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  1. Maybe he just needs to sit for a couple of games. Can't get much worse without him.
  2. I hope no laptops were thrown against the wall and everyone is OK. Seriously, this season is trash and we are running out of offensive words trying to properly describe what we see. There are so many pieces missing in this team and behind the bench that I don't even want to waste your time reading more than 3 lines. I just HOPE they'll find the way to beat them in regulation in the next 2 home games. Not even looking any further.
  3. He looked so disinterested when he took a shot on SO.
  4. The team is fragile with zero leadership and without a true veteran who can inspire by example. Even when things go their way their legs are shaking. Youth can't excuse two f..k ups that led to putting this game in OT. You can blame Ruff. I understand. But a player with the puck who can't toss it out of the zone with the closest attacker 6 feet away from him and 1 min left in the winnable game is the reason.
  5. The most creative loss this year. Took them only 2 min to fell apart mentally and spiritually.
  6. Doing everything possible to lose this game. Didn't work out in regulation. Let's try in SO. Unbelievable.
  7. New Amsterdam vodka is what we all need right now.
  8. We shall see. Goaltending is killing them tonight. Not that offense and defense are much better, but 2-3 goals could have been stooped. What's been so consistent this season is most mistakes consistently end up in the back of the net but they keep making them like bad students.
  9. Now we are ready to start the usual comeback and lose by 1 goal. Same sh!t every night.
  10. Neither can I...still lol. They can't maintain consistency for 60 min but they don't quit and such comebacks, even without points, are beneficial for their mentality. I mean, who expected them to make it close being down 6:0? They'll learn how to win...eventually.
  11. Lol I was close with 6:5 prediction.
  12. Zajac, Palms and Greene are enjoying tonight's game. Rags are down 6:1.
  13. I guess we are losing this one 6:5...
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