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  1. I had a HUGE problem with him getting royalties from sports teams playing the song. Now I don't care. I was concerned with him taking the royalties money and buying girls in Cambodia. I have no such concerns now. The man is going to die in jail.
  2. Thanks Rowdy. Once I hit my goal weight, I inherited some money from a distant relative. Someone my mother was closer to than I was, but my mother for some reason was left out of the will. So I thought it fair to share my good fortune and offer her a trip to the Grand Canyon, somewhere she had always dreamed of going. So she was going from Halifax to Toronto and I was going Ottawa to Toronto and we were to meet at the gate before our flight to Phoenix. However, I didnt tell her that I had lost the weight (or that I had shaved my head, or that I replaced the glasses with contacts). My own moth
  3. I designed the jackets for the running team. https://www.facebook.com/running.down.dreams/photos/a.1514379198803394.1073741829.1513842965523684/1515986071976040/?type=1&theater It took decades of believing I wasn't good enough before realizing what all I could do.
  4. Takes one to know one? Moustic is as funny in person as on in the interweb series of tubes. PK: Actually, I am writing. As per the interview above, I've started my book. Seventy pages in thus far. Rather than being sanguine on a hockey forum or snarky on a politics forum, I'm being salubrious in e-book form.
  5. Heh. One of my before pictures is in my 2003 Cup T-shirt.
  6. Thanks DM, Scott.... I was featured on the local morning show: http://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=453553 As per the interview, I'm working on a podcast. My very first guest was a guy I met on the Flames board and he wore his Calgary jersey. I told my second guest that if she wore her Flyers jersey I was stopping the interview and getting my Devils jersey.
  7. I wasn't sure to put this in the "Introductions" forum or not, I've been gone for so long. My office is still covered in Devils paraphanalia and my wardrobe still consists of Devils gear. It's just different gear. I am co-captaining a running team that wil be doing a relay from Boston to the end of Cape Cod: http://www.runningdownourdreams.com/ Along with becoming a long distance runner, I've also become a VERY avid cyclist:
  8. Hrm. Only ones I HAVE met are Crasher, Rowdy and moustic. Who would I like to meet? Hrm. Probably Hasan.
  9. Heh. Moustic said before the game that he wanted Montreal to get one goal - just one - so he could get the experience of hearing a hockey-crazed Montreal crowd go wild. They got the one - and only one - goal he wanted. But he got two cheers since they celebrated the call-off goal too. Good game by the Devils, but lousy game by Montreal. No passion, no hitting... Little effort. Got pictures of Marty coming out for his first star. I hope that is his last game in Montreal... It would be a good note to go out on.
  10. NHL Preview: http://www.nhl.com/gamecenter/en/preview?id=2013020700 Well, the real big story is that I'm going to the game! I've got my jersey, my hat, my jacket, even my Devils socks on today. I'm hope Moustic didn't cancel his plans to go to the game; it would be cool to meet a Devils fan from the other side of the pond. Let's Go Devils!!!
  11. My expectation coming into this season was that I was totally and absolutely sure that we would finish dead last and yet not qualify for the first overall pick because we lost this year's pick. I was positive we were going to be the NHL laughing stock. So by my measure, we're actually doing quite well. Things could be worse. We could be Buffalo. No team can suffer the losses we have seen over the last 5 years. We have bled just far too much talent. And it's not an easy job to replace it. I said I would buy NHL Centre Ice as soon as the Devils have more wins than losses. I saved my mo
  12. Hey moutic! I'll be at the game too!! It will be the first game my brother (also a Devils fan) and I will see together live since the banner ceremony in 2003. You will have to come over an introduce yourself!
  13. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2013/04/devils_ilya_kovalchuk_bryce_sa.html
  14. http://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2013/04/12/new_jersey_devils_in_dire_need_of_reboot_cox.html
  15. This wasn't such a hard ending to the season as we've had in the past. 2001 was much harder since the expectations were there. This year, I had no idea whatsoever that I would still be watching hockey in June. I love this team and what it accomplished this spring. It was an enjoyable run. The unfortunate ending wasn't as heartbreaking as in the past as they far exceeded my expectations at the start of the season.
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