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  1. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    Knew Devils needed a D man but god damn. Crushed. Rico was a huge fan favorite. Probably a good team move for the Devils but this one stings fandom wise.
  2. GDT - Devils vs Canucks 11/24/17

    Great win for the boys last night! What mystery pucks did everyone get? Wife got Santini, I got Butcher.
  3. Platinum tickets

    So I was lucky enough to grab a couple of tickets for Friday's game that have Platinum written on them (Sec 18 Row 12). Was surprised to see this since I thought only the first 5 or so rows got this access in this section. I'm guessing this gives me access to the platinum bunker lounge below the black seats. Do these tickets also let you enter through the VIP entrances? What time do they kick you out after the game? I did some reading up from older posts that mentioned the platinum club but I don't recall seeing this. This may be my first and last time with this access
  4. NJ Craft Beer @ The Rock

    That's awesome news! See ya InBev beer! Can't wait to grab a Head High. Never thought it would happen.
  5. NJ Craft Beer @ The Rock

    I read recently there are many more NJ craft beer options at the Rock this year. I think I saw at least Kane and Brix City both had accounts now. Can anyone confirm and know where in the arena these are?
  6. STH Individual Ticket Presale Code

    Was on there the minute non-presale tickets went on sale and theres nothing left for Elias night. Gonna have to keep an eye on the Hub throughout the season. Bummer.
  7. February 24th Elias night

    Good to know I have to be Johnny on the spot that day! Thanks for the heads up
  8. February 24th Elias night

    I think your estimates on pricing are probably about right. And I'm with you on just biting the bullet on whatever they cost. How fast do you think the individual tickets for this night sell out once on sale?
  9. February 24th Elias night

    Guessing tickets for this are going to sell out real quick and be insanely expensive on the secondary market.
  10. Devils Beach Bash, August 19th, Point Pleasant

    It was ehhh last year. Parking was tough, the beach was very crowded (realize these are common weekend issues at the shore and not the Devils fault but worth mentioning) and my wife and I had to wait a looooong time for the food. They ran out at one point and took over an hour to restock. The VIP area seemed fully stocked though. As others have said there were a few players sprinkled around but no one you couldn't see at any other Devils event (i.e. the usual suspects). I did think the free t-shirt was pretty cool and they actually had many different sizes. I think with a few tweaks they could solve some of the issues from last year and add a bit more activities.
  11. The Devils Uniforms

    One thing I think Adidas did get right was removing that Reebok apron bottom and making all the bottoms straight across.
  12. The Devils Uniforms

  13. The Devils Uniforms

    http://www.northjersey.com/picture-gallery/sports/nhl/devils/2017/06/20/new-jersey-devils-a-timeline-of-jerseys/103039486/ higher res look at multiple angles here better not have fvcked with the number font.
  14. The Devils Uniforms

    As many others have already said - not a fan. Looks like a practice jersey. Many of the other jerseys do as well. Hockey jerseys have always stood out to me as the most creative of the pro sports while maintaining a semblance of tradition or legacy. Save for a few newer teams that is. By and large these look like cheap practice jerseys. Basic in the worst of ways. Redesign for the sake of redesign. The exception to me is the Avs who went back to their best uniform design.
  15. The Devils Uniforms

    The lettering looks cheap. Looks like instead of multiple layers stitched together they glued the white on top of the black which is sewn onto the nameplate. Did they get this jersey at Modell's or Devils Den?