even more ridiculous.
  3. Yeah they already announced Falk as the starter, really what’s the alternative for Week 3, bring in Brock Osweiler off the street? It’ll likely be him or Davis Webb who’s the backup on Sunday.
  4. Seems like we would have been better off watching the Devils preseason game lol...this one was over when they let Odell run riot which you knew he was gonna do. Gregg Williams so far has been all hat and no cattle. The D didn't have much of a chance today but they could at least have gotten themselves off the field, it's not like they were making stops either.
  5. Good god this could backfire on the Steelers with Ben out now and already off to an 0-2 start.
  6. The Jets season has become an attempted remake of the movie Any Given Sunday with the first two QB's going out early leaving it to the no-name third stringer, and a merc running back (Bell - LL Cool J) being the team's only offense.
  7. Basically the only QB’s seemingly immune to the injury bug are Brady and Eli - who has his own issues and injuries galore around him.
  8. I mean as we well know you can't always play the schedule game and you would think at some point they'd feel the effects of losing Yelich, but my god it's all right there for the Brewers with their schedule...a seven-game homestand with the Padres and Pirates next week, then a seven game road trip to Bandbox Central in Cinci and Colorado. They might actually be the bigger threat atm, the Cubs still have seven against the Cardinals who'd love nothing more than to knock them out.
  9. Yep I peaced out for the night after that to catch the earlier train back, I’d gone downstairs to the Mets HOF after Avilan imploded, saw the rally there - one more hit and I’d have gone back to my seat. Oh well, knew they wouldn’t keep it at 7 anyway
  10. LOL 105 pitches is really the most Kershaw threw all season?!
  11. And now they waste an actual good 1.2 innings from Familia. That’s game unless Roberts gives Kershaw an early night off.
  12. Thor needs to watch Kershaw pitch, dude is barely hitting 92 with his fastball these days but is still controlling the game, maybe three balls have been hit hard all night.
  13. Well the Dodger pen is almost as bad as ours, hope we get to see it cause our pen is rearing it’s ugly head soon enough. Too bad we wasted Ramos’s first IF hit this decade.
  14. Kershaw about to go to 10-0 lifetime against the Mets lolz
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