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  1. I was today years old when I realized Luis Rojas is actually Felipe’s kid. Mind...blown
  2. Well guess we’ll see if he’s ready
  3. They can take away the championship for the Astros, and the Red Sox for that matter (though it would make baseball a total laughingstock if two straight titles were 'vacated'), but then you'd have to take away everyone's WS ring too and the player's union would fight that tooth and nail, among other things lol It's tainted in whoever wants to believe it's tainted and it's not in whoever is never going to believe it's tainted, no matter whether you put an actual asterisk on it or not. Just like the steroids home run records. A lot of people including me put our own asterisks on it, but they're still 'MLB records'.
  4. One of the harder things about disciplining players is determining how complicit each guy is. What’s the level of complicity of pitchers, role players, maybe even a position player or two who actually preferred not to get involved? And how much do you hold the players responsible for something that was mainly run by a member of the staff? (Cora). Saying you want to suspend Altuve is one thing but how much unless something is proven with the buzzer? Not to mention giving the players immunity is the only reason anyone at all cooperated with the investigation. Otherwise you’d be relying almost solely on Fiers’ account.
  5. It's not even fair to put Vegas in that graphic.
  6. Well sh!t, they should have sent him down long before this then. His ten minutes a night and four points in 31 games here is doing jack for his overall development.
  7. Sadly they didn't have much of a choice this week with both Blackwood and Domingue on the shelf almost concurrently but yeah just get someone, anyone else in here and be done with the Cory stuff. It's a good thing we weren't at home this week, the guy would have been booed out of the country by the 10000 people there.
  8. You can still cheat but you have to: A ) do it without the manager or GM ever finding out cause they aren't going to risk getting blacklisted over it and will stop it (and there's a certain amount of player peer pressure here too, nobody wants to be known as rogues who got their manager and GM fired and their organization smeared). B ) not tell anyone who'll ever spill the beans on you personally, since when it's institutionalized it's hard to know who did what and how much (and impossible to hide in the locker room), but if it's on a smaller basis it's easier to pin personal involvement down if you get caught Just having organizations forced to be more vigilant should curb the institutionalized stuff. Plus I would hope baseball would monitor the video rooms in each ballpark and take some other precautions going forward
  9. It’s definitely becoming a hitter-pitcher civil war in a sense because of the fact sign stealing affects pitchers against hitters...you notice other than Bellinger (whose team got affected twice over by this), most of the people talking so far are pitchers - CC, Wood, Bauer, Clevinger and it was a pitcher (Fiers) who spilled the beans in the first place.
  10. Marty's certainly taken a more active role since the firing. I hope it's more of a tacit putting a franchise legend out there to do media tours for PR purposes when you look like a gong show but it does kind of look like Marty was one of the people in the owners' ear second-guessing Shero and 'his people' to begin with.
  11. *if you're a player protected by the union and arbitrators who care nothing about the sport The message to managers and GM's is clear though, you all gotta be on top of this **** and come down on people doing it more than being passively agressive like busting a monitor. Make no mistake, the message isn't so much don't cheat as it is don't institutionalize cheating.
  12. Bear in mind Brodie and AJ Hinch are good friends so...either he's lying or intentionally obtuse
  13. I guess it was only a matter of time before the innuendo with the players - who otherwise got off scot free - started coming out now that all the management people have eaten it, the Internet rumors (including from someone proporting to be Beltran's niece) have Altuve wearing a buzzer underneath his jersey and there's audio of him telling people not to take off his jersey after hitting his HR against Chapman in Game 6 this year. https://www.getmoresports.com/astros-news-possible-picture-jose-altuves-jersey-buzzer/ Let's see them start firing players now too if we're going to just off everyone.
  14. Mostly just the guys they interviewed and Collins I suppose. I'd be a little surprised if they went with someone they hadn't previously interviewed, OTOH what manager is going to want to come in here with a staff already in place for next season? And a couple of the guys who were interviewed already took jobs a la Shelton. Listening to this presser, man the Mets really came off as wanting to see no evil, hear no evil. You don't even ask Beltran during the investigation WTF is going on? It's one thing to not follow up on rumors before you hire him, but the Mets chose to be in the dark for three months and then have all this come crashing down on their head like Sputnik this week. No wonder he was 'honest', you didn't even give him the opportunity to lie Then they go and see master Rob to have him tell them what to do.
  15. The Mets claim in their statement he was forthcoming with them. This is probably just an attempt to backscratch each other, he resigns so they don’t have to pay him and in return they give him good public vouches so he can get past it.
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