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  1. All bottom teams are playing a much better hockey...except us.
  2. Yup, I'm still surprised we are not the last in the league.
  3. Most of them played a lot this season, so I wouldn't call them inexperienced. Poorly coached and unmotivated - absolutely.
  4. I find it hard to believe the next season will bring us anything different from what we've seen over the past few months.
  5. Are there any left out there except Torts?
  6. They built a really good team but I hope they get knocked out in the first round.
  7. I guess it's great coaching...
  8. It feels like the game is at the MSG.
  9. Each time they show Gallant he has this nazi grimace on his face.
  10. I'm not saying he's a savior. He's just fun to watch. The key words were "poorly coached".
  11. He brings sense and improvisation into their game. Without him they are just a young poorly coached team that can skate but will never miss a chance to shoot themselves in the foot.
  12. Timeout with 7-1 on the score board- exactly what doctor ordered lol
  13. "Dear slasher72, thank you for sharing your concern. Let me assure you that the team is on the right track and I'm not planning on making any changes in off-season." Sincerely Fitz
  14. It's the caps who were supposed to battle until the end trying to tie it...but that script isn't written for NJ Devils.
  15. They came out lazy as if the mission has been accomplished. I don't like it.
  16. In December I'd say the western Canada trip is three guaranteed losses. Now it doesn't look hopeless and I'm expecting at least 3 points. Hoping a crow won't be served for my dinner next week.
  17. True. Hope they finish the season strong and feel good about themselves going forward.
  18. Great SO win. The only question I have now is why the fvck did they not play like this a couple of months ago.
  19. Zacha can score only into an empty net.
  20. It's been the continuation of the jets game so far. They need to simplify it and make quicker decisions in the offensive zone.
  21. Congrats fellas. We deserved it.
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