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Sorry if this post is in the wrong location but I'm getting a little nostalgic today and thinking about when I collected hockey cards.


I collected hockey cards all through my childhood up until college. I think I stopped really collecting around 2000.  I had a group of 3-4 friends in high school and we all used to buy cards at the local shop (which was invaded by those Magic cards and has long since closed - go figure) and sometimes card shows and trade each other for our favorite players.  

We all had a few (3-5) favorite players and in no time we had traded for them all so we had to arbitrarily pick "secondary" favorite players.  I'm just throwing that secondary title on them now because at the time we didn't refer to them that way. My favorite player was and still is Mike Modano.  Whatever he was on I had to have.  Theo Fleury was a close second and Felix Potvin probably third.  My favorite Devil was Chris Terreri.  There weren't many cards of him ;)  I also like to grab Petr Sykora and Scott Niedermayer cards of course.  Some of my weird secondary favorites to collect were Pierre Turgeon, Danius Zubrus (even though he was a Flyer at the time), and Pavel Bure among many others.Many of my hockey cards got tossed out in various moves but I always kept a large box of these favorites which is somewhere in my dad's or grandparent's basement.  


 I remember as I approached 18 a decent pack of hockey cards was $5-8.  To me it seemed like every year the nicer, more complex, and more expensive and I just stopped collecting.  I remember cards that were thick as cardboard, some that had holograms, there were coins that fit inside die-cut cards (pictured), metal cards and thats not mentioning all the rare inserts everyone sought.  Damn I miss hockey cards haha.  Simpler times for sure.


Did anyone else here love to collect hockey cards?  Who did you collect?  Do you still collect?



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I still collect. I actually have been building up a collection of Larsson cards ever since he was drafted and I might do the same thing with whoever the Devils pick this year.


I usually just stick with Larsson and Brodeur and nothing else when it comes to cards. In fact I have a Brodeur book with a bunch of inserts, memorabilia/autographed cards, bases...etc from when he was drafted to now. Five pages alone are filled with his rookie card. (Which I'm convinced will be worth something one day. Lol.)

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