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  1. 4 minutes ago, Jerrydevil said:

    Yes, this team is infuriatingly inconsistent. There's still time to get hot and become a team no top seed wants to face in the playoffs. I'd rather we be buyers, even with a coach who seems lost a lot of the time.

    Markstrom? For Holtz and another asset? A coach who seems lost can't make the team hot.

  2. 2 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    Another thing for which Lindy needs to answer.  I get not having Jack take face-offs, but does that preclude him playing center at all?  Whose idea was it to play him at wing?

    The di..k behind the bench knows, but it's a secret.

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  3. Go Devils!!!!!!!

    Speaking of our pursuit of a goalie and not being an expert in contractual intricacies and cap space, I'd rather prefer adding Hanifin to our blue line than Markstrom in net. Even VV wouldn't have looked so bad behind the better D.

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