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  1. Isles will make it. The dog fight for WC2 is heating up.
  2. fvck them. Exit in the first round...
  3. You can't just turn into a complete idiot just because your linemate is not playing. He's been awful.
  4. Bill and Dano discussing how Toronto shouldn't play an open game in playoffs - priceless.
  5. ...and all this crap is coming after they saw it on the big screen and ipads.
  6. The only fun left is the race for the 3rd spot in metro. Our last 2 games are against very desperate teams. Just beat them both and shut the door.
  7. What was obvious a month ago finally became a clinical fact.
  8. I hope Fitz won't fvck it up, but my faith in him is not as strong after this season
  9. As sh!tty as this season went, they are still so close to a playoff spot.
  10. Philly is losing 6-0 in Montreal. Tort's body temperature is probably 500F right now.
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