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  1. You took what I said and reversed it. Having a Stubban doesn't make you a contender, but you can't win a Cup or contend for one without a d-man like him.
  2. You can't win a Cup or even be a contender without a player like Subban. Everyone please remember that.
  3. I think that management should sports bet on the Devs to finish 30 and THEN tank the team. They seem more concerned about teaching our kids the ions and outs of sports betting than hockey.
  4. I fixed the topic title.. and wow... we'll be seeing Lou at Panera alot again.
  5. msweet

    This Incredible Forum

    Great post and thanks for sharing your thoughts. This is Devils country and my home from the beginning. LGD!
  6. The NHL suspended Boston Bruins winger Brad Marchand five games for his elbow on New Jersey Devils winger Marcus Johansson in Boston's 3-2 win Tuesday, the NHL's Department of Player Safety announcedWednesday. In the video explaining its decision, the NHL said Marchand's elbow to the head of Johansson was "not a defensive maneuver" and that during the course of the play he "lunges both up and into Johansson, while swinging his elbow forward through Johansson's head." http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2755840-brad-marchand-suspended-5-games-for-hit-to-head-of-marcus-johansson Here's the NHL Video Explanation
  7. He just Sydney Crsoby'd the Red Wings in overtime... lmao
  8. I think they are hoping he will learn under Andy Greene and eventually be his replacement.
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