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  1. How ironic now we're making moves again the minute we name a GM I don't buy this is an automatic precursor to a Bauer signing although you kinda figure they're getting another SP one way or another.
  2. Hopefully he’ll do well enough to be permanent GM sooner rather than later
  3. The only saving grace is I don't see how Sandy remains the GM no matter what after this year. President of baseball ops sure but it basically took an imperfect storm - owner takes over as the offseason starts, GM search has to be conducted while FA is going on, the GM we hire has a very creepy skeleton that leads to his firing - for us to have a same old Sandy offseason this year.
  4. Yeah it would have taken more in the vein of 5-125 or even 6-150. I do think he could have had McCann or some reasonable facsimilie if he waited though, there's no reason to get a second-tier guy that early in the offseason and lock in, in case the price had gone down on JTR. That was my big fear of peacing out early, the price would wind up dropping and we'd look like asses.
  5. Realmuto gets 5 years, $115 million to go back to Philly. Yeah as much as I wanted him I'm not doing that for a 30+ catcher. Philly pretty much had to because they're getting passed by everyone else in the division.
  6. Omar to the Mets is like Larry Robinson to the Devils, dude is loyal to a fault. It is odd that they'd go through this whole thing of letting him go only to bring him back, and for a role anyone could see he would be good at if he wanted to do it. Maybe he just didn't want to do it at the time but changed his mind? Or this could be a bit of a subtle brushback cause Sandy's the one that wanted him out.
  7. Not a big surprise but Woody's officially the control person again
  8. It does make you wonder when the one big move that happened this offseason came when we had a GM that wasn’t Sandy, while everything else is coming in second and pivoting to option B even before you needed to
  9. Not a good week for the Mets, now Brad Hand agrees to a one year, $10.5 million deal with the Nats, which is odd since they didn't claim him when they could have had him for that much. Seems like the Mets would have easily topped that moneywise, but they couldn't offer him the closer job or even the eighth-inning job with Diaz and Lugo already here.
  10. Toronto gets Springer for 6 years, $150 million. Vaya con dios...that's at least one year and $30 million more than I would have wanted to do.
  11. Well hopefully firing the guy in less than twelve hours heads off the former narrative at the past. The latter one, unfortunately always exists in harassment cases with a good chunk of society.
  12. Cohen makes it official, no messing around with this either
  13. Oh FFS this is not the sh!t we need right now, Porter's tenure might be shorter than Beltran's last year
  14. They used up their challenge on that disallowed goal in the second period, before our ill-fated PP. I didn't think at that point we'd even get one point let alone two but this team has more resiliency than last year at least.
  15. I'm surprisingly okay with this, I know he's a defensive coach but he has the obvious connection to Shanahan so he'll probably hire one of those coaches for his OC. Plus it seems like we actually got a first choice this time as opposed to always settling for second choices (Coslet when Holmgren spurned us, Bowles was a second choice as well). And sure enough
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