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  1. Watch the replay. He could've easily taken it behind the net instead of taking the unnecessary risk. Doesn't matter anyway. Great season.
  2. Siegs...you had the entire fvcking zone...moron.
  3. 50% of Canes offensive puck possession is our turnovers.
  4. Oban 14 - my favorite. Let's go Devils!!!!!!!
  5. Bratt 3-2, Haula 4-2 EN. I need a drink.
  6. I didn't really feel like posting in the previous thread. I can't even find a proper term to describe what happened in those 20 minutes of the game that had no sign of another blowout loss. I don't want to dissect it either...VV, inexperience, food poisoning, alien invasion... If game 5 in Raleigh is their last game of the season, please, Devils, make the canes earn every second of it. No more humiliation please. Hoping to see at least one more game at the Rock. LET'S GO DEVILS!!!!!!!
  7. Not sure we are in their heads, but they got a really cold shower after 2 lopsided wins in Raleigh. It's up to Devils to make the shower colder. Not an easy task, but no team is unbeatable. Florida just sent Boston to the golf course. Go Devils.
  8. I'm expecting a very close game 4 with a possible OT. Still believe we'll tie the series, but the canes are beasts at home.
  9. Had to dvr. Just finished watching. What a wild game. Congrats Devils!!! A few thoughts: 1. Luke was missed in games 1 and 2 and I absolutely love his game even despite a bad turnover on PP. 2. I like the 7D roster. Canes forecheck is hard to handle. 3. Canes got beaten bad, but this team can always find another gear. They never lost composure, so don't be fooled by the score. Game 4 will be much tougher. 3 SHG must never happen again. 4. VV makes me nervous 5. McLeod is amazing Let's go Devils!!!!!!!
  10. I can't believe it, but the only 2 Devils I will remember after this game are McLeod and...Wood.
  11. I wouldn't mind if they add some responsibility and scoring to the pride.
  12. They played well, but not near perfect. Canes are near perfect.
  13. It's 2-2 and back to fvcking Raleigh.
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