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  1. It would be nice to bring him back even if he doesn't win. Until then I don't really care because he's an oiler.
  2. Nah, he's just getting ready to upset McDuck tomorrow.
  3. You can as well try to imagine Edmonton losing game 7 after they completely turned around a hopeless series. The loss will be devastating for either of them.
  4. Game 7 is going to be super exciting. If Bob makes some critical saves he hasn't lately, cats will find the way to win it. Edmonton is enjoying the comeback, but I'm sure Panthers will be ready on Monday.
  5. I'm not talking about the blown lead. The team just disappeared and is looking like sh!t.
  6. Both teams will. Florida is facing an epic choke and Edmonton just can't flush the 3 game comeback to the sewer. The home ice won't be a factor.
  7. I still believe the cup goes to Florida, but the cats need to play like it's THEIR last chance, not Edmonton's.
  8. Not just on PP. Literally everything they are doing sucks.
  9. It's totally cats' fault they have to go back to Edmonton. Hope they finally learned their lesson. However, I wouldn't mind game 7. Florida made it a series, not oilers.
  10. WTF was Florida waiting for to start playing like in the last 5 min?
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