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  1. 100%. If my wife knew how many times I refused to go out and they f...d it up she'd probably make me eat the remote control.
  2. Not bad. Imagine where they could be in the standings if they didn't blow at least half of those games. Oh well...
  3. Wooofff...What a crazy game...this win is 1000 times sweeter than yesterday's. Finally...Congrats fellas!!!
  4. What were the refs smoking during the 2nd intermission? No puck luck on any given day
  5. With or without Hall this coaching staff is not making any consistent improvements. This team certainly can play and the Winnipeg game proves this. They have to fix a few evident aspects of their game but Hynes & Co keep demonstrating inability to address these issues. Our youngsters will avoid predators if they join a well coached team that knows how to play not just survive. Even though Shero said he committed to Hynes I'm hoping he started to realize that Hynes will not provide.
  6. Of almost 20 teams I've seen this year we are the only one that doesn't have any structure, any identity and no idea how to win a hockey game. They are poorly coached and no matter how much talent you got it's all waste if a team is just a disorganized mentally weak bunch of individuals. I don't know what identity Hynes keeps preaching about This coaching staff needs to go. I'm not even pissed any more. Just annoyed.
  7. What system? We don't have any system.
  8. Wish I could disagree
  9. 2 easy points for Sabres. 2 easy points for Flyers. Should Oilers be worried?
  10. Some one has to tell him first.
  11. Not sure I saw any positives other than some good names on the paper, but you are right about the disappointment and anger due to unmet expectations. Too soon...
  12. They sucked as a team and sabres skated around them like they didn't exist. One of those games...but I'm sure they'll get a W in Philly.
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