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  1. Most our D are NHLers...still suck tonight like the rest of the team.
  2. This Bing team isn't so bad to allow 6 in one period even against a top NHL team. The 3rd is on Hynes.
  3. Perfect game to demonstrate the difference between the two leagues.
  4. I'm sure the kid will be OK. The D takes the blame.
  5. Whatever. Great effort tonight. We'll get even next year.
  6. They may as well dress a few people from this board...lol
  7. Bl.w J.bs can shove the 2 points. Is there another team in the league missing nearly half of their roster? Good job boys...Great job.
  8. Thanks. Not surprised after no call/no hearing on Patrick for elbowing Gabriel. Hynes shouldn't have been diplomatic about it...
  9. I missed most of pd 3. What did the rat do? Or is it just pure love from our fan base?
  10. 5 on 5 is looking so much better than PP.
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