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  1. Scattered boos for Thor as he departs, the natives are getting restless. And he has like the second worst ERA of any qualified starter in the NL.
  2. Who died and turned the Mets into the Yankees?
  3. But seriously, who's next - Jose Reyes? (that's already a joke thread on NYFS...although I'm not sure how out of the realm it actually is)
  4. Yeah a day late and a dollar short. I know CR was against Gio Gonzalez but he's been terrific since getting to Milwaukee last year and has had good years before then, and most importantly wasn't all that expensive. Heck they could have had a guy like Wade Miley too in the offseason, but they already had Vargas written in pen. At least they didn't give Matt Harvey $11 million though, yeesh.
  5. Can't disagree, they need to keep rolling against the Tigers this weekend then the WC trip will be the real acid test. Hopefully SOME of the wounded like Conforto will be back by then, supposedly McNeil thinks he'll only need the minimum stay on the DL but we know how best case scenarios usually go with the Mets and even a best case would still take through next weekend.
  6. And now BOTH Cano and McNeil on the IL, oh joy.
  7. Rajai Davis already did more than Broxton did his entire year lol
  8. Thing about Alonso is he seems to hit CLUTCH HR's though.
  9. You just knew Cano was gonna get hurt the minute he deigned to run hard. That's just typical lolMets.
  10. Haha yeah I forgot about the fact we actually traded for Broxton in the first place...yikes. God help us if any of those players actually turn out to be anything. Brodie certainly showed he was willing to take a blowtorch to the farm system that was here, ironically it's guys like Alonso and McNeil who have saved the Mets from being a total dumpster fire to only being a partial one.
  11. The Mets actually managed to trade Keon Broxton lol...to the Orioles for 500k in international pool money. Let him hit .220 with 20 HR's and 20 steals there with a .250 OBP, not like they have anything better.
  12. Well finally they're showing a pulse again...maybe hitting rock bottom in Miami helped in the long run. Or maybe this'll just be another blip. They definitely need at worst five out of seven this week and go from there.
  13. Welp never a dull day in Metland: Lugo (arguably one of the five most valuable Mets atm) to the IL, Hector Santiago called up to replace him. Cespedes (remember him?) apparently fractured his ankle in an accident on his ranch, so I guess it's cya in 2020 - maybe. Starting pitcher switched tonight from Gagnon to Font, for what that's worth Cano finally 'benched' against a lefty And finally Brodie's scheduled press conference delayed because he's supposedly meeting with some players (re: his clients? ) All this...in one day. You'd think the Mets were the federal government. Or the Jets.
  14. And a Marlins team that was what, 10-31 before the series? That’s ‘62 Mets pacing. And you let THAT team sweep you? If they aren’t going to change the manager they darn well better do something to open up some eyes and let people know this is unacceptable.
  15. Says almost every fan base in America Owners are definitely into the new jersey thing for themselves but ironically there’s such a hunger for throwbacks slowly but surely owners are milking that cow too (Chargers for example)
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