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  1. Columbus is becoming a much more hated team than Rangers. Lol.
  2. Sorry Cory, but you suck
  3. That means the five hole goal after 5 min.
  4. A little more luck and it's a different game. The boys are showing the character. Would love them to upset the B's. Go Devils!!!
  5. Happy New Year fellas. Let's hope the year will start with 2 points.
  6. Just watched it on the DVR too. Same thoughts. On a positive note, pretty good game against a very talented team. It's painful to realize how bad your team is, but this Toronto defense is just as horrible is ours. Could we beat them in OT or SO if Sevs didn't have that brain fart? Unlikely, but Bryce is right - it sucks to lose like that. What really sucks is we'll have to wait a loooong time till this team becomes competitive again.
  7. I still remember Lemaire's words when he temporarily replaced JMac: " They lost the ability to play hockey". I don't even know which of the two teams is worse.
  8. Please don't insult the mouse.
  9. We need an expansion draft in NJ. Lol.
  10. They've been losing draws all night. Great job Nas.
  11. 14 SOG through almost 2 periods sure looks like shoot first mentality.
  12. Would matter for a team that knows how to score.
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