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  1. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    At least finally - FINALLY - the media, which has been utterly soft on Bowles is starting to get the knives out starting with Vaccaro in the Post.
  2. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    And not for nothing but how in the hell do you completely wuss out on that drive at 14-14 when you finally start moving the ball. Only Bowles would put the brakes on and play for a three-point lead with seven minutes in the game with a D that hadn't made a stop since Baker came in the game.
  3. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    At least the Benigno and Evan rant will be epic tomorrow.
  4. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    And there it is...who didn't think we were blowing this game after the two-point conversion fiasco? Hell who didn't think we were blowing this game when Robby Anderson handed them great field position with his typical carelessness? Only took two weeks to go from oh wow this could be a new day here back to SOJ...AS USUAL. At least I made the right pick in the board suicide pool
  5. NJDevs4978

    2018 JETS

    Of course now Darnold is crashing to earth just as Baker's having a star turn. But the real story of this game is AGAIN the stupid, undisciplined, sloppy football. Even though it didn't turn right away you knew those stupid penalties on Crowell and Trumaine Johnson in the second quarter were a sign that this team had their heads up their rear ends yet again.
  6. NJDevs4978

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    Arthritic knees for a non-catcher who's under 30...this would happen to a Met though, poor Wilmer
  7. Don’t count on me sticking around the last five rounds since I offloaded the later rounds in my selloff, so my draft will probably be about an hour and a half (if that) lol But yes, 75 seconds per pick seemed to work fine.
  8. Henriqued gets autoslotted into 11 since his three days have passed, you can have 12, Clown'll get stuck with lucky 13 since he doesn't get to pick...DONE Draft order's been reset on the site, and the draft time is now Tuesday Oct. 2 at 7:30...I realized I wasn't gonna be around Monday night so the draft's now the night before the season begins. If anyone has an issue with the draft time or day raise your hand now, I'm locking it in by the end of the weekend so everyone can at least plan for the time.
  9. NJDevs4978

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    Not like they really CAN get rid of Vargas though, unless he pitches better. He’s obviously not going to the pen and we both know they’re not eating the $8 million lol. The most we can hope for is he pitches well enough so some pitching desperate team takes him in exchange for an expensive expiring contract in the pen/another position player. A Harvey-Mesoraco type deal if you will.
  10. NJDevs4978

    2018 NFL Season

    Gordon also had that ridiculous 200+ yard game against BB and the Pats a few years back fwiw
  11. Well looks like people lost interest in picking spots, I guess the rest of you will wind up getting slotted in
  12. NJDevs4978

    New York Mets 2018 season thread

    Hopefully this recent stretch by Conforto is for real, I'm sort of tired of the mercurial up and down streaks.
  13. NJDevs4978

    NJDevs Fantasy Football 2018 Smack Talk

    No the money maker for me would be starting Jets on my fantasy team, then betting against them in daily fantasy cause the Jets never do sh!t for me when I do play them. Then again I tried it the other way last year with having Brady and he didn't do sh!t for me either
  14. NJDevs4978

    NJDevs Fantasy Football 2018 Smack Talk

    This is why I almost never play fantasy for money. One time I did, and actually won $50 but aside from that I wouldn’t want to have a financial stake in having players do well against the Jets.
  15. NJDevs4978

    NJDevs Fantasy Football 2018 Smack Talk

    Think it’s like a minute before each individual player’s game. Looks like I was right about Wentz being a 1-2 week injury, wouldn’t have changed squat this week anyway. I’ll have some interesting QB decisions going forward with Ben throwing all over the place thanks to the Steelers lousy D.

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