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  1. From a sens fan...

    Another Sens fan chiming in. Tough series against you guys- lots of our rival fans claiming we only won 'cause the Devils were slumping and tired or whatever excuses- All I can say is most games could have gone either way- it just happens to be our time and we're a bit hungrier for it this year, so we stuck to our plan and prevailed against one of the best teams out there. So, come along with us and have fun as we finish of the rest of the east and then take out the west and share in the cup experience you guys have enjoyed three times! This is a good board with mostly knowledgeable, fun people. Y'all should visit us at sportsnet. ca
  2. GDT - Devs/Sens Game II

    Well played- I think it's clear that when they actually play, the Senators are a bit the better team. Not by much, but we're lot hungrier. Anyway, at least you get another home game out of this. We'll have you for breakfast back in Ottawa, but 'til then, Cheerio!
  3. GDT - Devs/Sens Game II

    Man- this is a fun game. Wish it were tied now so it would be a bit more open. Still, better look out- I think Ottawa is hungrier than the Devils.
  4. GDT - Devs/Sens Game II

    I am waiting for one of those slashes or holdings to be called against Jersey, mind you....
  5. Devils Open Semifinals With Sens On Thursday

    Almost Game time!! Let's have a fun one, and hope Marty's of his game again!! Go Sens Go! (you guys have had a few turns lately!)
  6. Senators fan saying hello :P

    Always plan ahead! but yeah- looks like we'll have to remove the Sabres!
  7. Senators fan saying hello :P

    I think there are a lot of parallels between the two teams- ignored younger brothers of storied "Original Six" teams, a fan base that has no real corporate base to it, which sometimes leads to attendance difficulties, and a strong, defense first style of playing. That being said, I think it's now the Senator's time, and once we've exorcised the Devils we'll take out the Rangers for you! hey! BSF!