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  1. 2 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    i agree that was a fantastic break up on the 2-on-1, but the 2-on-1 was created because he leapt into a neutral zone pinch and whiffed on the puck

    man i really don’t like miles wood lol. the guy stinks

    Miles and Blackwood are very similar. Either lights out or suck. Well...Miles isn't exactly lights out, but we've seen him doing more good than bad things. 

  2. On 1/15/2023 at 8:42 AM, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    L G M F D!!!

    If they lose this game, I’m giving them a pass…they’re gonna lose some road games at some point.  And as we know, bad teams occasionally beat good ones…Sharks have beaten the Rangers, Maple Leafs, the Stars, the Golden Knights…and the Wild twice.  Obviously I’d much rather see the Devils beat them, just not going to lose my sh!t if they don’t.  It’s already been a very successful road trip.


    "Who beat whom" depends on many conditions and is not a reliable factor especially half way through the season when many teams already had gone trough slumps and hot streaks. I'm not going crazy over a loss, but expecting a W.

  3. 30 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Carolina now 0-3-1 after their 11-game winning streak.

    Devils now 4-1-1 in their last six, after a difficult stretch.

    Just gotta remind ourselves that there will be hot streaks and slumps, and neither last forever…unless you’re the Bruins, who seem to have completely forgotten how to lose, like, ever.

    They'll eventually be reminded...in the playoffs maybe.

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