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  1. Good evening everyone. It's a pretty depressing thread. After the last game, I'm deflated myself, but I'm expecting a competitive game. Whatever Lindy does or doesn't do, I can't imagine the boys are not ready tonight. 

    Let's go my Devils. I don't care about playoffs any more, but this game...I do care and I'll watch.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Jerrydevil said:

    Yes, this team is infuriatingly inconsistent. There's still time to get hot and become a team no top seed wants to face in the playoffs. I'd rather we be buyers, even with a coach who seems lost a lot of the time.

    Markstrom? For Holtz and another asset? A coach who seems lost can't make the team hot.

  3. 2 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    Another thing for which Lindy needs to answer.  I get not having Jack take face-offs, but does that preclude him playing center at all?  Whose idea was it to play him at wing?

    The di..k behind the bench knows, but it's a secret.

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