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  1. Hey man, sorry for not responding sooner. Never been a big stats fan. My post you rebutted was mostly emotional. I agree this team looks promising but seeing same crappy mistakes over and over can piss anybody. I do watch other teams when I get a chance. I guess seeing McDavid and other young super stars kinda blindfolds and you lose track of a team's progress. I didn't even expect the Devils to make the playoffs this year so I'm not disappointed. I'd like more consistency but then again this damn covid break has definitely affected them and Nico got injured...and most of all I hate the teams
  2. I appreciate your history lesson. You posted all that to prove that we are not the worst rebuilding team? OK we are not.
  3. This one sucked I agree. I'm frustrated to see the same costly mistakes and lack of veteran leadership. Yes, we don't have anyone of McDavid or Mathews caliber, but most young guys playing better than most vets is wrong.
  4. You really want to compare Edmonton and Toronto back in the day with this team? They had a ton of talent but horrible coaching. Their game was way better than ours. Buffalo and Yotes I'll take. Doesn't mean we suck less because they do too.
  5. Thank God it's over. I've seen many teams at their rebuild times. We are by far the worst of them.
  6. Devils made 3 perfect shots...in the foot.
  7. Here goes the effort down the sewer.
  8. Wonder if they have any gas in the tank left for the last period. They must be tired and frustrated.
  9. 10 minutes of hustle and only 3 SOG. Speaks volumes.
  10. Kidding? They are going to tie it and win...lol
  11. What's wrong with their stick handling?
  12. On the wrong side of the puck all over the ice.
  13. Sorry wrong person. Was meant for Nicomo
  14. That's not what may help them to win lol
  15. Yup. Talk about bad luck. 90% of this bad luck comes from poor defensive plays.
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