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  1. All I can say I'm not disappointed. Despite the bad year he'll definitely bring toughness and grit. I'm annoyed with our players constantly getting their butts kicked in scraps. With him and PK in the lineup other teams will think twice before going after us.
  2. And now...Let's go Devils!!!
  3. Great job Blues...well deserved.
  4. Binnigton's nose is bigger than Marchand's. This was the difference in game 7.
  5. For sure...two horrible nights for two fan bases. I still feel it's a 50/50 chance on Wednesday. IMO in 4 out of 6 games Blues have looked stronger. However Bruins have not just significantly outscored them but also proved to be a better playoff team (at least to me) which of course does not guarantee the cup. I'm sure most people now think Boston will win game 7 just like they believed the series would be over tonight. We'll get the final answer in 72 hours.
  6. Blues got their a$$ES handed to them and I neither feel sorry for them, nor root for them. Not rooting for Boston too, just enjoying the playoffs and not giving a rat's a$$ if rat face lol wins another cup. Earn it if you want it. Good job Boston - we're going to see a great game 7.
  7. Have to admit rat face is a great player.
  8. Go Bruins. I want game 7. This series should go all the way. Besides it'll make my summer without hockey a couple of days shorter.
  9. Podkolzin is great too...a lot of skill.
  10. In my 700th post I would like to say it is a pleasure being part of this board. Looking forward to the next, hopefully much more successful season. The kids showed they can play. Hoping to see our big guns healthy. Expecting a good draft. Welcome playoffs (even though we are done). Let's go Devils!!!!!!!
  11. Lol. Hope our next season is not like Titanic.
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