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  1. I'll take it as the Toronto game reparation.
  2. True. Especially with Shesterkin in net.
  3. He just needs to sit for being an idiot.
  4. Lol another serious fan. It was a joke.
  5. Are you really taking me seriously here?
  6. Not built to win the cup yet, but certainly ready to make noise.
  7. My observation of teams that beat the caps is that it's either a very physical forechecking game, or a speedy crisp transition game. We obviously can't match their physicality, so I guess it's #2...Just don't look for perfect chances. Shoot and go for rebounds and watch out for counterattacks.
  8. On a scale from 1 to 10, our puck luck is negative 20.
  9. Cmon guys. We are just pissed. At least one goal should have been confirmed. They are not crisp and getting no puck luck. It's about time to show what they are made of.
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